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Love You More Podcast|Marriage|Relationships|Dating|Self-Love|Personal Growth

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07 Interview With Faith Young- Manifesting, Creating Abundance, and Relationships

Are you ready to be inspired? Do you want to create abundance in your life? Learn how to move on after heartbreak? Today I am chatting with Faith Young the author of " What Would Faith Do?" We are chatting about all of the above and more. If you would like to learn more about Faith or purchase her book please visit the following links below: Facebook: Instagram: Order Faiths Book-...

Duration: 00:54:33

06 Kick this habit to the curb! It's killing your relationship...

Today I am talking about the one thing that many of us do (especially women) that will ruin your marriage/relationship quickly. Do you know what it is??? Its…. Seeking advice from the wrong people when you have a “moment” in your relationship! So many of us do it, it’s not healthy. Listen now- to find out why! Seriously... Quitting this one thing might save your relationship! Thanks for listening! I love you guys.

Duration: 00:16:40

05 Is Porn Destroying You and Your Marriage

Today I am chatting with the author of "For Your Eyes Only" Kirk Samuels. If porn has become the third wheel in your marriage- you don't want to miss one minute of this episode. A porn addiction has the ability to destroy your life and the life of those most important to you. Until now- there wasn't really anywhere to go for help. People that have a porn addiction were treated as sex addicts. Today you will learn that a porn addict and a sex addict are two different things! Though, a porn...

Duration: 00:49:32

04 The Secrets To a Happy Marriage and Pursuing Your Passion( with Angel Richardson)

This is one convo you don't want to miss! Do you have a passion that is always there in the back of your mind, but your too afraid to pursue it? A dream job you wish to pursue, but are to afraid to take the leap? Are you experience some challenges in your marriage? Not sure if you married the "one" for you? Today I am chatting with The Life Coach for Life Coaches- Angel Richardson. If you are ready to get motivated, fuel your fire and follow your passion! This is the episode for you. If...

Duration: 00:33:03

03 Break Free From Addictions and Follow Your Passion ( with Mindy Hord)

It’s about to get deep! You guys! Today In this episode I am chatting with Mindy Hord. Mindy shares her journey from living an unhealthy party -girl life style with many drunken nights and drug abuse- to following her passion and becoming a fitness coach! Mindy is so inspirational and so open with her story; you don’t want to miss this one. If you are ready to be inspired, listen now! Want to know more about Mindy or hire her as your coach? Please check out her links below: Website-...

Duration: 01:04:57

02 It's The First Ever Relationship Revival Friday!

boringstagnant Are you experiencing challenges in your marriage or relationship? Is your marriage or relationship lacking passion? Maybe you're happily married and you just want to tune in for relationship tips... Every Friday is Relationship Revival! I will be popping on to give you a new relationship tip, advice or we will hear advice from others! You won't want to miss it! Please subscribe so you never miss an episode.

Duration: 00:09:17

01 Are you unknowingly sabotaging yourself with social media?

In this episode I talk about how so many of us unknowingly sabotage our: relationships, success, friendships and our general happiness being on social media all the time. Are you guilty of this? Click above to listen and find out. Questions for me?? Please ask away!

Duration: 00:29:26

00 Introductory Episode

Download this Episode! In this episode I will:

Duration: 00:22:26