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Trusting the Scorpion and "Morning Smoke"

Episode 90—October 19, 2017 The Astrological Sign Scorpio may not be warm and fuzzy, but its no-nonsense attitude is necessary in the 11th hour of winter preparations. Host Jennifer Ellsworth celebrates this often-maligned Sign. She also meditates on faithfulness in an essay about marriage and a short story about a man who appreciates options. It's called "Morning Smoke." ...“You sly dog.” Frank’s eyelids quivered. “Excuse me?” he said. Meghan clucked her tongue. “Excuse moi-“ Frank...

Duration: 00:21:55

Slow Fall and "Noon"

Episode 89—September 20, 2017 This week welcomes Autumn, but trees have been showing seasonal changes all month. Host Jennifer Ellsworth explains the science of colorful fall foliage—how it is always there waiting to reveal itself when things slow down. She also describes the forty minute visit with her grandparents that is supposed to teach a lifetime of experience, and reads a short story about a farmer's thirteen minute lunch break called "Noon." "...Alden shut off the tractor...

Duration: 00:16:46

Higher Powers and "Transcontinental Booty Call"

Episode 88—August 21, 2017 Happy total solar eclipse! This episode host Jennifer Ellsworth celebrates the awe inspired by this celestial event as we step outside and look up. She also applauds her old chorus director, David Stevenson of Mount View High School, and the magic he cast in his thirty years of service; and reads a short story about love, the most powerful force of all. It's called "Transcontinental Booty Call." "...Bishop had driven out straight in just over three days, slept...

Duration: 00:23:32

Last Universal Lammas and "The Ama Story"

Episode 87—July 23, 2017 Concern for our food's origins has become common. In honor of Lammas, the seed gathering holiday, host Jennifer Ellsworth considers the ultimate seed source: LUCA, our Last Universal Common Ancestor. She also shares examples of metaphoric seeds we exchange. This episode features work by singer songwriter Sara Trunzo from her album Thanks Birdie and "The Ama Story," a bedtime tale that may become planted in your mind, too. "...When Ama was younger she lived...

Duration: 00:29:31

Dark Matters and "Neighborly"

Episode 86—June 23, 2017 The summer solstice brings the most light of the year, yet there are still things we cannot see. Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores the invisible 95% of the universe, Dark Matter. She also delves into Downtown Tattoo in New Orleans, Louisiana to hear about the secret history of a very public tattoo; and reads a short story called "Neighborly" where a young man runs into the rough past that he doesn't want to see. "...Lawrence saw the old fucker immediately,...

Duration: 00:27:20

Expecting Forever and "Uncle Remy's Birthday Cake" Part 2

Episode 85—May 25, 2017 The gulf between What Is and What We Would Like is deep. Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores these depths in a meditation on expectation. She also shares how a local feud has changed her idea of forever, and reads part two of "Uncle Remy's Birthday Cake." "...It was 1:02 when Mary scooted into the solarium at Tall Pines, out of breath, but with the birthday cake balanced on her forearm. Her phone had dinged in the car, 1:00 on the nose. Mona with a text message. Such...

Duration: 00:35:29

Gritty Grace and "Uncle Remy's Birthday Cake" Part 1

Episode 84—April 26, 2017 Dandelions are not top of the flower grace scale, yet host Jennifer Ellsworth believes they deserve the May Moon title. She also describes seeing a long lost friend who has not lost his saving grace, humor; and reads part one of a story about the graceless Nickerson sisters: Mary, Melissa, and Mona. It's called "Uncle Remy's Birthday Cake." "...The man was nearly dead and the last of his generation: Mary’s grandfather’s retarded brother. Uncle Remy in Tall...

Duration: 00:33:46

A Nice Pair of Genes and "Baby" Part 1

Episode 82—February 26, 2017 Who's your Daddy? Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores the science of genes and what happens when energies merge. She also shares an interview with Michelle Moschkau who describes a long distance connection made via a cell phone number; and reads part one of "Baby," a short story about the end of the 23rd chromosome. '...“Where are we going?” Kaleb asked. “Equinox party—” Julie muttered. She was stuck, with a towel-wrapped Pyrex wedged between her breasts and...

Duration: 00:20:28

Fire Rooster Calls Change and "Executive Order"

Episode 81—February 10, 2017 The Fire Rooster is this year's Chinese New Year animal, and we cannot ignore his crow. Host Jennifer Ellsworth enumerates his traits that we should adopt to succeed this year. She also profiles a couple that lives the change they wish to see in the world, and reads a short story about a woman following doctor's orders and transforming her life. It's called "Executive Order." "...Isn’t this worse? I’ll do it because that’s how I am, but imagine if this was...

Duration: 00:17:17

Unseen Sea and "The View of Planet Earth From Room 216"

Episode 80—January 27, 2017 Can dreams tell the future? What happens when we die? Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores some of Life's mysteries with Joe Asciello as he recounts a boating accident he saw coming. She'll also share the outline for a tough talk with her children and a poem about a sweet farewell with her grandmother. It's called "The View of Planet Earth From Room 216." "...In her delirium Grandma shops at the open market. 'They’ve got sausages drying,' she gestures to the...

Duration: 00:09:27

Love Is From Venus and "The Waiting Game"

Episode 79—January 12, 2017 Love abounds as Venus occupies its point of greatest eastern elongation. Host Jennifer Ellsworth offers a planet primer for our solar system sister. She also marries love and food in an essay about what makes a good cook, and a short story about waiting for a table at Neighborhood, Belfast's next best thing. It's called "The Waiting Game." “'Twenty minutes?' The return pitch of those two words, twenty minutes—the estimated wait for a table at Neighborhood,...

Duration: 00:20:15

Doorway Wolves and "Special Delivery, Christmas Eve" Parts 3 and 4

Episode 78—December 29, 2016 Today marks the start of the lunar calendar year. Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores how this Wolf Moon can help us connect with our family after a busy holiday season. She also offers some Lunar Datebook updates and corrections so as to start the year with a clean slate, and concludes the short story "Special Delivery, Christmas Eve." "...The house on the address label of the grey envelope tucked under the Deliveryman’s arm was a seasick two-story just off...

Duration: 00:27:13

Presence Present and "Special Delivery, Christmas Eve" Part 2

Episode 77—December 13, 2016 In the season of gift swaps, sometimes showing up is our best present. Host Jennifer Ellsworth shares a first person account from a Dakota Access Pipeline protester, and shares her dreamy experience of missing a plane. She also reads part two of this year's Christmas story, "Special Delivery, Christmas Eve." "...The Concord Trailways bus was on time, arriving at the Shell Station at 9:15 from South Station. Jessica’s ride was not. She’d received a text: “Ten...

Duration: 00:21:11

Thanks With Family and "Special Delivery, Christmas Eve" Part 1

Episode 76—November 29, 2016 The darkest portion of the year corresponds with family-intensive holiday celebrations. Host Jennifer Ellsworth recaps her Thanksgiving. She also shares a story from Stella Tirone about a family hike to the Jordan Pond House on Mount Desert Island that went awry, and reads part one of this year's Christmas Story. It's called "Special Delivery, Christmas Eve." “...'Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas.' Criminey it was cold. Too-cold-to-die-here cold....

Duration: 00:19:33

Great Moons and Gram and "Cellar Hole"

Episode 75—November 14, 2016 It's yet another Supermoon. Host Jennifer Ellsworth explains why today's full moon really is great, and reflects on that superlative in a eulogy for her husband's gram. She also reads a short story about a less-than-great man and his moment of grace with a gun. It's called Cellar Hole. "...Hunting in the middle of the day was like jacking off to a kitten calendar—nearly useless—but Arlen needed to get out of the house. Diane had left the turkey in the...

Duration: 00:21:58

Samhain's Two Sides and "The Scratch Man"

Episode 74—October 30, 2016 All Hallow's Eve is here, marking the time of year when it is kosher to connect with ghosts and spirits. Host Jennifer Ellsworth explores divination's relationship with intuition through tasseography, tea leaf reading. She also reads a letter to the editor imploring peace between politic's two sides, and reads a scary story inspired by Siv Widerberg's poem "Nightmare." The Boy returns to the Ogre. It's called "The Boy and the Scratch Man." "...Once upon a time...

Duration: 00:25:42

Still Trophies and "Measuring Wall"

Episode 73—October 15, 2016 We are all hunters at heart, tracking desires and dreams. Today host Jennifer Ellsworth explores the trophies of that hunt through the history of taxidermy and its ability to transport us through time and space. She also compares hardcore hunters to yogis, and reads a short story where a woman harvests a piece of her home. It's called "Measuring Wall." "...Madge hadn’t expected the house to sell so quickly. The realtor said it would take at least a year, and...

Duration: 00:28:04

Sky Hunters and "#Blessed-Common Ground Country Fair Folk Arts Tent 2016"

Episode 72—September 30, 2016 Nearly everyday Earth has a close approach with an asteroid. Today host Jennifer Ellsworth explores how NASA scientists find these Near Earth Objects and what we plan to do with them. She also tells a true story about an ant-hunting dog, and reads a prose poem about shape note singing. It's called "#Blessed-Common Ground Country Fair Folk Arts Tent 2016." "...I was there because I was supposed to be there, the next act on stage, following whatever this was,...

Duration: 00:18:48

Night Flight and "Jackson Pond Party Boat" Part 3

Episode 71—September 16, 2016 As the sun slips into the southern hemisphere, we welcome autumn and longer nights than days. Host Jennifer Ellsworth considers what to pack for this journey toward year's end. She also tells about midnight walks to Lake St. George, and concludes the short story "Jackson Pond Party Boat," where, after lunch, Melissa poses an interesting question to the quartet. "...Billy had made tuna fish sandwiches, but they were on shore. Ivan dragged the boat until...

Duration: 00:30:44

Reclaiming "Virginity" and "Jackson Pond Party Boat" Part 2

Episode 70—September 1, 2016 A woman warrior is not usually the first image that comes to mind when you hear "virgin," but perhaps it should. Host Jennifer Ellsworth dissects the etymology of the word to reveal its ancient and surprising roots. She also interviews Belfast Maskers cofounder Diane Coller Wilson as she prepares to reclaim the stage in the Midcoast Actors Studio production of Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man, and reads part two of "Jackson Pond Party Boat," where Melissa and...

Duration: 00:25:31

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