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20. An ode to breastfeeding - #breastisbest

Have you ever squirted breastmilk? Or tasted it? Anna Birta and Sigga Dogg share their love of breastfeeding, with its highs and lows.

Duration: 01:15:01

18. Black magic, horror movies & hauntings

Sigga loves horror movies but worries that it may send some shady spirit her way so she asks Anna Birta - is it normal to watch scary movies but not wish for your house to be haunted?!

Duration: 00:34:45

19. Holy dick picks!

Have you ever shared your genitals through the lens of a photo? Has your dick pic gone viral? Is there really a penis festival in Japan? Why are there so many dics but so few vulvas? We will get to the bottom of this and the truth shall set you free! Or at least, make your genitals somewhat happy. oh an if you want to see Sigga´s genital photos, check them out here

Duration: 00:17:02

17. Sigga´s delivery story & lifeline magic

Sigga the sexologist just went through a very traumatic birth where she nearly bled out and here goes the tale of it and how Anna Birta send her healing magic into the world to rest Sigga´s breaking nerves. This one is not for the faint of heart.

Duration: 00:35:23

16. Modern witches and witchcraft

Anna Birta medium and Sigga Dogg sexologist cover everything and anything under the sun, especially witchcraft, magic and sex. Enjoy :) Find us on Facebook at /lovesexandthebeyond and /sexiniceland and /annabirtamedium

Duration: 00:17:54

14. Swingers hang-out, freedom & Halloween!

Anna Birta and Sigga Dogg are BACK - FINALLY!! Here we are getting back into the hang of things and rambling about Halloween, secret swingers hang-outs and Anna Birta's new job as a doctors psychic medium in Athens, Greece.

Duration: 00:14:15

13. Vulva mantra, sacred self-love & the monthly bleeding

Anna the medium and Sigga the sexologist share their wisdom on how they pass self-loving knowledge to their toddlers and how teaching about "that time of the month" is important from an early age, oh and they share some funny parental moments where their toddlers just take it a tad too far... Enjoy!

Duration: 00:17:03

2.episode - Meet Sigga Dogg the sexologist

When a sexologist meets a medium, things go crazy and all of a sudden you go from talking about holiness to wondering if Barbie can fart. Here you get to know Sigga Dögg the sexologist who teaches sex ed to teenagers and their parents as well as being an author. Join us, it is amazing :)

Duration: 00:22:21

1.episode - Sexologist meets medium

Sexologist meets medium and no topic to crazy to discuss, join us! We answer questions like what does a medium do and how do they work? What is a typical day for a sexologist? How is life in Iceland?

Duration: 00:11:52