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Dorothy Doctor goes beyond what she has been taught, helping to teach and guide you with the tools and the ability to learn how to make sound decisions in your life. In having an in-depth and open conversation about how others have found the courage and strength to overcome their own obstacles and barriers, she enables people from all walks of life to support them in taking the first steps in moving forward in their own lives. Dorothy Doctor focuses on solutions not excuses, results not cover-ups, and helps you in finding your true authentic self.






The Voice

Why is it so important to have a voice? What happens if your voice is cut? Why is your voice a powerful tool, how to use it? Why should we exercise our voice from within? How to get your message out through sound, vocals, musical talents. Where does the voice come from, what is it used for? How to develop a self-expression through connecting voice music and song in your life. Why does music have so much meaning for the world? How can you transform your life through music and sound therapy...

Duration: 00:55:31

When I Grow Up

Identify the reasons families come to America, what issues families face in their own country. Identify what fears people have about completing the citizenship paperwork process. Let us discover how childhood dreams really do come true in discovering the outcomes of real life stories were they have overcome adversity to make their dreams come true. How do we still honor our Future & Past Leaders on how they paved the way for us. How far have we come in being able to see that we all have...

Duration: 00:58:51

Your Feedback Matters

Self Love Coaching is a consulting firm that takes pride in supporting our families with an Holistic approach to Self Care Coaching for emotional an health. Let Dorothy Doctor help you restore and connect to core values so that you can see the possibilities that are available in your life to be able to see the truth to story your life as facts NOT what you made up to survive. Self Love Coaching assists women and men ages 18-100! We work with the Juvenile Courts, Adoption Agencies, Foster...

Duration: 00:56:27

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services

Let us discover what services and community resources are currently out there, if theses services that are in place are currently working for our children and families. Let Dorothy Doctor take you on a journey on how services should be done in uncovering what is missing in our behavioral health services that impact our families in the end. See how Dorothy Doctor uses her knowledge in taking parents to the next level because she knows first hand how to take a problem in finding the solution...

Duration: 00:55:21

Sexual Abuse

Explore the reality of the statistics of children who have been sexually abused by their biological parents and or foster parents family friends. Discover why children and or adults keep secrets about the abuse they experienced, explore a simple way to telling your story. See yourself and learn how to discover your truth to your story tune in for my guests Survivor VS Victim roles personal experiences on how they got their power back. Discover alternative healing techniques that can help...

Duration: 00:56:15

Domestic Violence

Breaking up is hard to do, what to do when you receiving signals from your mate that its time to remove yourself from the past or current relationship. Its hard to break up with someone you love, discover how other women got out of their domestic relationships before their own personal power and energy was drained as a violation to them called victim to their circumstances. Let us try to understand the reasons why women stay in unhealthy relationships and why they choose to go back to...

Duration: 00:58:48

Marriage & Divorce

Let us explore, educate ourselves about the real reasons why we should be in a committed long-term relationship or whether to continue enjoying your independence without stress or pressure to please another person. Discover what Women and Men are currently being faced with in making the more hard decisions that will affect the whole family in the end. Let us get to the bottom of how the lack of communication can be our biggest down fall. Come join me on this journey together that will help...

Duration: 00:57:36

Sixteen & Pregnant

What does it mean to have a child at an early age? Discover what young parents or even new parents have to go through in learning how to create a more balanced lifestyle for their new family. Explore the reasons why our teen age mothers are being abandoned, disowned and or kicked out of their homes due to pregnancy issues. Discover how the Child Protection Services, local schools deals with teen pregnancy issues. Educate yourself about the statistic of teen age pregnancy and children being...

Duration: 01:00:08

Biological Parents VS Foster Parents

Explore what open communication looks like in bridging the gaps between our Biological Parents and Foster Parents build new healthy relationships with the children. Educate yourself on what our Foster Parents and Biological Parents are going through in dealing with an abused child and the personality traits and behaviors that go along with wanting to provide a loving, supportive healing environment. Uncover what is missing with how you communication is hurting or harming your current...

Duration: 00:58:29

Undercover Biological Parents

Education yourself on what happens to our biological parents after their rights have been severed and their children are awarded to the courts system and or child protection systems. Exploring the reasons why do parents make the decision to leave their children for economic reasons and or family embarrassment and or age limitations. Identify some of the reason why parents stop fighting for their children for noncompliance reasons. Discover the lifestyle of how biological parent deals with...

Duration: 00:56:52

Confidential Intermediary Searches

Explore the possibilities of local and state agencies honoring a child’s birth right in having access to their original birth certificates and medical records for all children that have been affected by adoption. Discover what protection biological parents have over protecting identifiable information being released to their adoptive children, how to start biological parents and sibling search. Explore the differences between hiring a Confidential Intermediary, Private Investigator,...

Duration: 00:58:00

Birth & Adoption

Discover History of Orphan Trains; explore the terminology PLACING OUT, what happen after this system stopped being enforced in the United States. Provide adoption education process experience with name changes dependency hearings, severed rights and neglect and abuse issues, State and Federal adoption rights laws. Identify all types of births such as (Birth defects, still births, abortion, miscarriage). Identify why some women have fear and shame about why women don't tell their families...

Duration: 00:56:00

Your Thoughts Matter

How do we make peace with loving yourself and the junk in your trunk? Gain more clarity to recognize that you are love? Learn how to transform your negative stereotypes such as “who told you that you could not do it” or “who do you think you are?” “I am not good enough”, “I can’t”. Learn how to expand your thoughts in being open a strong support system that helps you realign yourself with your goals, dreams and inspirations for life and the world you live in. Educate yourself on how you...

Duration: 00:58:01