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Episode 48: El Podcast de Las Chicas

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio has a very special breakdown of Univision's special Sam Adonis documentary, debating the choice of actors for the reenactments and a lot of fun. In addition we go over AAA's show as well as the latest in the Llave de la Gloria tournament as well as the announcement of the Lucha Libre World Cup that will take place in Japan in October. CMLL gets discussion for their latest solid show as well as the mask and hair matches they're teasing between Rush /...

Duration: 01:39:53

Episode 47: Thesz-Flair-Microman

Here's what the Trio's talking about this week on the Lucha Talk podcast: *Sam Adonis vs Blue Panther have a great hair vs hair match followed by Sam getting his own documentary. What's next for the controversial Trump supporting Luchador? Regardless we go over a really fun Friday show featuring the Dinamitas are still excellent and the Micros are a hoot again. *Also they take a look at AAA and their show, with an expert analysis of the room they were in. *Lucha Underground continues...

Duration: 01:27:57

Episode 46: Bless the Dinamitas

Here's what the Trio's talking about this week on the Lucha Talk podcast: *CMLL has the lead-in show to their big 8/4 show built around Sam Adonis/Blue Panther's Luchas de Apuestas featuring an incredible Trios match. *AAA had one of their best singles matches of the year with Australian Suicide vs Bengala. *We try to figure out if Black Terry was involved in the Copa Higher Power or was just a coach for Team IWRG. True controversy! ...and a rundown of all the weekly news and shows...

Duration: 01:41:30

Episode 45: SurpriseMania

Here's what the Trio's talking about this week on the Lucha Talk podcast: *TripleMania has a card announced with LOTS of surprises announced at their press conference and we run down all of what was said including some surprising returns and some surprising absences along with offer some predictions. *Sam Adonis & Blue Panther's hair vs hair match gets announced for August 4th. What does it mean for the Anniversary Show? *The women of CMLL get a chance to stand out with the Copa Natalia...

Duration: 01:46:55

Episode 44: Never Mind The Hair Match

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio have a packed edition of the show with lots of news and notes. First off we go over the Taya/Vampiro/Reina de Reinas title situation and the return of Sexy Star to AAA. The world was shocked and we give our take on it. Alberto is in trouble again, we update everyone with the details of his escapades with Paige, the allegations of abuse, the suspension from GFW, drama with his family, and what impact it'll have on his future bookings including...

Duration: 01:46:25

Episode 43: Cabroné

The newest episode of Lucha Talk is on the scene and the Trio are giving you the rundown of everything going on on your favorite weekly Lucha shows and promotions. - In CMLL we cover Atlantis' injury, what the heck is gonna be the Aniversario main event, and a bad Super Viernes featuring Block B and the continued embarrassment of Niebla Roja, as well as much worse to come next week with Pierroth vs. Vangellys - In AAA we talk about the end of Verano de Esacandalo, featuring a terrible...

Duration: 01:31:59

Real Title : Fake Sombra

This week on the show the Trio break down the recent controversies in the last week in Lucha, centering around the Taya belt stripping in AAA as well as the fake La Sombra that appeared in CMLL this week, we try to investigate and analyze who this mystery man is. On top of that various Luchadores were making a worldwide impact this week and we break it all down, as well as give the scoops on the weekly shows as always from AAA, CMLL, & Lucha Underground. Follow the Trio on Twitter and...

Duration: 01:36:16

Episode 41: It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio looks at the breaking news on AAA wrestlers Drago & Hijo del Fantasma being brought into the AAA fold and what it means for the companies in question, as well as speculation on the meaning behind this after Lucha Underground's repeated public stance against its wrestlers competing in Impact. The Crash gets a spotlight with their recent show featuring a cage Apuestas match featuring a big turn and we talk about the future of both the Ingobernables as well as...

Duration: 01:44:36

Episode 40: A Supreme Ruler Is Born

Lucha Talk returns with the debut of MICROMANFEVER! And with him we have one of its most positive episodes in history this week as we talk about a great week for CMLL with Soberano continuing the best push in any wrestling company this year with another epic performance in the Gran Alternativa Final in a truly great match, with us discussing him & what's next for the "Sovereign" of CMLL. From there we jump to Lucha Underground & talk about the Cueto Cup, as well as the effects of Cage's...

Duration: 01:47:14

Episode 39: Another Lucha Tournament

This week on Lucha Talk we go over all 3 major promotions and their comings and goings, including the announcement of a never before seen concept of a tournament in Lucha Libre determining a number one contender for a title shot brought to us by Dario Cueto. In addition we go over to a pretty positive episode of Lucha Underground with title matches, major angles and a ghost Vampiro! Also the big news in CMLL as they had a loaded week featuring the announcement of the return of the Gran...

Duration: 01:57:48

Episode 38: Lucha Underground

Lucha Talk is back, & Lucha Underground's back with it. The trio go over the return, "All Night Long" match and the decision to come back after 5 months with an Ironman match draw. From there we get to something many thought would never be seen again, a pretty alright episode of AAA Worldwide with AAA MVPs Hijo del Fantasma & Hijo del Vikingo getting spotlight. Thankfully things return to crazy with Verano de Escandalo results coming out and we talk about all the changes to the card,...

Duration: 01:27:36

Episode 37: And the Worst of the Year Goes To...

Dylan is back after missing last week, completing the trio again, and adding his piece back to the puzzle. After last week's insanity in Lucha, we move to more craziness as we discuss Lucha Underground coming back! On top of that, we cover perhaps the worst ending of the year on AAA TV as AAA continues to make their march towards an award winning year. Finally we scope out CMLL and their title situation, putting together our own tournaments for the titles, with different winners abounding...

Duration: 01:46:20

Episode 36: La Mafia Alvarado

On this week's Lucha Talk, we help make sense of the craziest story in wrestling at the moment. We present you the information and details about La Familia Alvarado taking out their frustrations on Ultimo Guerrero's car. It's implications on the landscape of lucha libre now with two CMLL main-eventers and a possible "real-life" betrayer of Ultimo Guerrero. It makes up the bulk of the show but we also bring you the most complete coverage for news relating to Lucha Libre over the week....

Duration: 01:34:38

Episode 35: Happy 25th Anniversary AAA

This week is a special 25th Anniversary of AAA edition of Lucha Talk, as we run down some of the most important legends of the company in their time, with everyone from Konnan to Perro Aguayo to Rey Mysterio Jr, even Latin Lover gets a mention or two, but where would AAA be without these guys & many more, with even lively discussion on some controversial choices & dissenting opinions to round out an enlightening foray into some of the company's most important players throughout time. The...

Duration: 01:44:15

Episode 34: Crash & Burn

This week on Lucha Talk, Fredo returns from his Cauliflower Alley Club break with fun stories about many guests he chatted with or saw make sppeches including Big Dave Meltzer, Tully Blanchard, the GLOW Girls, among others, and his take on last week's amazing mascotas match! After that we get into another sad Lucha death with one of Lucha's most prolific trainers as well as a veteran and current Trios champion in AAA, Gran Apache. Stories of his great work and him being a star of one of...

Duration: 01:55:49

Episode 33: RIP Brazo de Oro + Micromania!

This week the Trios is down to a tag as Fredo is stuck in Vegas going to the Cauliflower Alley Club, and the remaining two round it out, for the first time ever it's just Dylan & LigerFever! (completing the proper triumvirate since both Dylan & Lige have missed a show in the past) Sad it was for such news that we had to lead off with as the legendary Brazo de Oro passed away Friday, so we each say a little bit about him and his career with one of the best & most influential Trios teams...

Duration: 01:24:16

Episode 32: Sexy Star Achieves Her Dream

Another week of Lucha action, this time even more behind the scenes in the ring, as AAA & Impact came together in a press conference to announce some of their plans moving forward including AAA's International touring this year, and talent sharing with as of yet unannounced wrestlers agreed upon to appear between companies. Also on the American side of AAA's offices we touch on the rumors revolving around Penta El 0M (Pentagón Jr.) and his contract with LU. On the Lucha TV show side of...

Duration: 01:27:44

Episode 31: Seeing (Niebla) Roja

This week Lucha Talk focuses on the two main shows in Lucha Libre, CMLL Super Viernes & AAA Worldwide, with perhaps our most in depth show review ever of Super Viernes, running through many topics including: - The minis are going nowhere - The great La Copa Junior Block A match - Cuatrero's greatness and being one of the MVPs of not just the tournament but CMLL as a whole - The worst Hechicero performance ever that will never be talked about ever again by us - And our lead story, Niebla...

Duration: 01:32:46

Episode 30: Descanse en Paz Fishman

This week on Lucha Talk, the show has a very special extended opening segment as the team reminisces about the career of the legendary Juárez Lucha Libre star Fishman. How he started, his names, his amazing mask, his rivalries and mask wins, his world touring, the end of his career and later life. It all gets covered. Sadly, the bad news doesn't stop there as we also discuss Joaquin Roldan's passing. His rise to prominence behind the scenes in AAA and his influence up to the later years....

Duration: 01:26:07

Episode 29: In The Shadow of WrestleMania

Lucha Talk returns again for the 29th straight week, covering all the Lucha that happened over the week in the shadow of WrestleMania Weekend. First off we reach the conclusion of the Rey de Reyes show from AAA with part 2 this week that overdelivered on all our expectations, Taya and Hamada doing well, the Triple Crown Title match and the Aero Star/Super Fly Apuestas match being 2 of AAA's best matches of the year. From there a brief rundown of Lucha Libre at Orlando this weekend...

Duration: 01:19:39

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