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MIT alumni association: Slice of MIT Podcast

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Podcasts from the MIT Alumni Association. Visit for more information.

Podcasts from the MIT Alumni Association. Visit for more information.
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Podcasts from the MIT Alumni Association. Visit for more information.




The Last Man Who Knew Everything (Alumni Books Podcast)

David N. Schwartz PhD '80 discusses his new book, The Last Man Who Knew Everything: The Life and Times of Enrico Fermi, Father of the Nuclear Age.

Duration: 00:20:07

Inside the Lost Museum (Alumni Books Podcast)

Steven Lubar '76, Professor of American Studies at Brown University, discusses his new book, Inside the Lost Museum: Curating Past and Present, published in August 2017 by Harvard University Press.

Duration: 00:19:48

The Hardware Hacker (Alumni Books Podcast)

Andrew Bunnie Huang '97, MNG '97, PhD '02 talks about The Hardware Hacker: Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware, published in March 2017 by No Starch Press.

Duration: 00:18:49

Darwin's First Theory (Alumni Books Podcast)

Rob Wesson '66, Scientist Emeritus with the USGS Geologic Hazards Science Center, discusses his book Darwin's First Theory, published in April 2017 by Pegasus Books.

Duration: 00:21:07

Apple CEO Tim Cook at MIT Commencement

Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed more than 1,800 new MIT graduates on Friday, June 9, and shared a message of humanity deeply connected to his Apple experience. Speaking at the 2017 MIT Commencement, Cook described his relationship with Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple; described a meeting with Pope Francis; and called on the new graduates to focus the exciting power of technology on improving the world. “Thanks to discoveries made right here, billions of people are leading healthier,...

Duration: 00:18:57

Inside Job (Alumni Books Podcast)

Mark Zupan PhD '87, President of Alfred University, discusses his new book, Inside Job: How Government Insiders Subvert the Public Interest (Cambridge University Press, 2017).

Duration: 00:28:01

Power at Ground Zero (Alumni Books Podcast)

Lynne B. Sagalyn PhD '80 discusses her book Power at Ground Zero: Politics, Money, and the Remaking of Lower Manhattan, published in September 2016 by Oxford University Press.

Duration: 00:13:21

Color by Technicolor: An MIT Story

The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ow their electric blue skies, golden yellow brick road, ruby red slippers, and fiery landscapes to innovation that came out of MIT. In this Slice of MIT podcast, we take a trip back in time to learn just how Technicolor came to life and discover the MIT alumni behind many classics of the golden age of Hollywood. The Color by Techniolor podcast includes interviews with William Uricchio, and additional...

Duration: 00:17:57

Dignity, Taste, and Charm: A Tour of MIT's IAP

On a campus with a wealth of acronyms, one is on everyone’s lips this time of year—IAP. The Independent Activities Period (IAP) provides members of the MIT community “with a unique opportunity to organize, sponsor and participate in a wide variety of activities.” This means that each year more than 600 non-credit IAP activities give students, staff, alumni, and faculty a chance to learn and do just about anything. But how do you narrow down the hundreds of classes to just a few choices for...

Duration: 00:16:25

Beyond 2016: MIT's Frontiers of the Future

When MIT was founded in 1861, the Institute originally filled Boston’s newly developed Back Bay neighborhood. In the decades that followed, the departments and students increased, and in 1916, MIT crossed the Charles River for a new campus in Cambridge. Since its move to Cambridge, the Institute continued to establish itself as one of the world’s top universities and its alumni and faculty have tackled society’s most pressing challenges. Earlier this year, as part of MIT’s campus...

Duration: 00:20:51

Travel to Costa Rica with your Ears

Costa Rica is home to ten percent of the world's known species of butterflies, more than 800 species of birds, and 200 volcanoes. Listen in on the journey of the MIT Alumni Travel Program as they witnessed sloths, howled with howler monkeys, and met with an American Quaker who left prison to start a Costa Rican town. Read more: Music Credits: "Cuban Sandwich," "Carnivale Intrigue," "Cumbia No Frills," and "Pennsylvania Rose," Kevin MacLeod (

Duration: 00:20:37

Tales from Bronze Beavers

The MIT Alumni Leadership Conference (ALC), Sept. 25‒26, is a time for alumni to reconnect and learn new skills while also recognizing the work of alumni volunteers. A spotlight event for ALC is the Leadership Awards Celebration honoring MIT’s most dedicated volunteers. In this Slice of MIT podcast, you’ll hear personal stories from this year’s four alumni winners of the Bronze Beaver award, the Association’s highest honor. Read more: Music: Carefree and Go Cart

Duration: 00:16:04

First to File: Patents for Today's Scientist and Engineer (Alumni Books Podcast)

Well over 1,000 patent applications are filed each day by tinkerers and corporations, and patent suits among science and tech researchers and firms are reaching unprecedented settlement amounts in the courts. In a new book, M. Henry Heines '67 explores the radical changes patent law in the U.S. underwent in 2013 and what today's scientist and engineer, whether tinkering in a garage or leading a startup, needs to know to protect one's intellectual property. Read more:

Duration: 00:15:55

What Makes Rock Band Rock?

Eran Egozy, one of the faces behind acclaimed video games Rock Band and Guitar Hero, shares why Rock Band rocks and his secrets to career success. Read more:

Duration: 00:14:01

The Outskirts of Hope (Alumni Books Podcast)

Jo Ivester '77 discusses her new book, The Outskirts of Hope, a memoir written in collaboration with her mother, about life in Mound Bayou, Mississippi in the 1960s. Read more:

Duration: 00:17:23

The Art of Data

Data is everywhere—nearly anything can be represented by a number. In its simple form, data tells a story backed by numerical truth. But data is rarely simple or pure—and we have access to more data than any time in history. In this podcast, recorded at the 2015 South by Southwest Interactive festival, five MIT alumni discuss how their work and research are making sense of this never-ending wave, and how we can better understand data and use it to solve real-world problems (and develop...

Duration: 00:19:44

Creamed Spinach and Community: Alumnae Memories of MIT

What was it like to be a women at MIT then and now? In this Slice of MIT podcast, MIT alumnae share their memories of the Institute. Read more: Music: Kevin MacLeod (

Duration: 00:09:18

Reading the Comments (Alumni Books Podcast)

Joseph Reagle SM '96, an an assistant professor of communication studies at Northeastern University, discusses his new book, Reading the Comments: Likers, Haters, and Manipulators at the Bottom of the Web. Read more:

Duration: 00:16:51

The Research and Science of Climate Change

What’s the science behind climate change, and how can we combat a warming climate? Those are complex questions that MIT faculty are actively pursuing. In this podcast, four MIT professors— Dan Cziczo, Kerry Emanuel, Christopher Knittel, and Andrew Whittle—will discuss their climate research on areas including hurricane activity, coastal flooding, carbon dioxide, and economic policy. Read more: Music: "Odyssey" Kevin MacLeod (

Duration: 00:13:00

The Proof and the Pudding (Alumni Books Podcast)

Both mathematics and cooking are pleasures, writes Jim Henle PhD '76 in his new book, The Proof and the Pudding (Princeton, 2015). "Real cooks and real mathematicians play. They play with structures, they play with ingredients, they play with the ideas and the flavors that attract them strongly." Henle shares his love of play in the kitchen and classroom in this edition of the MIT Alumni Books Podcast. Read more:

Duration: 00:12:04

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