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Episode 27 (Lo-fi)

The audio you are about to hear is the end result of us not being able to use our usual microphones, however our dedication to regular content means we strapped together a couple of garbage cans and plugged them in. Good banter included Be sure to come back next week when quality programming will be restored

Duration: 00:32:33

Episode 26 (Saturday Morning)

The lads make it together on a sat morning before they all dissapear off to live their lives, early morning vigor persperates into your ears. this episode is best served with a side of bacon and eggs while watching sat morning cartoons that used to give you nightmares as a kid.

Duration: 00:57:38

Episode 25 (Stand up Comedy)

AAAAANNNND were back! in the studio again after over a month of a hiatus we finally made our way back to the mics, albeit without the mic stands. A catch up, history lesson, political discussion and banter about inappropriate things as usual. You know the drill, leave us a favourite and a comment then slide on over to the reviews and share ya thoughts. check out our social media and chat with us thanks team, back to your regularly scheduled partying.

Duration: 00:57:04

Ep 24 (two thirds of LHP)

Were back!... sorta Hamish is still away working harder than both Paddy and Luke ever will so they take the reins in lukes lounge and bring a slightly less popping but just as life changing episode of LHP right to your ear holes. plz leave us a comment of what you think of the other two lads on their lonesome and make sure to show this to your grandmother and your significant other's father.

Duration: 01:44:10

Episode 23( A Throw back to Paddy)

Yet again, mainly due to Hamish, The Lads could not get together again this week. So this week we have a throw back Episode for you This is from Episode 34 of Luke and Hamish's original Podcast (Not this one) where Paddy featured for the first Time as a special Guest. This is Episode 34 of the Press X To Jump Podcast. In this weeks episode our good friend Paddy joins us. Paddy is an all round good chap, and avid cyclist. Banter ranges from cloning yourself to Madonna sex stories. In an...

Duration: 02:03:33

Episode 22 (The Back up Episode)

It has happened once again. The Lads can't get together this week and deliver quality content. But they have smashed the glass and pulled the leaver to release the emergency episode. In this Episode Luke and Hamish had a day off, and caught up with each other over a quiet podcast. This Podcast has been sitting in the wings, watching, waiting, ready for when life fucks the lads. Enjoy

Duration: 01:38:53

Episode 21 (Sickness)

In this Episode Hamish is sick and barely understandable. The lads cover a few current events and as usual their thoughts on things you don't care about. So a good time all around.

Duration: 01:16:16

Episode 20 (Bad Words)

IN this curse filled episode the lads discuss their first memories of hearing swear words, and thus, swearing themselves. As usual there is all the normal banter in between. Enjoy

Duration: 01:04:18

Episode 19 (Simmer to Boil)

This week is reasonably low energy. It's just 60 minutes of a low yet rich simmer. So come along and enjoy a chill time. Topics change lanes to many times to really list here so just enjoy.

Duration: 01:04:30

Episode 18 (Camp Jack Off)

This week the lads get together and discuss how weird school camps were. What is the purpose of one ? We get an update from Paddy's building career, and once again talk about how good bananas are. You know the deal by now, just a mixed bag of rambling.

Duration: 01:22:22

Episode 17 (Hotel Porn)

In this weeks Episode the lads review the videos on a USB that Hamish found under a Hotel bed. They try and discuss politics, night life fun, gender in sport, and other such things. As usual, Enjoy

Duration: 01:13:53

Episode 16 (Sex Ed)

After a missed Episode last week due to LIFE, The lads are back in the game with this weeks episode. The lads discuss Luke and Hamish's big day off, What Luke's big uni break plans are, Paddy's sick skate life, and just your run of the mill banter. Enjoy

Duration: 01:05:09

Episdoe 14 (500 Miles)

This week Hamish is back and things get weird fast. We explore Pads tinder life, catch Hamish up on current events, more motorbike talk because motorbikes and finish of with some very real suicide awareness chat. Top Lad Luke for stepping up.

Duration: 00:51:15

Episode 14 (Luke and Paddy Show)

Hamish is away working like a slave so Luke and Paddy had to figure out how to get this thing running! after 2 days of tech difficulties L&P sat down to banter about everything from politics and prostitution to what defines masculinity and how do people deal with anxiety while they think. Get it in your ears.

Duration: 01:58:47

Episode 13 (Hazing)

Energy is low this week as Hamish is busy, Luke is studying, and Paddy started a building apprenticeship. However Luke did Luke and downed a coffee and came in hot with content. Pretty straight forward stuff this one. We find out about Paddy's new job, Luke and caffeine, Hamish not being funny, and how bad the lads are at english. #wow

Duration: 00:50:44

Episode 12 (Face Off)

We made it, we are back 100% After much delays due to . . . Hamish, this weeks episode is finally here! The lads discuss Hamish's brutal ferry crossing, early relationships, once again for some reason animal penises, and as always much much more. If you have been enjoying, leave us a review

Duration: 01:33:52

Episode 11 (Special Guest, Skeletor)

This week the lads are joined by long time best friend SKELETOR (Scott). As usual they take an epic journey through stories and yarns, ranging from gothic dancing to waking in on your friends brother. Strap in for this feature length Episode.

Duration: 01:41:34

Episode 10 (Tail Spin)

As you know from last week Paddy is away visiting his Granddad. So Luke and Hamish get together for a good old fashioned catch up. They discuss the unfortunate world of a teenager, motorbikes, using public toilets and much much more. As usual, Enjoy.

Duration: 01:12:34

Episode 9 (Help Us Paddy)

Luke and Hamish had to start the podcast early due to life commitments and boy did the struggle. They fumble through 40 mins of light banter and then Paddy arrives to save the day with quality yarns. Usual hilarity included

Duration: 01:17:34

Episode 8 (Big Banter Box)

Due to the Podcast being late this week this episode is longer than usual with all the built up banter. As you can imagine with an episode of this size the subjects vary wildly. There is little point to list them all here so just get going on this big banter box. At the very least it will kill some time.

Duration: 01:49:24

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