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Roundup: Future Transportation – Autonomous Vehicles + Flying Cars + Smart Cities

Exploring news about Autonomous Vehicles, Flying Cars and Smart Cities in this roundup analysis. More at www.mindandmachine.io


30: Bitcoin & Crypto: What Happens Next, with Tone Vays

As new crypto coins are issued through ICOs at a frenzied pace — Bitcoin, the original, shows the greatest market strength, with the most liquidity, the broadest installed wallet base, and many argue the strongest security. Today we check back in with Tone Vays, a thought-leader and advisor on everything related to Bitcoin. Our previous episode with Tone was an intro to crypto, and if you're new to the subject I suggest you start there. Today we expand on the subject of crypto and...


T3: Clean Meat from the Lab rather than from Animals

Clean Meat is coming — meat created in the Lab, instead of from animals but identical to animal meat in every way, down to the molecular level. We discuss what this is all about, how realistic it is, and what kind of time frame we're looking at (much sooner than you think). More at www.mindandmachine.io


T2: What is CRISPR? Plus 3 Types of ICO + National Digital Currencies

An introductory look at CRISPR, how it works and why it matters. Plus a Cryptocurrency Headline Roundup: We look at Switzerland's categorization of ICOs into three types, and the first state-sponsored digital currency planned to be issued. More at: https://twitter.com/augustbradley www.mindandmachine.io


29: Virgin Hyperloop One – The Future of Transportation with SVP of Software Matt Jones

Five years ago Elon Musk wrote a white paper proposing an alternative to slow, expensive transportation between distant cities. The idea was to replace air travel and trains with a Hyperloop, a 1,000 km per hour (or 600+ mph) passenger pod shooting through a tube hundreds of mile long in a vacuum, so no air resistance – levitating in the air so it avoids any friction. My guest today is Matt Jones, senior vice president of software at Virgin Hyperloop One, the leading developer of...


SpaceX: Falcon Heavy Launch + Implications for Mars Colonization

Kicking off a series of shorter "thought pieces" separate from the expert interviews, we dig into SpaceX and explore Elon Musk's broad ambitions to make humans interplanetary with a Mars Colony. And we examine the Falcon Heavy rocket launch. This podcast references the previous MIND & MACHINE episode #18 with SpaceX engineer Daniel Frohlich. More at www.mindandmachine.io


28: Virtual Humans with the USC Director for Virtual Human Research, Jonathan Gratch

When you combine natural language interface, emotion modeling, CG animation, and various forms of Artificial Intelligence, you get lifelike computer characters with autonomous interaction. This new kind of digital actor is called a Virtual Human, and can be deployed across a wide spectrum of functions -- enabling authentic human interaction with machines. From psychological counseling to education to customer service to endless other applications, virtual humans will play an...


27: Origin of the Universe & Cosmic Inflation with NASA JPL & Caltech Scientist James Bock

Today we’re going investigate the past — the most distant past imaginable: the Origin of the Universe. “How did the universe form” is such a profound question, that it informs everything we do today, and everything that will come next. My guest is James Bock. James is a Caltech Professor of Physics and NASA JPL Senior Research Scientist running experiments on what happened right after the Big Bang. As a leading cosmologist and astrophysicist, he and his team are at the forefront of...


26: Neuromorphic Computing, AI Chips Emulating the Brain with Kelsey Scharnhorst

Today we explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) through Neuromorphic Computing with computer chips that emulate the biological neurons and synapses in the brain. Neuro-biological chip architectures enable machines to solve very different kinds of problems than traditional computers, the kinds of problems we previously thought only humans could tackle. My guest today is Kelsey Sharnhorst. Kelsey is an Artificial Neural Network Researcher at UCLA. Her research lab (Gimzewski Lab under James...


25: AI Minds & Natural AI Growth with Michael Miller

Today we look at a fascinating approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in which a mind is created at an infant-like level, with no knowledge and limited ability. Then it learns and develops from scratch through its own experience within the body of a device -- be it a robot body or a toaster. My guest today is Michael Miller, author of the new book “Building Minds with Patterns”. Michael is an expert at natural-growth AI development. I’ve had numerous conversations with Michael and...


24: OpenBazaar: Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer Marketplace wth Brian Hoffman

Today we look at OpenBazaar, the leading Bitcoin marketplace for goods and services. Can such emerging platforms challenge the likes of Amazon, Ebay and Etsy? Our guest is Brian Hoffman, founder and project lead of OpenBazaar. Brian is backed by leading VC firms Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures. While working for Department of Defense cyber-security consulting units, which included analyzing crypto-currencies, Brian became intrigued by these emerging forms of...


Media Tech and A Look Into the Future with Joanna Popper

Today we begin with a discussion surveying a wide range of future technologies, then we dive deeper into the changing media landscape. Our guest today is Joanna Popper. Joanna has been the Executive Vice President of Media and Marketing at Singularity University, a pioneering institute teaching and fostering frontier technologies. Prior to that she was a Vice President at NBC Universal, developing strategies across digital, social and mobile.Joanna now works directly with a wide range...


22: ICO + Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) turned “Organisms" with Ismail Malik

Today we explore Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs -- blockchain algorithms with the potential to perform the entire functionality of corporations or government agencies... without a single employee. Our guest today is Ismail Malik, a pioneer in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, pushing the concept even further to what he believes will more accurately be Decentralized Autonomous Organisms -- where the blockchain algorithms’ behaviours go beyond that of an organization...


21: Discovery’s Experiential Storytelling in Virtual Reality (VR) with Jeff Abramson

Discovery is pursuing bold new methods of storytelling across their media portfolio (Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science Channel, etc...). This week we talk with Jeff Abramson, the Head of Virtual Reality Content Development and Programming for Discovery Communications, and get his insights into what makes immersive media (VR, AR, MR and such) compelling as well as where he sees it heading in the future. More at www.mindandmachine.io


20: Lytro “Light Field” Photography and Image Processing with Steven Swanson

We dive into the emerging arena of “computational photography” -- where cameras capture increasingly complex data that computers process to enable imagery never before possible. One of the most mind blowing areas of “Computational Photography” is “Light Field” imagery, which redefines much of what we took for granted about photo capture. With “Light Field” captures, we can change focus, depth of field and aperture at any point after the image has been taken. It also enables some...


19. Artificial Intelligence + The Neuroscience of App Addiction with Ramsay Brown

1st Half: The Neuroscience of App Addiction 2nd Half: Artificial Intelligence form a Neuroscience Perspective (at 24:45) Apps are designed to grab us and keep us hooked as long as possible, as often as possible. Addictive traits built into the apps manipulate us at a primal biological level -- creating a stimulus/response pattern that can re-program our behaviors over time. The increasing role of Artificial Intelligence will inevitably hand-off some of this addictive-design work,...


18: Augmented Reality SmartGlasses from ODG + the Future of Media-Tech with Keith Boesky

This week on the show we take a look at Augmented Reality SmartGlasses from AR hardware leader ODG, and explore the fast changing tech landscape, entrepreneurship, and how media-tech in particular is transforming our world. Our guest is Keith Boesky, an advisor and board member to many of the fastest rising ventures in the west coast tech-media scene — including ODG, an established hardware leader in the augmented reality space. Keith is a former president of top-tier gaming company...


17: Bitcoin, ICO, Cryptocurrency and Cyber Security with Tone Vays

Bitcoin is capturing headlines with it’s sharp rise in price, giving credibility to the claim that it has the potential to become major disruptor in the global economy. Our guest today is Tone Vays. Tone is a former Wall Street guy, having worked as a systems analyst at Bear Stearns and then JP Morgan. He has now become a thought-leader and advisor on everything related to Bitcoin. He’s an influencer in the space at Blockchain trade shows, through his YouTube Channel and Podcast, and via...


16: Renewable Energy, Batteries and the Future of Power with Duwayno Robertson on MIND & MACHINE

With fossil fuels polluting the earth’s atmosphere and being in finite supply, technological advances in renewable energy such as solar, hydropower and wind are becoming more essential for our future. Batteries are at the core of making renewables power possible. Our guest today is Duwayno Robertson. He’s an expert on batteries for future-forward automobiles and renewable energy systems. Duwayno was a Fisker Automotive lead engineer overseeing everything that interacted with the...


Blade Runner 2049 Technology Review - Thought Piece #1

Review of the Future-Tech vision of Blade Runner 2049 — how it relates to actual development currently underway, and its potential connection to our technological future. A look at Augmented Reality, Holograms, Synthetic Biological Robots, DNA Storage, Memory-Tech, and Vintage Futuristic, The first of a series of shorter "thought piece" recordings. More at http://www.mindandmachine.io


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