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Episode 61: Lucha Underground Lives

Lucha Talk this week comes at you with the big news right away, Lucha Underground is back! We go over the crazy ride we've been through to get to this point, what could be different next season, who might be different next season, and if we can expect another questionable situation next year. From there we go over many "ok" matches this week through both shows between AAA & CMLL, and more stuff going down including the return of ELITE!? Next week we'll be having a special episode booking...

Duration: 01:12:14

Episode 60: Dia de Los Muertos Special (w/Dr. Lucha Steve Sims)

A very special episode of Lucha Talk this week when the Trio welcomes on a super special guest in "Dr. Lucha" Steve Sims of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter & Figure Four Weekly. We go over a number of topics in an epicly long but extremely important episode. We're talking about: - Alberto El Patrón's latest hijinks and potential future in México as well as the US - The WON HOF and top candidates Steve voted for and thinks are most deserving - Lucha Underground (With the Dr.'s...

Duration: 02:15:29

Episode 59: AAA's Domed Cage is Dumb

This week on Lucha Talk, Fredo makes his return! We catch up with him and what he thought of Lucha Underground, then jump into this week's action in Lucha, including a horrendous AAA Worldwide as well as a pretty alright CMLL show, and give a bit of props to the new Lucha de Barrio promotion with some notable indie talent in México involved. Follow the Trio on Twitter @DylanZeroSky - @therealfredo - @MICROMANFEVER

Duration: 01:10:18

Episode 58: RIP Dario Cueto

This week on Lucha Talk Fredo is out due to a power outage, but Dylan and MicromanFever are here to go over a huge week in Lucha obviously centered around Lucha Underground's Season 3 Finale and the shocking angle to close the season, the show's legacy in the wrestling business, and potential for the future. From there it's a return to form in AAA Worldwide covering Heroes Inmortales with conflicting opinions, particularly for the Reina de Reinas title match, with one liking it and the...

Duration: 01:43:14

Episode 57: Mexican Bret Hart

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio go over Lucha Libre's finest in the penultimate episode of Lucha Underground as well as the Leyenda de Plata tournament that took place in CMLL. Plus for the first time in months IWRG gets time! Discussion of the angle of Máscara Años 2000 Jr.'s friends in the world's wackiest company. Capped off by a recap of some top indie matches and it's a show with a little bit of everything. Follow the Trio on Twitter and talk to us about the show, Lucha, and Life...

Duration: 01:07:39

Episode 56: War of Hell (And CMLL Friday Shows)

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio return to normalcy this week with Arena México back open after the tragic Earthquakes with a bang as they go over the Leyenda de Plata tournament in honor of the greatest Luchador of all time...El Santo. Lucha Underground also gets a spotlight with Ultima Lucha full swing, we talk about the great Marty the Moth and Fénix Luchas de Apuestas as well as the spectacular Hell of War match between Killshot and Dante Fox. In addition the Lucha Libre World Cup has...

Duration: 01:44:36

Episode 55: Wrestling Observer HOF Special

Episode 55: Wrestling Observer HOF Special This week on Lucha Talk, it's a very special episode which happens to be our longest ever. We break down the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Hall of Fame ballot for the Mexico region and have perhaps the most in depth coverage of the Lucha candidates ever heard on a podcast before. Regardless of any sort of voting or Hall of Fame, these names are truly legends and had a legit impact on Lucha Libre and the wrestling world as a whole and they...

Duration: 02:28:42

Episode 54: ¡Invitados Sorpresas!

Episode 54: ¡Invitados Sorpresas! This week on Lucha Talk the Trio have a special episode after the tragic Méxican earthquakes, with no Lucha on tap at Arena México and AAA at the Hard Rock, we have on Lucha Libre experts who were live in México for CMLL's Aniversario, and a unique discussion of the country, what it's like to travel there, and how Lucha is viewed in it's native country. In addition, the live experience of CMLL Aniversario & other Lucha events over the week. Closing things...

Duration: 01:28:22

Episode 53: CMLL 84th Anniversary Show

Episode 53: CMLL 84th Anniversary Show This week on Lucha Talk the day is here for the biggest show of CMLL's year and we got...a CMLL show. But with two mask matches to save it, was it enough to get the coveted thumbs up? Where do Zeuxis & Princesa Sugehit, as well as Niebla Roja & Gran Guerrero go from here? Is Gran Guerrero great or a great cover band? Why were there no dance numbers now that they are off Youtube? Who does Niebla Roja secretly look like? We discuss it all here. We also...

Duration: 01:33:23

Episode 52: Boyle Heights PD Sucks

Episode 52: Boyle Heights PD Sucks It's a banger of a week on Lucha Talk as we go in depth on all the week's finest action in Lucha Libre even without AAA Worldwide, as we talk about Lucha Underground featuring a 5-0 Street Fight and more Dario greatness, as well as a Look into the situation regarding Season 4 and an update on how things are looking. We have preview of next week's Anniversary Show in CMLL after a ho-hum Friday Show. And we do touch on AAA stripping Sexy Star of the Reina...

Duration: 01:46:38

Episode 51: Elgin Is a Lucha Guy

Episode 51: Elgin is a Lucha Guy This week on Lucha Talk the Trio has yet another big show to cover, this time with the CMLL Gran Prix taking place we go over the México vs The World themed show and the last stop on the road to Aniversario. How was the iPPV? How did the main event go? How is Big Michael Elgin so grandé? All questions answered. Also on the show we talk about a pretty good episode of Lucha Underground and the bounceback episode of AAA Worldwide building up TripleMania!!!...

Duration: 01:49:16

Episode 50: TripleMania - The Aftermath

The 50th episode spectacular of Lucha Talk just so happens to fall on the day of TripleMania! After last week's epic preview we get right into it, breaking down all the big news including Sexy Star shooting on Rosemary in the women's match, a Torneo TripleMania nobody still understands, but most importantly the mask match main event which provided one of the year's great moments. Then we discussed the biggest news in Lucha outside of TripleMania with The Crash bringing in a huge...

Duration: 02:15:10

Episode 49: The Big TripleMania Preview Show (w/RobViper)

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio brings in a special guest in the form of the great Rob Viper to bring in a huge episode of Lucha Talk, running down everything about the show including the Llave de la Gloria finalists, an amazingly confusing Torneo TripleMania, speculation on the main event and even a little bit of insider info on the show and behind the scenes leading up to the big show with incredible detective work done to make an accurate prediction for the main event. Rob sticks...

Duration: 02:10:18

Episode 48: El Podcast de Las Chicas

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio has a very special breakdown of Univision's special Sam Adonis documentary, debating the choice of actors for the reenactments and a lot of fun. In addition we go over AAA's show as well as the latest in the Llave de la Gloria tournament as well as the announcement of the Lucha Libre World Cup that will take place in Japan in October. CMLL gets discussion for their latest solid show as well as the mask and hair matches they're teasing between Rush /...

Duration: 01:39:53

Episode 47: Thesz-Flair-Microman

Here's what the Trio's talking about this week on the Lucha Talk podcast: *Sam Adonis vs Blue Panther have a great hair vs hair match followed by Sam getting his own documentary. What's next for the controversial Trump supporting Luchador? Regardless we go over a really fun Friday show featuring the Dinamitas are still excellent and the Micros are a hoot again. *Also they take a look at AAA and their show, with an expert analysis of the room they were in. *Lucha Underground continues...

Duration: 01:27:57

Episode 46: Bless the Dinamitas

Here's what the Trio's talking about this week on the Lucha Talk podcast: *CMLL has the lead-in show to their big 8/4 show built around Sam Adonis/Blue Panther's Luchas de Apuestas featuring an incredible Trios match. *AAA had one of their best singles matches of the year with Australian Suicide vs Bengala. *We try to figure out if Black Terry was involved in the Copa Higher Power or was just a coach for Team IWRG. True controversy! ...and a rundown of all the weekly news and shows...

Duration: 01:41:30

Episode 45: SurpriseMania

Here's what the Trio's talking about this week on the Lucha Talk podcast: *TripleMania has a card announced with LOTS of surprises announced at their press conference and we run down all of what was said including some surprising returns and some surprising absences along with offer some predictions. *Sam Adonis & Blue Panther's hair vs hair match gets announced for August 4th. What does it mean for the Anniversary Show? *The women of CMLL get a chance to stand out with the Copa Natalia...

Duration: 01:46:55

Episode 44: Never Mind The Hair Match

This week on Lucha Talk the Trio have a packed edition of the show with lots of news and notes. First off we go over the Taya/Vampiro/Reina de Reinas title situation and the return of Sexy Star to AAA. The world was shocked and we give our take on it. Alberto is in trouble again, we update everyone with the details of his escapades with Paige, the allegations of abuse, the suspension from GFW, drama with his family, and what impact it'll have on his future bookings including...

Duration: 01:46:25

Episode 43: Cabroné

The newest episode of Lucha Talk is on the scene and the Trio are giving you the rundown of everything going on on your favorite weekly Lucha shows and promotions. - In CMLL we cover Atlantis' injury, what the heck is gonna be the Aniversario main event, and a bad Super Viernes featuring Block B and the continued embarrassment of Niebla Roja, as well as much worse to come next week with Pierroth vs. Vangellys - In AAA we talk about the end of Verano de Esacandalo, featuring a terrible...

Duration: 01:31:59

Real Title : Fake Sombra

This week on the show the Trio break down the recent controversies in the last week in Lucha, centering around the Taya belt stripping in AAA as well as the fake La Sombra that appeared in CMLL this week, we try to investigate and analyze who this mystery man is. On top of that various Luchadores were making a worldwide impact this week and we break it all down, as well as give the scoops on the weekly shows as always from AAA, CMLL, & Lucha Underground. Follow the Trio on Twitter and...

Duration: 01:36:16

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