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LOS Episode 70 "Vince's Boy..."

We are back people! The duo is here for another episode of wrestling talk. Mario talks about the 2 shows he went to this past weekend Kaiju and Shine 49 at La Boom in Queens. Leo brings up the Fabulous Moolah controversy and debates on Jeff Hardy. LOS breaks down Fastlane where Orton becomes a grand slam champion, Asuka challenges Charlotte and AJ retains. Who had the better promo on RAW, Cena or Reigns? Is Roman still force fed and did Cena humanize Undertaker? Looks like Nia Jax is in...


LOS Episode 69 "Multi-Mania"

Hey YO! LOS is back with a special Thursday edition of the show. Leo shocks the world because he went to ROH Manhattan Mayhem this past weekend you don't know! The duo discuss their experience at the Hammerstein Ballroom and highlights from the night. Mario tells a quick story on dealing with this snow storm. Are you ALL IN? Mario is....AND Leo isn't lol. PPV Weekend coming up with ROH 16th Anniversary show and WWE Fastlane. LOS gives a quick breakdown on both cards and fantasy book a tad...


LOS Episode 68 "Triple Threat"

YOOO we are back and we have company! Frank the Tank returns to the show and he is coming in hot. Mario and Leo start off the show talking some NJPW Honor Rising event the took place this past weekend. The Golden Lovers and Youngbucks are set for Strong Style Evolved. Elimination Chamber was it lackluster? Women's Chamber match stole the show and Ronda signs her "WWE Contract". What was the point to book Braun strong only to lose with 2 spears from Roman? Cena continues to pursue his mania...


LOS Episode 67 "Monday Night Rollins, more than just a shirt!"

LOS is back once again with Ep. 67! Leo starts the show explaining the audio issues on last week's podcast. Mario tells how he played himself this past Saturday and a quick recap of Evolve 100 in Queens . The duo introduces 2 new members to the LOS family, Frank the Tank and the man known as "Luchanimal" will now be blogging on our social media pages. Leo and Mario get into a very intense WWE conversation including: WWE Stock, RAW is Rollins, AJ Styles championship run underwhelming?,...


LOS Episode 66 "Work within a work....within a work"

Does Marty Scrull want out of the Bullet Club? Tenille Dashwood aka Emma is having a great post WWE career as she is taking over the indies as well making her ROH debut. Rey Mysterio announces he will invade NJPW Strong Style Evolved show in Long Beach. Wrestling legend Ivory will finally be inducted in the WWE HOF along side the Dudleyz and Goldberg. Mario has an interesting theory on the Booker T/Corey Graves story. Leo gives his thoughts on WWE handling Ronda Rousey. The LOS duo get a...


LOS Episode 65 "Who got beef?!"

Booker T and Corey Graves heading towards a street fight....a REAL street fight?! Is the Bullet Club becoming an afterthought in NJPW? Mario gives a quick recap of the Wrestlepro show that took place this past weekend. Leo gives his thoughts on the revamped 205live. Should Bray Wyatt ask for his release? Moving forward with both Elimination Chamber/Fastlane cards and what to expect. WWE fails to follow up the Ronda Rousey story but gives the women 4 segments on RAW. Mario gives an...


LOS Episode 64 "If I was a betting man, this was a great wrestling weekend"

WHAT A WEEKEND!! This is going to be a jammed packed episode with everything that took place this past weekend. The Lucha duo start with the late breaking news of WrestleMania returning to the NY/NJ area in 2019. Jeremy Borash says goodbye to Impact Wrestling and is not looking back. XFL return and Alicia Foxx update. Mario discusses his experience at NXT Takeover Philly and what they thought of the show overall. A breakdown of the Royal Rumble ppv what WWE did right and wrong. Are we...


LOS Episode 63 " Did it live up to the hype?"

Did you go to RAW 25? Well if you did hopefully you didn’t spend all that money at the Manhattan Center show. The LOS duo will cover the good but mostly the BAD of Raw 25 and how WWE dropped the ball on the show. Also Mario and Leo go into details on their thoughts on the recent Enzo accusations and his release from the company. NXT Takeover : Philly and Royal Rumble predictions and what surprises could happen. Mario loses his cool and goes at wrestling sites and wrestling accounts on...


LOS 62 "Injury, Arrest, Destruction OH MY!"

What a crazy week in the world of pro wrestling! Mario starts the show talking about the Evolve show he went to on Sunday. Leo brings up the Roman Reigns/steroid rumors that recently came out and what could possibly happen. The guys give their thoughts on the Jey Uso arrest and the Paige retirement, but also bring up some positive news with NEW signed NXT talent. A Raw/Smackdown breakdown including Bobby Roode's big win and what's leading up to Raw 25. Fun, TREMENDOUS and FANTASTIC show...


LOS Episode 61

First Episode of 2018!!! Yes LOS is back with episode 61 covering all wrestling. Mario is back from Japan so he and Leo discuss the differences between watching WK12 LIVE in house and watching the show on TV. They cover the aftermath of Wrestlekingdom and what transpired at NJPW New Year Dash. Also the reunion of the Balor Club on tv did it happen by design? Braun Strowman continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Mixed Match Challenge/Royal Rumble talk and the return of the game Pop or...


Lucha EXTRA : Wrestlekingdom Review

Lucha EXTRA : Wrestlekingdom Review by Lucha Outsiders Show


LOS Episode 60 "The Luchies?..Recap..Rankings?..2017 The year that was"

YES...2017 the year that was. LOS guys are going to cover EVERYTHING that took place this year. Leo and Mario 1st cover the possible Paige injury, Dean Ambrose update and the new Tag Champs at RAW. Next and intense recap of who played themselves, Women of the year, disappointments and best moments of the year. Who was the breakout star of the year, wrestler of the year and what was the match of 2017. What are the guys looking forward in 2018 and a quick WK12 prediction. This episode has...


LOS Episode 59 "The Final Clash OF Battle Champions"

YOOOO Episode 59 is in the record books and this what we got in store this week. Leo explains why he didn't make it to ROH Final Battle. Mario answers back by saying the P.W.C. (Podcast Wrestling Community)is not fond of him. The guys breakdown the weekend in wrestling with Final Battle and Clash of Champions ppvs. Also discuss the latest topics trending like: XFL return rumors, Jericho/Omega update, new talent to NXT in 2018, Women's Royal Rumble announcement, and much more! Make sure you...


LOS Episode 58 "Baka is WOKEN"

Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega shock the wrestling world once again. Thoughts and opinions of the Rich Swann arrest. Impact announces new vice presidents and possible departures in 2018. Mario recaps the Wrestlepro and Evolve shows this past weekend. Leo and Mario also get into a detail conversation on Bray's future if he leaves WWE. Raw/Smackdown notes and previews for WWE Clash of Champions and ROH Final Battle this weekend. Give us a listen and leave us a review!! @luchaoutsiders...


LOS Episode 57 "BMS......What?"

The Steen Family gets hacked and Owens loses it on social media. Konnan gets released as the head booker from Crash Lucha Libre what does this mean for Rey Mysterio? Jericho reveals the original WM33 plans and he is a no go for Mania in 2018. Raw and Smackdown breakdown, Mario gives "creative criticism" on Reigns booking, Absolution is it a mystery, Matt Hardy finally WOKEN, Who are the heels... Shane McMahon or Owens/Zayn? Clash of Champions updated card and much more. The show also takes...


LOS Episode 56 "Under the weather"

After a long week Thanksgiving week we are back with another episode of LOS Thursday Edition! Mario starts the show explaining why he waited a week to go to the doctor. Then Leo and Mario discuss the possible release of Lio Rush. Sexy Starr back in trouble? Emma announces her first booking post WWE. Ring Of Honor set to make history in 2018. Mario declares he will not go in a Roman rant till post Royal Rumble. Also Leo brings up Zack Ryder and the unfair use of him over the years. All this...


LOS Episode 55 "Early Turkey Day Edition"

Early episode this week since its Thanksgiving week. After a great weekend of WWE programing the LOS breaks it all down. We recap the amazing war games card, did Aleister Back and Velveteen Dream have the match of the weekend?, Ember wins the big one, Cien continues his momentum, and did the War Games match live up to the hype?. Also we get into the survivor series ppv on how WWE almost had a perfect ppv. Some brief ROH news and much more!! Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving and make...


LOS Episode 54 "The Crossover Show"

THE CROSSOVER EPISODE FINALLY HAPPENED!! The Heel Marks take us on in battle of who is better....not really lol. We are breaking down the Takeover War Games and the survivor series card. The Heel Marks continue the IC Tournament and we end the show with the 2nd edition of Pop or Na. This is an episode you don't want to miss. Subscribe and give us listen! @luchaoutsiders @showfutboleo @ratedrsince87


LOS 53 "A week off, Blame Leo"

After a week off we are back with episode 53! Leo explains why there was no show last week #blameleo. Mario and Leo get into it with Jericho challenged to Omega at WK12 that shocked the wrestling world. What's the future of Chris Jericho in NJPW? UK crowd are not happy with Jason Jordan. John Cena gets announced for the SDLive survivor series team. Mario is beyond happy AJ Styles becoming a 2x WWE World Champion after defeating Jinder. And is Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn getting sent home by...


LOS Episode 52 "Under Siege: Not the Stephen Seagal movie"

Hey YO!!! What a week.... and we are going to cover it on this week's episode of LOS. Before we get into all the hot topics, Mario shares a quick noteworthy Sin Cara story....(Yes, Sin Cara lol), Leo and Mario discuss the news that broke the internet last Friday. TLC break down including thoughts of the show stealing Balor/Styles match and was that Finn's best match in the WWE to date? Also Mario rips on marks whining and complaining on Kurt's shield wearing in ring return at TLC. They...


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