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Pitchers Who Bake (Ep. 142)

Dakota, Gemma and Eric are delighted by Taijuan Walker's taco giveaway, in which he just made a lot of tacos and gave them to D-backs fans at Spring Training. They also pick their favorite MLB Food Fest menu items, discuss the Orioles' new initiative for young fans, and talk about their favorite active players.


The Ichicast (Ep. 141)

Dakota, Gemma and Chris get emotional and excited about Ichiro's return to the Mariners. They also talk about the return of the bullpen cart and wonder if Giancarlo Stanton ever wears a shirt. Dakota also invents Jim Smortz, the perfect Spring Training disguise.


The Tim Lince-Comeback (Ep. 140)

FOX Sports Ohio's Jim Day joins the Cut4Cast this week to talk all things Joey Votto. Dakota, Gemma and Jess also get really excited for Tim Lincecum's new job with the Rangers and talk about new Yankee Russell Wilson and Matt Szczur's hidden talents.


Will Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani Be Best Friends? (Ep. 139)

Dakota, Gemma and Matt decide to create a "Friendship Tracker" for Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout's blossoming friendship, and wonder if Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge are also getting along. They also sympathize with Sean Doolittle getting made fun of by teens, and congratulate Todd Frazier on his strategy for what to do when he forgets someone's name.


Which MLB Players Would Make the Best Winter Olympians? (Ep. 138)

Dakota, Gemma and Michael Clair talk about how Yu Darvish will fit in Chicago, and wonder if he'll visit Joe Maddon's new restaurant. They also discuss Bryce Harper's trip to Disneyland and speculate about the MLB players that could potentially compete in the Winter Olympics.


Who Gets to Use the Thumbs Down Meme? (Ep. 137)

No. 1 Mets fan Matt Monagan joins Dakota and Gemma to talk about Todd Frazier's future with the Queens club, and to speculate on the future of the Thumbs Down meme. They also wonder if Ed Sheeran has the power to bless the Brewers and make a strong case for the return of the bullpen car.


Which Baseball Players Belong in Your State's Hall of Fame? (Ep. 136)

Dakota, Gemma and Ian congratulate Mets fan Callie Shea Quinn on getting the retweets she needed to get her prom pictures taken at Citi Field. They also talk about the Athletics' new alternate uniforms, try to figure out what the new Braves mascot is and nominate people to be in their respective states' Halls of Fame.


The 2018 Cut4 Hall of Fame Class (Ep. 135)

With Gemma out of town, Jake Mintz and Chris Landers joined Dakota to discuss Mike Trout's Eagles fandom and share which players they'd induct into the Cut4 Hall of Fame. The group also picked their favorite bat flip - can you guess which it was?


The Racing Presidents Family BBQ (Ep. 134)

After spending a day as Racing Presidents, Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman join Dakota and Gemma to discuss their trip to D.C. and what it's like to exist in the world with a 45-pound head. They also talk about the Giants' hunger for franchise players, 50 Cent's journey of redemption and Yasiel Puig's trip to Cuba.


Which #NoOffseason Workout is the Best? (Ep. 133)

How do you feel about hitting tires with hammers? This week, Dakota, Gemma and Ian decide which #NoOffseason workout seems the most intense. They also talk about MLB players' habits of hanging out with dangerous animals, and discuss HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky's Mets fandom.


What's Your Most Outlandish Prediction for 2018? (Ep. 132)

In the first episode of the New Year, Dakota, Gemma and Michael make their most outlandish predictions for the 2018 season. Is Jharel Cotton about to break out? Will Josh Donaldson play in the postseason? How close is the Pirate Parrot to forming his own pirate republic? The Cut4 staff also decides which player is having the most fun offseason and Sean Doolittle's review of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."


Put Together the Best MLB Local News Team (Ep. 131)

In the last episode of 2017, Dakota, Gemma and Eric talk about A-Rod's commencement address at the University of Miami and wonder if Chase Utley can actually resurrect the dab. They also decide which MLB players would make the best local news team and get really excited for a Will Smith-produced movie about Michael Jordan's season with the Birmingham Barons.


Giancarlo Stanton is the Best Gift a Yankees Fan Could Ask For (Ep. 130)

Dakota, Gemma and Chris get very excited that Alex Rodriguez has made the full baseball media leap and is now hanging out with Bruce Springsteen. They also pick out baseball-themed holiday gifts and wonder if Aaron Judge or Giancarlo Stanton will hit more home runs in 2018.


All Ohtani, All the Time (Ep. 129)

Jake and Jordan of Cespedes Family BBQ join Dakota for this week's episode, which featured a discussion about - who else? - Shohei Ohtani. They also debated which Major Leaguers would be the most fun to vacation with and whether or not the Yankees should move to Stamford, Conn. (They shouldn't).


Who is the Mayor of Baseball Town? (Ep. 128)

Gemma, Jess and Michael share all the baseball things they're thankful for this year, and try to figure out who deserves the title of Baseball's Best Friends. They also create the fictional Baseball Town so that Joey Votto can be the mayor of it, and Michael tries to decide who is stronger between King Triton from "The Little Mermaid" or Marcus Stroman's dad.


Which MLB Player Would You Invite to Your Thanksgiving? (Ep. 127)

Dakota, Gemma and Chris share tips for getting through the offseason and discuss Mookie Betts' bowling. They also pick MLB players to invite to Thanksgiving and wonder if Adam Jones has any good pie recommendations.


Who Would Win the Cy Dunn? (Ep. 126)

Matt joins Dakota and Gemma to discuss the best postseason game that wasn't World Series Game 5. They also talk about their favorite Gold Glove highlights and Gemma whines about not being invited to Justin Verlander's wedding. They also invent new awards, including Best Breakout Star, the Cy Dunn (in honor of position players pitching) and the Julio Franco Award for Best Old Man Player.


Pivot to Justin Verlander (Ep. 125)

Dakota, Gemma and Jess break down the end of the 2017 World Series and get emotional about the Astros' long-awaited win. They share the moments that brought tears to their eyes and weigh in on whether ballpark proposals are OK now or not. They also discuss J-Rod's "Vanity Fair" profile and predict the 2020 World Series winner.


The Sights and Sounds of World Series Game 1 (Ep. 124)

Ian calls Dakota and Gemma from sunny and extremely warm Los Angeles to sum up the experience of Game 1 of the World Series. What's the best thing to eat? How hot was it, really? Who got a louder cheer, Clayton Kershaw or Vin Scully? The Cut4 staff also shares what they're excited about for Game 2, and speculated on who will be the most famous baseball player of 2018.


Baseball's Fun Guys (Ep. 123)

Dakota, Gemma and Chris have a lot to say about fun Yankees, two words you don't often put together. They discuss A-Rod on the FOX broadcast, Aaron Judge and of course, the Yankee Stadium chicken bucket. They also talk about weird pitcher at-bats (we're looking at Yu), and all the joy Yasiel Puig and Javier Baez have brought to the postseason.


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