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MAEKAN It Up — #036: The shifting nature of Asian-American identity, and the tyranny of convenience

On MAEKAN It Up #036, Charis wants to talk about the shifting nature of Asian-American identity and the history of that identity. She ties it to perceptions of Chloe Kim, the 17-year-old Korean-American snowboarder who took a gold medal at the Winter Olympics. Another subject hit upon include Gidra, an Asian-American zine from the 1960's. Eugene brings up an op-ed by Tim Wu, professor at Columbia University and contributing opinion writer to The New York Times, called The Tyranny of...


Gathering Growth with Brian Kelley — Documenting the Champion Trees

Photography can mean a lot of different things today. Is it more ephemeral and about capturing the trivial parts of life? Is it about something more artful and considered? Is it about documenting and providing memories that will certainly outlive us? You could say that most of the photography we experience is largely forgettable and disposable. Random selfies and product placements dominate much of our feeds. For photographer Brian Kelley, his initial start in professional photography...


Building the Brand — Writing for Ears

When you've spent most of your life writing for eyes, the transition to scripts written for podcasts and audio stories can sometimes be a bit challenging. But with the right resources and a bit of practice, you eventually find yourself developing a writing voice you didn't know you had. In this Building the Brand, Charis and Nate discuss some of the challenges of writing for the ear and about some of the best practices they've learned writing for MAEKAN's listeners since inception. Hosted by...


#035: Whether higher education is a waste of time, and non designers learning the fundamentals of design.

On MAEKAN It Up #035, Charis talks about the pros and cons of higher education. Eugene and Charis work through whether higher education is a waste of money and time or not. Eugene brings up a book he came across called Hello Web Design which is written for non designers to understand the fundamentals of design. Should non designers learn design and what good comes from that? The World Might Be Better Off Without College for Everyone by Bryan Caplan Hello Web Books Per usual, MAEKAN It Up...


Uguisu the Little Shoppe — From Roppongi to the World

The mention of Japanese culture calls to mind any number of things, ranging from Pokémon and Nintendo to kimonos and Noh theatre. Japan is full of niche cultural products that are often specific to certain prefectures and certain eras, but to an outsider located elsewhere, only the more popular exports make it through. Even with the best intentions of a person seeking to learn more, the lack of translated Japanese-English websites and media can prevent deeper understanding. Hikaru Komura,...


A Tale of Two Cities— Exploring China's Hip-Hop Capitals

When trap music is highlighted in the context of China and especially in English, the discussion often wanders into focusing on the showy garish side, before writing off the burgeoning scene as a shallow imitation of the popular North American genre. But in this story, Eugene sits down with David Zhou and Lucas Farrar, who set the record straight on the Chinese hip hop scene, specifically as it pertains to Chengdu and Chongqing, the two rival cities building the scene from the ground up...


MAEKAN It Up #034: HuffPost shuts down its contributor network and China wants to become a global soft power

On MAEKAN It Up #34, Charis is joined by Edward Barnieh while Eugene is out of town. They talk about the devaluation of writing as the result of contributor networks such as the one HuffPost used to run. The second half of the show has Charis and Edward discussing how China might start exporting their cultural goods. Goodbye, Contributor Network. And thanks for nothing by Jen A. Miller for Poynter. China wants to reshape the global order by Bill Bishop for Axios Per usual, MAEKAN It Up...


Borderless — Musical and Cultural Identity with Crystal Kay

The faces of Japan’s entertainment industry are changing. From models to boy bands to athletes, the country is celebrating its new diversity, especially hafus—the Japanese term for biracial people. But before this new wave of mixed Japanese celebrities, there was Crystal Kay. This half-Korean and half-African American songstress was born in Japan, and was one of the only half-black people in mainstream media when she burst onto the Japanese pop scene in 1999. In this exclusive MAEKAN...


The Road Less Traveled — Into the Chinese Countryside with Elphick and Yin

To produce one of our stories in October 2017, we sent our sound engineer Elphick with frequent MAEKAN collaborator and photographer Yin to China. They were there to meet with pro baller Erron Maxey and cover the growing local underground scene known as “Wild Ball.” Hosted by Elphick Wo & To Cheuk Yin Audio by Elphick Wo Photos by To Cheuk Yin See the whole story here. What is MAEKAN? MAEKAN is a membership-based publication and community focused on the sights and sounds of creative...


MAEKAN It Up — #033: How Japanese culture approaches space, and the value of being an expert generalist.

On MAEKAN It Up #33, Charis and Eugene examine the Japanese concept of space and how it pertains to her own recent travels in Japan. On the flipside, we look at what it means to be an expert generalist and how it holds up to the 10,000 hour rule. The Revolution will not be proofread How Warren Buffett’s billionaire deputy became an “expert-generalist” The 10,000 Hour Rule Is Not Real Per usual, MAEKAN It Up features the individual illustrative talents of Charis and Eugene as they visualize...


Field Testing — The Polaroid OneStep 2

In this fun MAEKAN story, Alex and Chris get ahold of a Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 i-Type Camera and take it out for a field test around Alex’s neighborhood in Chai Wan on Hong Kong Island. Audio by Kevin Chau Photos by Christopher Lim See the whole story here. What is MAEKAN? MAEKAN is a membership-based publication and community focused on the sights and sounds of creative culture. We're about learning, participating, and connecting with a global community on a deeper level that social...


MAEKAN It Up — #032: The normalization of bad grammar, and the idea of creative integrity and the struggling artist myth.

On MAEKAN It Up #32, Charis and Eugene record remotely and look at the normalization of grammar and spelling. Are we experiencing a new normal when it comes to how we communicate and the rules it entails? We also examine a personal essay by Hasselblad's Chief of Strategy and photographer Ming Thein, who discusses how he's viewed his photography career and work over the last few years in light of his successes working for big brands. The Revolution will not be proofread Creative integrity –...


Grilling Me Softly — Food Writing and Farmer's Markets With Janice Leung Hayes

We’re happy to introduce our inaugural series in partnership with Sunday’s Grocery, titled Grilling Me Softly. Food plays an important role in our cultural landscape and we’re excited to dive deep into some of the interesting and influential figures creating a meaningful impact in the space. In our first episode, we highlight Janice Leung Hayes. Production by MAEKAN & Sunday's Grocery Hosted by Iris Van Kerckhove Photography by Justine Tai See the whole story here. What is MAEKAN? MAEKAN...


MAEKAN It Up — #031: Rich Brian's new name and GTA Online's pay-to-win mechanisms

On MAEKAN It Up #31, the first episode of 2018, Charis returns from holiday but is still located in Kyoto. Eugene and her discuss Rich Chigga, the 18-year old rapper from Jakarta changing his name to Rich Brian. They discuss what a name change signals and what role Asian rap plays. The second topic on the table are the pay-to-win mechanisms of GTA Online that allows players with deep pockets to purchase powerful weaponry and destroy weeks worth of grinding in unexpected moves. They discuss...


Street Dreams — The Feed in Real Life

Many interests often begin solo. Collecting sneakers, shooting photos, or maybe cooking are acts that can take shape in various forms. But it’s the power of community and connection that not only draws us in but keeps us rooted and engaged. A strong community provides a balance of support and challenge, ensuring that we all collectively reap the benefits of a shared commitment. Our digital generation has been spoiled with opportunities to connect and engage online. The ability to dip in...


Jayscale — Intersecting Philanthropy and Photography

Jamal Burger, or Jayscale as he’s known in the digital world, has come a long ways as a curious kid in Toronto. Like many of his generation, their first foray into photography came courtesy of a mobile device. The phone would be a cherished tool on a social media ride that would allow him to grow into a sizeable Instagram following. Youthful exuberance and a large following can create a particular sense of invincibility and narcissism. There’s not even a hint of that with Jamal. It’s often...


MAEKAN It Up — #030: Discussing VICE's New York Times expose and the prophetic words of John C. Jay

On MAEKAN It Up #30, we do our best to unpack the NY Times' expose on VICE and the unerlying issues that exist within company structures. There are no clear-cut answers, but we wonder how to best improve upon the situation and create balanced structures that are devoid of inequal opportunity. Almost 10 years ago, John C. Jay outlined his process behind empathy and how to best uncover meaningful relationships in culture. It all sounds strangely relevant in a time dominated by filter...


Hard Stop All Along the Wall — Lost in the Desert Crossing the Mexico-United States Border

With the political rhetoric and mass media firestorm shaping, if not commanding the immigration debate in the United States, it’s easy to find oneself distant and apathetic to the very issue at hand—people going from one place to another. In this Witnessed, photographer Taliesin Gilkes-Bower shares his experiences traveling along the Mexico-United States border producing his “Hard Stop: Along The Wall” photo series and accompanying Aguilas del Desierto (Eagles of the Desert), a San...


MAEKAN It Up — #029: The pros and cons of a Disney and Fox merger and MUJI's flawless brand execution.

On MAEKAN It Up #029, we explore the ramifications of a Disney and 20th Century Fox merger. We weigh the pros and cons and what this means for the creative landscape. We also look at the world of MUJI and why we feel it's such a compelling brand case study. Everywhere you go, the MUJI experience is generally the same and subsequently represents a nice snapshot of Japanese retail culture. Disney's Acquisition of Fox Could Change Streaming Forever Wikipedia: Kevin Smith Kevin Smith Reveals...


Conservation Technology with Shah Selbe — How iPhones Can Stave-Off Mass Extinction

Shah Selbe’s work puts him at the intersection of the world’s most famous exploration organization and cutting-edge technology. A conservation technologist, Selbe is a fellow with the National Geographic Society and uses drones, sensors, and smartphones on expeditions in order to change the way we protect the world’s wild species and spaces. Though his work takes him to some of the most far-flung reaches of the planet, Selbe runs a nonprofit lab in downtown Los Angeles called Conservify...


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