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Tim Burrell-Saward; designing hybrid physical / digital experiences

Tim Burrell-Saward is working at the frontier of experience design, where the digital and physical dimensions combine in surprising, delightful ways. In this conversation with MEX founder Marek Pawlowski, Tim talks about his journey from lighting design and architecture to working at start-up company Sensible Object on a fascinating multi-touchpoint game called Beasts of Balance. Get in touch with feedback and questions @mexfeed on Twitter or email Show...

Duration: 00:55:11

Louise Oakham, Experience Designer

Louise Oakham’s career in experience design has ranged from leading in-house departments for large companies to specialising as a freelance independent practitioner. After being inspired by her talk on international user research techniques, MEX founder Marek Pawlowski sat down for a chat with Louise to hear about her tools and insights. Their discussion ranges from Louise’s early interests in curation and museums to the opportunities for improving UX in the corporate environment. Get in...

Duration: 01:02:32

Closure experiences; Joe Macleod, author of Ends

Joe Macleod's book 'Ends' asks us to consider why we have such difficulty designing closure experiences. He talks to MEX founder Marek Pawlowski about how the thinking behind the book emerged from a career in mobile technology with Nokia and design agency Ustwo, where he saw companies unable to address important issues around off-boarding. The conversation ranges across the diverse areas Joe explores in the book, from historical behaviour patterns in religions, industry and health to...

Duration: 01:03:39

Wearable health; Christian Lindholm, CEO, Koru

Christian Lindholm, a pioneer of mobile experience design, has his sights set on enabling a new generation of wearables for health and fashion. He talks to MEX founder Marek Pawlowski about his journey from Nokia in the 1990s, where he shipped the Navi Key UI on hundreds of millions of mobile devices - to his current ventures, including the Koru UI platform for wearables and an accelerator for digital health startups. The conversation also explores Christian's time as a managing partner at...

Duration: 00:39:57

Augmenting retail experience design; Josh Shabtai, Lowe's Innovation Labs

With Amazon's $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods placing a spotlight on the future of retail experience design, MEX founder Marek Pawlowski talks to Josh Shabtai of Lowe's Innovation Labs about how the home improvement giant is experimenting at the cutting edge. Josh shares some of the techniques they're using to maintain organisation-wide narratives around user-centred innovation, from creating comic books to tapping into the design skills of shop floor employees. The conversation...

Duration: 01:04:59

Language of design; Kwame Nyanning, VP, Experience Design, McKinsey

As design grows in strategic influence, how important is language in helping diverse practitioners from different fields collaborate towards an overall goal? Kwame Nyanning, VP of Experience Design at McKinsey, talks to MEX founder Marek Pawlowski about how pattern language informs his work helping global clients transform their businesses. The conversation explores Kwame's path into the emerging field of experience design in the late 90s and new challenges in industries like banking. Get...

Duration: 01:00:30

Death in VR; Paula Ceballos, Experience Designer

Death remains one of the subjects we find hardest to address. Paula Ceballos, co-creator of When We Die, talks to MEX founder Marek Pawlowski about her attempts to create a safe space - in virtual reality - where people can come to terms with their own mortality. After the usual show and tell, where Paula has some thought provoking examples, we talk about the experience design challenges of the When We Die project, her participation in NYU's ITP programme and what might come next in her...

Duration: 00:59:51

Ruby Steel, Smart Design

Ruby Steel's path in design has been characterised by her interest in multi-sensory experiences and finding ways to help people overcome impairments. Recently, she appeared in the BBC television series 'The Big Life Fix' as part of a team of designers working to improve life for specific individuals and groups. In one episode, Ruby and the team use digital to help a man communicate with his family again after suffering a stroke. We recorded at Smart Design's London studio, where Ruby is...

Duration: 00:56:37

Strategic design; 1st anniversary special with Marek Pawlowski & Alex Guest

Driving change with strategic design in diverse industries - from healthcare to automotive - has emerged as the dominant theme in the first year of the MEX podcast. Hosts Marek Pawlowski and Alex Guest review memorable insights from some of the 20+ guests who've been on the show over the last year and discuss how they've evolved since. The conversation leads to a discussion of user experience lessons Alex is now applying in his own start-up and exciting plans for the future of MEX Design...

Duration: 01:04:25

User research & holocracy; Alex Genov, Head of UX Research, Zappos

Alex Genov, head of UX Research at Zappos, talks to Marek Pawlowski, founder of MEX, about designing retail experiences, understanding users as people and emerging user research methods. The conversation covers Genov’s early interest in experimental social psychology and expands into a discussion of how he has applied his knowledge in both financial services and retailers. Genov and Pawlowski also talk about Zappos’ core commitment to customer service and how its adoption of the holocracy...

Duration: 00:56:06

Wearable experience design; Marek Pawlowski & Alex Guest

Marek Pawlowski and Alex Guest take up Patrizia Bertini's challenge from the last episode and go in search of wearable technology beyond the smartwatch. After questioning the term 'wearable' itself, Marek and Alex cite examples ranging from illuminated clothing to medical implants, before searching for design approaches which might result in products more relevant to users' lives. Marek challenges listeners to abandon the smartphone as the anchor point for wearable products and see whether...

Duration: 01:19:16

Manufacturing renaissance; Mat Hunter, Managing Director, Central Research Laboratory

Mat Hunter, Managing Director of the Central Research Laboratory, talked to Marek Pawlowski, founder of MEX, about the manufacturing heritage of CRL’s unique startup acceleration facility and his plans for a design-led hardware renaissance in the UK. The CRL resides in the Shipping Building on the old EMI site, where the evocative slogan ‘His Master’s Voice’ is emblazoned in huge letters across the exterior, recalling the history of a location closely associated with British industry and...

Duration: 00:51:04

Live at MEX/16: Rob Graham, Global Head of UX, AstraZeneca

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are increasing their investment in digital experience design at a key moment in their wider transformation. With experimental new business models such as payment based on patient outcomes rather than product volumes, digital services are being trialed for both patient health tracking and as a form of direct treatment. Rob Graham, Global Head of UX at the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, and someone who has led user experience departments in...

Duration: 00:51:44

The Friday design inspirations project

In this episode we share 6 digital design inspirations, from a sci-fi film script written by artificial intelligence to a fashion collection influenced by sound waves. Prompted by a move to Basecamp for MEX collaboration, podcast co-host Alex Guest introduced ‘Friday inspirations’, a recurring task for each member of the team to share a weekly ‘find’ with colleagues. Alex and co-host Marek Pawlowski take turns explaining why they picked each inspiration and how it relates to digital...

Duration: 01:13:09

Experiencing virtual reality & HTC Vive special edition

This special edition of the MEX podcast takes you hands-on with the user experience of virtual reality, with bonus photos and videos. In episode 12 we went in-depth on the design principles of augmented, virtual and mixed reality with Greg Taylor of Tigerspike. When Greg took delivery of his HTC Vive – arguably the most immersive virtual reality experience available to consumers today – he invited Design Talk hosts Marek Pawlowski and Alex Guest to spend an afternoon exploring it in...

Duration: 00:21:15