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1.10 Happy Endings: Season Finale

All good things must cum to an end. Just as we started our season with "First Times", we end our season with Happy Endings, the good kind, the hard kind, and the best kind: the kind that feels like you are transitioning to something else a completely different person than where you started. Spoiler Alert: Beauregard and Kennington break up. On air. Listen to how it's done.

Duration: 01:19:16

1.9 Safer Sex is Sexier Sex: Part II

Think this episode doesn't apply to you: it does. This episode is a must listen: for yourself, for your partner(s), for your children, for your unborn children, for your friends, for your family, for all of humankind. This isn't just about STDs/STIs, it's about respecting yourself and humanity. You'll finish this episode educated, informed, enlightened, and empowered. And we hope you feel love and respected too.

Duration: 00:39:41

1.8 Safer Sex is Sexier Sex: Part 1

SEX FEELS SO GOOD. WE LOVE SEX. AND SEX IS BETTER WITHOUT "bumps", "pistachio milkshakes", "crabs", and all the other creepy crawly microscopic friends that non-consensually join us for a three-some. We want you to have the best sex ever, and continue to have the best sex that you have ever had. But as we mentioned in our previous episode on good sex- good sex is SAFER SEX and the SEXIEST SEX is the SAFEST SEX. Not convinced? Don't want to listen to a podcast about STDs/STIs... just give...

Duration: 01:06:08

1.7 Good Sex: Part 2

This week's podcast gets down dirty in the nitty gritty details of good sex. Last time, we talked about vulnerability and the emotional ingredients of good sex. This week, we talk about the fun side of good sex including your most powerful erogenous zones (turns out, everywhere is an erogenous zone!), messy sex, hotel sex and everything in between. Tune in too all five senses for this no holds barred discussion on good sex.

Duration: 00:33:51

1.4 Tend the Sex or Send the Text?

Whether you are in a long-term relationship, hooking up, or somewhere in the “middle ground”, so much thought goes into tending to the the sexual part of any relationship. But what happens when you care but you don’t know where you stand? Do you send the text? Do you not? How do you initiate sex in a middle ground relationship? In this episode, we call for some radical realness that may make initiating intimacy scarier, but it'll also be real.

Duration: 01:07:35