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It's a snip of our lives, unfiltered. We're two guys from Toronto in our late 20's documenting our journey as we build up our business and lifestyle. Jiel dropped out of university in second year, started a business, sold the business and is now back in school. Nibin graduated university, lived in NYC and Chicago, had two stable corporate jobs and left them both on his own will when he was about to move up the ladder. To learn more about each of us check out






Our 10 Year High School Reunion | 027

Same people + 10 years of lyfe experience

Duration: 01:08:35

Pros and Cons of Doing Business with Friends | 026

Pros and Cons of Doing Business with Friends SHOW NOTES: 03:10 - Knowledge of personal life (too much information) 04:18 - Checking the Ego at the door 05:39 - Taking direction from your friend 06:23 - A blurred line between time to have fun and time to be serious 07:02 - You don't want to hurt each others feelings 07:44 - You forget to do things friends do 08:23 - Failed business can lead to a broken friendships 09:02 - Your business conversations are not always keep private within the...

Duration: 00:21:25

Lessons I Learned From Leaving a Good Job - #2 Respect Money | 025

SHOW NOTES: 00:49 - Treat money as an element 01:27 - How my position on money has changed over time 03:07 - What respecting money means to me 04:12- How much longer is my financial runway? 07:53 - How i've gotten by 08:21 - Importance of good financial habits 09:19 - Do what you are best at 10:26 - Live within your means 11:08 - There is still time to build wealth 11:42 - Next weeks ep. - doing business with friends

Duration: 00:12:43

Moving Back to Canada From the USA | 023

SHOW NOTES: 01:20 - Shout out to 03:27 - Why Evan went to Stanford 07:40 - Shopping in the US 13:27 - US health care experience 18:46 - The American social life 28:40 - Services in the US that should be in Canada 33:22 - Experience with dating apps 36:22 - Why we came back home to Canada 41:25 - Nibin's experience 48:30 - Choosing to come home is like starting over again 54:44 - Friendships made and maintained 57:35 - Where would be had we not gone to the US 1:05:40 - Would...

Duration: 01:21:53

Canadian Personal Finance 101 with | 022

SHOW NOTES: Check out and subscribe for insightful personal finance tips. 02:01 - Who is Urgen Kuyee? He's a passionate bibliophile and aspiring personal finance expert. 03:57 -, a Canadian personal finance blog. During nursing school a lot of my classmates, especially female classmates, love to shop. They love to buy the latest iPhone, Michael Kors bags etc. ... however they don't know the difference between a TFSA and an RRSP, their credit score or how...

Duration: 00:58:17

A yuppies view on the Toronto area condo market | 021

00:48 - The search begins! All you see in this market right now is growth. And growth at a rate that's faster than your income rising. 02:30 - Stick within your personal means Investment property = No Emotion. Personal property = Emotional 04:55 - What type of condo is Alex looking for? 07:14 - Where is he looking to live? 09:46 - Is the pressure internal or external with respect to wanting to buy a condo? 15:45 - The long term goal 17:21 - The baseline is work 19:19 - you can still get 10...

Duration: 00:37:25

Bets, Life Insurance and Index Fund Investing with Chaach | 020

SHOW NOTES: 00:44 - What is a Chaach? Per Urban Dictionary: A chaach is an American slang term used to describe a male that has several characteristics. The chaach is a male that superficial women tend to fall for. The chaach usually wears the "in" cloths (ie: pre-ripped pants, abercrombie and fitch gear) or is made to wear them by his woman. The chaach is not a very smart or motivated individual but often scrapes by in school. The chaach will drink very low end beer and liquor. There are...

Duration: 00:30:55

Try, Fail Hard and Move Forward. You Don't Have Tomorrow | 019

SHOW NOTES: 01:02 - Jiel quit his job 03:05 - Jiel's separation anxiety 04:16 - His first internship in robotics! 06:14 - Nibin's 48 hours of rejection 12:21 - When it rains it pours 14:11 - losing 99% of the time 17:10 - At the end of the day it's just a T4 job 21:23 - Circumstances equal risk tolerance 26:20 - What we learnt from building Lyfe Happens **TELL US HOW WE CAN IMPROVE BY COMPLETING THIS SURVEY**…r7&ver=standard

Duration: 00:36:08

What is Minimalism? | 017

**TELL US HOW WE CAN IMPROVE BY COMPLETING THIS SURVEY** SHOW NOTES: 01:31 - What is Minimalism? "Getting the most out of life with less" A tool to rid yourself of life's excess in favor of focusing on what's more important so you can find happiness and fulfillment. 01:50 - Who are "The Minimalists"? Two guys in their late twenties / early thirties (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus) who had six figure jobs...

Duration: 00:45:59

What Is An Availability Cascade? | 016

Link to peer reviewed paper which set the base for this discussion: Link to Adilson’s Lyfe Happens Article: **TELL US HOW WE CAN IMPROVE BY COMPLETING THIS SURVEY** 01:29 What is an availability cascade? An availability cascade...

Duration: 00:40:23

Dream Jobs Are Just Dreams | The Reverse Interview - 014

Roles reversed in this one and our guest took the role of host to challenge us to better understand what we see as a 'dream' job. We think you should always be working towards your dream job and never actually attain it. The chase is more exciting than day to day dream life.

Duration: 00:50:57

That Awkward Moment - The Real Lyfe Story of Two NYC Roommates - 013

While visiting Colorado to end his travel tour Nibin dives into a deeper convo with his friend and former colleague and NYC roommate. This is a longer one that's unfiltered as usual. They get into being single in their late 20's, moving home, dating, life in NYC, cougars, online dating and much more. This is an episode you want to hear from start to finish.

Duration: 00:53:27

A Democrat Who Didn't Vote And Knew Trump Would Win - 012

An American citizen and 3L University of Houston Law Student Alexis Cownan talks to Nibin about why he didn't vote as a democrat yet knew Trump was going to win from the beginning. Tune in to hear why.

Duration: 00:22:26

Why I'll Never Compete in a Bodybuilding Competition Again - 007

We 'squat' down with former bodybuilding all natural pro, Justin Alvares, to hear why he'll never participate in a show again. See full show notes at:

Duration: 00:20:33

How To Budget After Quitting Your Job - 004

While woking out of New York City Nibin sits down with his close friend, Brad, to discuss how he should handle his money. Nibin recently left his corporate job to work on his businesses. His main worry is how long his money will last without going to $0 or losing all happiness. Brad gives Nibin some great insight and perspective on how to go about it. Tune in to hear how and subscribe if you got any value from this conversation!

Duration: 00:16:13

Why I Quit My Stable Corporate Job - 003

Jiel sits down with Nibin to better understand why he quit his stable corporate job to work on building up Lyfe Happens and other side passions. If you're at work and not enjoying it, this is for you. **We do not recommend you follow in Nibin's footsteps...

Duration: 00:17:06