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Ep. 37: Oculus Connect 4 VR event, exploring the world of Blade Runner 2049

This week veteran technologist and former Fast Company writer Lynne D. Johnson joins the podcast to help us cover everything we learned from the big Oculus VR event in October including new VR headsets and new VR software, and then we take a deep dive into the sequel to the ‘80s sci-fi classic, the new film Blade Runner 2049 (31:15).

Duration: 01:37:48

Ep. 36: Is Apple's iPhone X a flop? Mr. Robot as judged by a real, high level hacker

In this episode filmmaker and hacker John Threat joins us as we rewind a few weeks and look at the debut of the iPhone X and what it means for the future of Apple, biometric security, and a silicon valley without the magic of Steve Jobs, [20:20] and then, on the eve of its Season 3 premiere, we recap Season 1 of Mr. Robot and unpack what the show gets right and wrong about the real world of hackers.

Duration: 00:48:01

Ep. 35: IMAX VR, Oculus, Ready Player One, StarVR and VR in Hollywood

Location-based virtual reality via IMAX VR, the future of Oculus Rift in the mainstream (5:28), the trailer for Steven Spielberg’s VR epic ‘Ready Player One’ (12:42), Apple’s big bet for augmented reality comes in the form of ARKit (19:20), StarVR global director of VR Brooks Brown on the future of VR and AR in Hollywood and beyond (26:32).

Duration: 01:12:50

Ep. 34: Viacom's VR team on the future of virtual reality & augmented reality

Viacom, the parent company of MTV, Paramount Pictures (Star Trek!), Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central, has decided to get serious about virtual reality. In this episode, Viacom's leadership team heading up Viacom NEXT (David Liu and Rob Ruffler) join the MARS Magazine pod to talk everything virtual reality, including IMAX VR and the rise of VR arcades, the viability of VR as a mainstream platform, what's going on with Facebook's stewardship of Oculus, and what massively successful VR...

Duration: 01:34:09

Ep. 33: Tech super rich prep for apocalypse, Elon Musk’s fav A.I. singularity film

Hacker and film maker John Threat joins us again to dive into the apocalypse survival strategies of the tech super rich as outlined in the New Yorker magazine (1:00), and a look into the largely unknown’70s film about the singularity (Colossus: The Forbin Project) recently shared in full on Twitter by Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk (34:05). If you’ve been thinking about bunkers, apocalypse strategies and how to live in a world taken over by automation, this is the episode for you.

Duration: 01:23:16

Ep. 30: Valerian, Life, Hollywood sci-fi, hacker/director John Threat on data privacy

Hacker and film director John Threat joins us to talk about the new trailers for ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ (1:48), and the life on Mars film ‘Life’ (10:20), as well as the current science fiction boom in Hollywood (21:57). Then we dive into how operate your digital life in a world of email hacks and data leaks (37:08).

Duration: 01:19:15

Ep. 29: Wikileaks + U.S. election, Edward Snowden update, Oliver Stone’s Snowden

How Wikileaks is impacting the U.S. presidential election and normalizing the end of data privacy, an update on Edward Snowden via Vice films (18:10), Oliver Stone’s Snowden movie merges fact and fiction to document history in real time (32:16).

Duration: 00:54:02

Ep. 27: Soylent sickness, Star Wars Rogue One, and Obama as sci-fi geek-in-chief

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 becomes a raging, international dumpster fire, Soylent goes from geek food to health disaster (9:10), 'Star Wars Rogue One' trailer reveals more secrets (15:32), and President Obama on his love of sci-fi, getting humans to Mars and the looming challenge of artificial intelligence (28:45).

Duration: 00:49:26

Ep. 25: Snapchat’s Spectacles, Star Trek vs. Trump, Elon Musk’s Mars plans

Snapchat’s wearable tech Spectacles, the cast and crew of Star Trek versus presidential candidate Donald Trump (8:50), and space professional and astrophysicist Laura Forczyk joins us to unpack SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s newly announced plans to take humans to Mars in less than 10 years (29:07).

Duration: 00:56:28

Ep. 21: SpaceX explosion, 50 Years of Star Trek producer Brian Volk-Weiss

The SpaceX accident destroys Facebook's satellite, 'Stranger Things' Season 2 hints, the 'ARQ' time travel movie on Netflix, and Brian Volk-Weiss, executive producer of the History Channel's '50 Years of Star Trek' documentary, joins us to reveal how the film came together.

Duration: 01:04:17

Ep. 20: Neil deGrasse Tyson vs. sexist science jokes, ‘80s tech drama Halt and Catch Fire

Astronomers discover Earth-like planet Proxima B, Neil deGrasse Tyson goes in on sexist science jokes on Twitter (5:29), protests over 'Jason Bourne' movie in 3D in China (13:06), the trailer for faked moon landing feature 'Operation Avalanche' (20:49), the Season 3 premiere of ‘80s tech drama ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ (23:46).

Duration: 01:05:29

Ep. 19: NASA women, Kernel brain implant, No Man’s Sky game vs. Simulation Theory

‘The Arrival’ puts a new spin on first contact films, Kernel brain chip implant offers a transhuman brain boost (3:24), ‘Hidden Figures’ film highlights NASA’s unheralded women (11:56), ‘No Man’s Sky’ game vs. Simulation Theory (18:53).

Duration: 01:00:42

Ep. 18: Star Wars Rogue One, Snapchat racial filter, Minority Report for the police

'Stranger Things' Netflix numbers better than 'House of Cards', Snapchat’s “yellowface” filter controversy (2:01), Star Wars 'Rogue One' trailer (15:42), Machine learning brings 'Minority Report' style trouble prediction to police departments (26:26).

Duration: 00:44:58

Ep. 16: Transhuman poll, Moon mission heart disease, Snowden movie + Wikileaks

Transhuman poll reveals fear of the future, NASA discovers space may be bad for your heart (12:32), Oliver Stone’s Snowden film and the Wikileaks DNC hacked email dump (19:42).

Duration: 01:04:51

Ep. 15: Comic-Con, Wonder Woman, Kong: Skull Island, Star Trek Beyond

Why you need to see 'Stranger Things,' Comic-Con news on 'Wonder Woman,' 'Justice League,' 'Kong: Skull Island,' and 'Star Trek Discovery' (3:29), and the tech and science or lack thereof in 'Star Trek Beyond' (17:46).

Duration: 00:53:34

Ep. 14: Pokémon Go augmented reality, killer police robots, Mr. Robot

How Pokémon Go might take augmented reality mainstream, Dallas police are the first to use a robot to kill a human assailant (15:51), Mr. Robot season 2 and bringing hacking culture to the masses (32:27).

Duration: 01:07:36

Ep. 13: Star Trek's Takei vs. a gay Sulu, Kubrick & NASA moon landing, BrainDead

Star Trek's George Takei disagrees with making Sulu gay in 'Star Trek Beyond,' the FDA debunks cryotherapy (20:26), Stanley Kubrick’s daughter attacks rumors of a faked NASA moon landing conspiracy (31:14), the new ‘BrainDead’ CBS series and the realities of parasite-powered mind control (39:58).

Duration: 01:01:13

Ep. 12: Rihanna + Star Trek, Lost In Space, Independence Day: Resurgence

Rihanna's Star Trek video, ‘Lost In Space’ reboot on Netflix (9:24), James Cameron on ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ (14:40), ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ and real first contact (22:51).

Duration: 01:00:34

Ep. 11: Westworld, Immortality drugs, SoftBank & The Singularity

'The Girl With All the Gifts' trailer, 'Westworld' on HBO (4:20), Anti-aging drug testing (9:13), Sci-fi writers as commercial pitch men (10:51), Chris Pine vs. classic 'Star Trek' (15:02), The Singularity via Boston Dynamics and Softbank's CEO Masayoshi Son (26:57).

Duration: 01:03:48

Ep. 10: Stranger Things, Trekonomics, Star Wars & Magic Leap

Scientists predict alien contact timeline, ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix (8:45), ‘Trekonomics’ book interview with Manu Saadia (13:13), Lucasfilm and Star Wars teams with Magic Leap to pioneer ‘mixed reality’ entertainment (43:54).

Duration: 01:08:18

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