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Episode 80: A Walk in the (LA) Park

Lucha Talk is back! In a absolutely huge week for Lucha in general as we saw the shocking return of LA Park and his son to CMLL. We talk about why it happened, what it means, and the huge main event of LA Park vs. Rush being set up for Aniversario, answering age old questions. Not only that we had possibly the best weekend of the year for AAA & CMLL in the ring with two great shows! AAA brings it with an incredible opener with Fredo & Dylan's indie favorites making their AAA debut in Aramis...


Episode 79: Welcome Back Fredo, Welcome Back Tournaments

Lucha Talk is back after taking a week off for Fredo's yearly trip to the Cauliflower Alley Club and we're talking all sorts of topics on a packed show. First off we talk about Fredo's trip and he shares some stories featuring Blue Demon Jr., his friends, and Memphis and Southern wrestling legend Brickhouse Brown. Then we have a said update on the passing of Universo 2000 and cover topics from there. - Universo 2000 RIP and a bit about him and his brothers Cien Caras & Máscara Ańo 2000 -...


Episode 78: MAD Invasion

This week on Lucha Talk we're talking about AAA and its expanding Luchador database with its partnership with The Crash leading to the best AAA show of the year, returns with Konnan and MAD, Juventud Guerrera, Teddy Hart, & Kevin Kross, Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling in bed with Pentagon Jr. shockingly winning the Impact World Title, Penta vs. Fenix in MLW's debut tv show in a great match, "Ray Fénix", and then in the midst of all the excitement, we have a very bland CMLL show,...


Episode 77: Impact IS Lucha Underground

Lucha Talk is back! We're talking about a plethora of topics to make up, almost like we were never gone, catching up on everything going on in the wild world of Lucha and quite a bit of Impact Wrestling intermingled in. - "Wrestling's Connor McGregor" Alberto El Patrón no-showing Impact vs. Lucha Underground and his latest excuse for burning bridges. - The Impact vs. Lucha Underground show at WrestleMania Weekend that we saw on Twitch and what we thought of it as well as the Lucha...


Episode 76: What the Hell is a Welterweight, Anyway?

This week on Lucha talk the Trio talk about a variety of topics including: TWO AAA ON TWITCH SHOWS (and one was pretty good) Mesias out of AAA Australian Suicide, Bengala, Lady Shani, & Hades OUT of Reto 4 Elementos (4 Elements Challenge) Garza Jr. & Ultimo Ninja have WWE Medical Exams News wrapup including Penta & Fenix, AroLucha, & a defunct company flying people to Japan Dragon Lee & Rey Misterio at NJPW's Long Beach Show CMLL Friday Matt Taven vs Volador Jr NWA Welterweight...


Episode 75: Dos Leyendas 2018 - The Mamba Brothers

As the episode states Dos Leyendas is the main topic this week, going up and down the card to a great Angel de Oro vs Cuatrero mask match that stands as one of the best of the year! Also talked about is Rush finishing 6th in the WOTY voting for the Wrestling Observer and Rush's excitement over it, AroLucha and their fan investing opportunity, and an all time bad AAA on Twitch show featuring one of the worst main events ever seen, even by AAA standards. Agree with the takes? Disagree? Talk...


Episode 74: CMLL Hall of Fame (Celebrity Wing) Edition

Lucha Talk is back talking all things tag tournaments this side of the Dusty Classic. CMLL has a lot of interesting things to talk about and we run through the promotion in all its glory all the way up to Homenaje a Dos Leyendas which we give a full preview of the show including Angel de Oro vs. Cuatrero in the mask vs mask match main event. In other news Lucha Underground is in the news for the wrong reasons, sending out cease and desist letters to various people, we cover their bad...


Episode 73: 2018 AAA Primer & Predictions Special

Lucha Talk has a special episode dedicated to AAA this week, giving a primer to the entire promotion in 2018, outlining expanded thoughts on every vital Luchador in the promotion, breaking down one of AAA's biggest events, Rey de Reyes, offering a prediction for the TripleMania card, and finally listener questions that fit the subject matter perfectly, It's the 2018 AAA primer and predictions show from Lucha Talk. The Trio bring it hard, it's a grande sized edition of the show and we hope...


Episode 72: Total Nonstop Tagging

This week is a packed Lucha Talk revolving around subjects from all over the world of Lucha! In CMLL we have a lot of tag tournaments, including a very hyped up Final match with a surprise winner and turn. We preview next week's Tag Titles tournament Block as well. In other news we talk about ELITE returning, and in AroLucha their new drama show, and unique strategy to get a tv deal. Finally, AAA on Twitch is back and we have an extended preview of AAA's big Rey de Reyes card next...


Episode 71: CMLL Tournaments, Rey Mysterio/Bullet Club Conspiracy, & AAA's Neverending Story

Lucha Talk is back! This week the Trio is talking about a number of topics including the Earthquake that cancelled CMLL Friday, CMLL's tag tournaments, Dos Leyendas, Rey Mysterio Jr. to NJPW to face Jushin "Thunder" Liger, AAA on Twitch with the return of Blue Demon Jr., Lucha Underground back taping in a new Temple, & ELITE on hiatus already somehow. Follow the Trio and interact on Twitter @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @MICROMANFEVER


Episode 70: Lightning Strikes Twice (Again)

Lucha Talk goes in on a number of topics including AAA's Twitch TV Taping debut, CMLL's Parejas Increibles tournament A Block, and the fact that ELITE has returned to Arena México! A loaded week in Lucha Libre gets discussed by the Trio to kick off the month of February! Follow the guys on Twitter @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @MICROMANFEVER


Episode 69: Guerra de Titanes, FantasticaMania, Almas, & More

This week on Lucha Talk it's a hard hitting look at Guerra de Titanes on Twitch, FantasticaMania, Andrade "Cien" Almas' great weekend, Drone, and a lot more in the world of Lucha Libre! Follow the Trio on Twitter @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @MICROMANFEVER


Episode 68: 2018 CMLL Primer & Predictions

Curious about what CMLL is all about? Enjoyed the FantasticaMania NJPW tour? The Trio is here for you! We're here with a special look into CMLL, all the way to the top, their schedule, their booking, behind the scenes, and a breakdown of the roster and its main players as well as our own personal favorites and our thoughts on how to make the shows better from their normal pattern, plus what changes the company is currently undergoing. Then to close out the show we make predictions for big...


Episode 67: Back Like Atlantis

Episode 67: Back Like Atlantis The Trio is back after a holiday break! We catch up on big CMLL matches, Three Kings Day, then extended talk about CMLL bringing in new women, what's in store for Atlantis in 2018, FantasticaMania, and some AAA talk with a preview of Guerra de Titanes, and comments on a Dorian Roldan interview that Micro translated. One of the more talkative episodes of Lucha Talk to occur! Special thanks to Luchablog AKA thecubsfan for his support, expertise, and hosting...


Episode 66: 2017 Lucha Libre Awards Edition

Episode 66: 2017 Lucha Libre Awards Edition A show breaking down the best, worst, & most crazy parts of the year in Lucha Libre. We go through everything through as many companies as possible through categories involving Luchadores from CMLL, AAA, Lucha Underground, The Crash, IWRG, even Lucha del Barrio and some lower level indies gets a mention here and there from técnicos, rudos, exoticos, everyone is represented this year as well as some of the outside the ring drama involving some of...


Episode 65: AroLucha is Here

Episode 65: AroLucha is Here This week on Lucha Talk the Trio talk about all kinds of news in Lucha, AroLucha debuted in Nashville, they streamed a match on FB and sold out, we talk about it a bit. In addition Dylan and Micro go head to head regarding this week's AAA Worldwide in terms of what was the worst match on the show. As well as a match to anticipate in Hijo del Fantasma vs. Rey Escorpión. CMLL has a lot going on to close out the year with 2 Apuestas matches on Christmas and New...


Episode 64: Konnan & Crash Split

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio are talking about the big changes in The Crash, with Konnan out of the picture, The Crash's statement, as well as what this means for the future of The Crash as well as Konnan's new promotion AroLucha. Also on tap is a discussion on La Copa Junior VIP and what the Niebla Roja hype will be leading to, and finally they talk about the 3 hour CMLL bodybuilding contest Alfredo watched and the idea of Arena México getting involved with a Battle Rap sister...


Episode 63: Dynasty Ingobernable

Episode 63: Dynasty Ingobernable This week on Lucha Talk Dylan, Alfredo, & Raul are talking about Angélico announcing he's leaving AAA and his career in México and Lucha Underground. In CMLL there are fun times as they talk about the promotion running the same tournament twice in 6 months with La Copa Junior VIP. Finally talk about the card for the debut AroLucha show in Dylan's home turf of Nashville, Tennessee, and if he'll be going out to see the show. Finally the results of the...


Episode 62: AAA vs CMLL

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio are breaking out their thinking caps, discussing a concept talked about by Lucha fans for over 25 years since AAA's formation, AAA vs CMLL. Dylan, Alfredo, & Raul give their take on realistic cross-promotional matches they would want to see, the behind the scenes dealings that have prevented the companies from working together to this point, as well as the chances of this dream promotional war becoming a reality. Before that we recall the past week in Lucha...


Episode 61: Lucha Underground Lives

Lucha Talk this week comes at you with the big news right away, Lucha Underground is back! We go over the crazy ride we've been through to get to this point, what could be different next season, who might be different next season, and if we can expect another questionable situation next year. From there we go over many "ok" matches this week through both shows between AAA & CMLL, and more stuff going down including the return of ELITE!? Next week we'll be having a special episode booking...


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