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Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday as they spend the summer pulling on the threads of the universe and revelling in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, Luke and Pete's Summer is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.

Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday as they spend the summer pulling on the threads of the universe and revelling in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, Luke and Pete's Summer is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.
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Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday as they spend the summer pulling on the threads of the universe and revelling in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, Luke and Pete's Summer is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.




Episode 48: Super, smashing, great

Luke and Pete take time to pay their respects to Sir Ken Dodd, Jim Bowen and Stephen Hawking, all of whom sadly passed away recently. Once we've got that out of the way Pete, who is rapidly turning into Alex Jones' heir apparent, finds the time for another rant and we also get some emails on craft ale, the benefit to the economy of a large-scale sporting event, and the terrifying phenomenon of sleep paralysis. Before we chip off there's a Mencarta out of leftfield, so make sure to listen...


Episode 47: An emu should not be living there, it's not right

Here we go then, back in the habit assessing the fallout of #craftalegate (something for which Peter is showing no contrition at all), learn that Pete paid an old man a decent amount of money to come to his house and teach him Japanese and hear about a weird and actually quite depressing tale of emus and go-karts. There's also Moonwalker, Paul Gascoigne antics and the science behind yawning. Pete also goes a touch off-piste about childbirth too, but we suppose there's nothing truly...


Episode 46: What's happened to that donkey?

After the craft ale ridiculousness last time around Pete stays true to form and gets drunk on his own at home using Japanese liquor of some description. Alongside that we hear of another animal partial to the Bolivian Marching Powder, a windy night in Ireland to say the least, and a plane flight that went on for ages for no real reason that we can ascertain. Oh and one final thing before we go, there's a truly horrific email in here somewhere featuring a man's buttock and so you should...


Episode 45: Neckbeards and their craft ale, they make me sick

Luke's been to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child but is duty bound to #keepthesecrets, and Pete uses this episode as an opportunity to get right up on his soapbox and rant and rave, Alex Jones-style, about the evils of craft ale, much to Luke's chagrin. #neckbeards Speaking of Alex Jones, he gets a decent bit of airtime too, here's hoping YouTube don't give us a strike. Not that we care, we're not even on YouTube. Elsewhere there's another twist in the...


Episode 44: Undercover police officers, public toilets, and sheep

When you're an experienced police officer, it probably takes a lot to shock you, and you could easily be seduced into thinking that you've seen it all. But, according to one of our listeners, his policeman pal got a lot more than he bargained for one day when following a suspected drug dealer. Listen in to hear the full story... Elsewhere, we find out about how sheep manage to survive just on grass and there's, of course, another trip back to the now-probably-world-famous Stubbington...


Episode 43: Poison/venom, Guns n Roses, and the worst Mother's Day present ever

Much like Thin Lizzy sang, the boys are indeed back in town and this time they're ruminating on the difference between poison and venom - the toxins, not the 80s bands. Two 80s bands they *are* talking about however, are Guns n Roses and Metallica, so stick around for that. There's also time to listen to a truly incredible email who bought his mother the *worst* present for Mother's Day that it's possible to imagine and Pete takes it even further into the gutter after that because, well,...


Episode 42: Childhood fights, boys called Paul and our very own drinking game

Did you ever get into a fight as a child? Perhaps you got into more than one. Perhaps you did so with a boy called Paul. Luke did, and he can't be the only one. Elsewhere, a future hall-of-fame listener informs us of a Luke and Pete Show drinking game that he's developed with his pals, inclusive of a PDF with pretty colours explaining how the whole thing works and we also find time for a truly remarkable email about the burial of a cat. Tell us about your childhood fighting escapades or...


Episode 41: How to cook the perfect steak, and the greatest bear of all time

Luke opens proceedings on how he likes to cook a steak, much to Pete Donaldson's chagrin and scepticism, before the boys get through *yet another* email about Stubbington Study Centre which almost beggars belief. It feels like the entire south of England has visited there at one time or another. After lots more of the usual dicking around, we finish the whole foul jamboree with possibly the greatest Mencarta entry in history, all centred around a bear who stumbled upon a pretty sweet find...


Episode 40: Black Panther, video games and Pete getting annoyed about gifs

Luke's been to see Black Panther (spoiler: he enjoyed it), we hear another Stubbington Study Centre story which is even more bloody exciting than the last one, some amazing new batteries enter the game and, as ever, Pete is able to squeeze in some chat about video games. Elsewhere the boy Donaldo almost has a full on meltdown on the subject of gifs. If, like Luke, you need some further information on what he was actually talking about, hit us up:!


Episode 39: Fleeing from a neutron war and heading for Northampton

Rejoice! It's Monday and we're back for another half an hour of life-affirming nonsense from all over the world. This time around we fit in Valentine's Day activities, Pete's problems with the Winter Olympics and a truly amazing straw hat-related tale from a day at the cricket. There's also more old animals including one that is cheating, frankly, a brilliant pop hit to encourage people to visit a wonderful town in the East Midlands and yet more stories of school trips gone awry. And...


Episode 38: Part vampire, part maths teacher

Happy Thursday! We're delighted to be in your ears towards the end of the week for the first time. It feels great. This time around: Japanese trains and the perverts within them, Pete still has a hard time coming to terms with the age of some animals which manifests itself in the form of a truly horrific anecdote about tortoises, and some of your lovely emails of course. Thinking about it, have we ever made an episode that *doesn't* feature a truly horrific anecdote from Pete? Probably...


Episode 37: A brave new world

The first of a new-look, twice a week Luke and Pete Show muscles into territory as diverse as efficient hydration (Luke), too-tight trousers (Pete, obviously), hemp trousers (Pete again, obviously) and the world's oldest animals. A note of caution, the world's oldest animals section blows Pete's mind to bits and it may well do the same to you. Consider that a warning. There's also more than enough time to hear from a listener who got himself into a spot of bother in a hotel in Krakow with...


Episode 36: You are now entering Dildo, Newfoundland

Your two eponymous antiheroes are back for another episode of LAPS as all the kids are now calling it (pronounced 'LAPS'), and first stop is Pete trying to convince his Dad Stewart to go on holiday with him. After that, they hop across the Atlantic to visit some of the most questionable place names in the US and Canada after the reveal of King of Prussia last week. There's also enough space in the studio to squeeze in an interesting Mencarta. A Mencarta involving hats, dockers and a...


The Windsor Knot

Hello you! Pete and Luke here. We've been working on a new show, and we'd love for you to have a listen. It's called The Windsor Knot, and it's a royal wedding podcast. A royal wedding podcast, made by and made for people who wouldn't exactly call themselves royalists. It's hosted by two incredibly talented men, Daniel Krupa and Joe Skrebels, and honestly - it's as funny as all hell. Do have a listen, won't you? Subscribe here:


Episode 35: The Words Show

Another week and another themed episode from the chaps, as this time around they get stuck into wordy matters, including yet more children with inadvisable names. We find time for more Steve McQueen and Paul Newman chat too, as well as a decent treatise on Pete's specialist subject - getting drunk at home in your underwear. There's also good news for the statue enthusiasts among you, so stay tuned for Mencarta. Further Reading: The Bruce Lee Statue in Mostar:...


Episode 34: The Body Show

It's The Body Show! Luke and Pete received an inordinate amount of emails about the human body this week and so decided to group them together into one handy to listen to episode. But before they get into the nuts and bolts of that, there's the small matter of Japanese films Pete's been watching and Luke's new kitchen. More oddly-shaped chests are explored as well as the acupuncturing of a dog, but, and here's a warning, this episode also contains a pretty horrific email about the...


Episode 33: Too much seasoning

We start episode 33 with an insight into Pete 'Donny/PD' Donaldson's utterly confusing approach to timekeeping before running through his recent trip to Krakow in Poland, a city in which he managed to offend a local tour guide with his behaviour in a famous salt mine. And yes, you did read that sentence correctly. Also in this episode we hear from a listener who has been through a chest procedure that baffles the mind and soul and another friend of the show who has executed possibly the...


Episode 32: Where I walk is Rome

Pete starts episode 32 with a tremendously entertaining actor-based error and after that there's plenty more robot and AI chat following last week's discussion that kicked off 2018. We also take some time to read out your suggested riddle solutions, there are some more great non-translatable foreign words and someone almost kills a Shih Tzu with kindness. But don't worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this episode. Suggest things for us to do here:, and...


Episode 31: This is your future, so tether your payload

Holy Macaroni! We're in the future! It's 2018 and, as you can probably imagine, this fact dominates proceedings in episode 31. We discuss futuristic things that may or may not happen, Pete interprets his own dreams in quite a simple (and predictable) way, there's a heartfelt tribute to one of the world's great metallic birds and we touch on Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Before we chip off for another week there's also a truly astonishing Mencarta, so make sure you stick around for that,...


Episode 30: One Elephant Outstanding

A big hearty Christmas-load of glad tidings to all of our listeners as we release episode 30 of The Luke and Pete Show on Baby Jesus' birthday, no less. This week, words in other languages that have very specific meanings, Pete's insight into how to become a good continuity announcer on the telly, playing Trivial Pursuit and an incredible, and very specific, emergency call. Send glad tidings to us and our king:


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