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Lynn, idea for a podcast: four idiots discuss their love of all things Partridge in this unofficial podcast – including their favourite Alan moments, his cultural legacy and lots more, one episode at a time. A-ha!

Lynn, idea for a podcast: four idiots discuss their love of all things Partridge in this unofficial podcast – including their favourite Alan moments, his cultural legacy and lots more, one episode at a time. A-ha!
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Lynn, idea for a podcast: four idiots discuss their love of all things Partridge in this unofficial podcast – including their favourite Alan moments, his cultural legacy and lots more, one episode at a time. A-ha!




Episode 30 // I, Partridge: Chapters 9-12

It's our sexiest episode yet as we cover debauched Tokyo nights, sex scandals and erotic fan fiction - until we spoil it by tackling cheeses, nasality and petrol stations. Also: Gunnell! Winton! Lynham! Akabusi! Touch the Truck, Nando's sauces, whether Alan is the devil and Peartree Productions: Origins. That's millions! // Come to our live London episode: // Get in touch! Twitter: @thepartridgepod // Instagram: @monkeytennispod...

Duration: 00:49:27

Episode 29 // I, Partridge: Chapters 5-8

We chat teabags, desk audits and only children as we survey Alan's move into 'success' (hospital radio > Radio 4) and 'love' (Carol). Plus: Is kicking a pig 'in self defence' the worst thing Alan's ever done? Is asking for 'loads of salary' a good interview technique? And who or what is Gus Honeybun? // We're live in London soon: // Get in touch:, Twitter: @thepartridgepod,, Instagram: @monkeytennispod

Duration: 00:43:02

Episode 28 // I, Partridge: Chapters 1-4

Starting our deep dive into I, Partridge, we tackle the first 4 chapters as Alan discusses childhood bullies and parental neglect, and we choose not to believe him. Also, we chat book sales, significant trees, 'b*llock-naked' ladies and are introduced to Rory Drunk. // We're live in London this November: // Get in touch:,,,

Duration: 00:40:11

Episode 27 // Scissored Isle: Part 2 (NOT LIVE)

Crisp wars! Angry editors! Denton Abbey under threat! In the concluding part of our Scissored Isle double header, we head down a Radio Times rabbit hole, get tied in knots trying to organise a Twitter poll, and consider where this special sits amongst Alan's endeavours. // We're live in London on Nov 22nd! Tickets: // Contact us:,, /

Duration: 00:49:26

Episode 26 // Scissored Isle: Part 1 (LIVE)

Coming to you live from MCM Comic Con in Manchester, Adam, Nick, Tom and Tom (plus Jed) scrutinise Alan's road to redemption in part 1 of our Scissored Isle special, discussing 'Tesco lifer' Pat Bevan, our supermarket/factory pasts and Lynn's grasp of YouTube comments, as well as deciding whether we'd eat a condom full of grapes or not. // Join us live in London on Nov 22nd (NOT 25th as we say in this episode). Tix: // Get in touch:...

Duration: 00:43:25

Episode 25 // Your Feedback

We’ve bounced back and we’re ready to take a look over the best of your emails, tweets, and Facebook messages from the last few months. This sees us tackling some seriously large questions: What would Alan's wrestling finisher move be? How much would a ladyboy chaser cost in 2017? What will the new Alan show in 2018 be like? Along the way we also clarify our Clives (was it Anderson? Was it James?), reveal how you can now play Cards Against Alanity at your leisure, and launch our new Alan...

Duration: 00:31:59

Episode 24 // Mini Ep: Alan's BBC Return, Live Show News, Pod Plans

Team Monkey Tennis return for a mini episode, packed with good news and announcements, including: a new live show in Manchester this July, wild speculation about Partridge's forthcoming return to the BBC, and what to expect from us over the rest of the year. London live tix: // Get in touch: // //

Duration: 00:17:37

Episode 23 // Knowing Me Knowing You Ep.6

...and on that bombshell, we end the current series with a look at Glen's love life, Alan's successors (diddldee dit-dedee) and of course, THAT fatal shooting. We also make a few visits to the FactCave, dissect Joe Beesley's failed joke and reveal which of the team is also known as 'Anal Chlorides'. As well as that we also.... um... ooh Cheeky Monkey, he's made us forget! // Come to our live show this November: // Get in touch:

Duration: 00:47:53

Episode 22 // Knowing Me Knowing You Ep.5

In this head-slapping, pen-stacking, fact-packing episode, we discuss our favourite car-crash interviews, how to deal with a dead guest, Alan's attempts to fix the Miss Norwich contest, the 'return' of 'Susan', and Partridge's political panel. Plus, we lift the cover on Stabb's Big Book of Babes and there's another chance to catch a round of Partridge Amongst The Pixels (originally broadcast live on Facebook). // Live show tickets: // Get in touch: the...

Duration: 00:42:37

Episode 21 // Knowing Me Knowing You Ep.4

Nick, Tom, Tom and Adam's Philosophical Steakhouse is open for business as we say bienvenue to Bernie Inns, rabies facts and Alan's styles. We also reveal the 'Boss of Beef', zoom in on Alan's blazer badge, discuss Glen's sacking and Tom Stabb's deodorant woes whilst sharing intel from an KMKYWAP insider. // Come to our live show: // Get in touch: / /

Duration: 00:41:43

Episode 20 // Knowing Me Knowing You Ep.3

Crack open a Sprünt and join us as we link Alan (or is it Alec?), hairy backs, Lou Bega, fake signatures, 'Mrs Winkle' and the 1936 Olympics. Plus: we discuss Alan and Glen's crumbling relationship, the fate of Sherlock Holmes the Victorian dog and the disappointment of Alan's Big Pocket. Take a chance on us (take a chance, take-take a ch-chance). Live show tickets: / Get in touch: / /...

Duration: 00:40:13

Episode 19 // Knowing Me Knowing You Ep.2

This week we investigate Tony La Mesmer's Daggers of Damazon, Alan's lack of prep, his dog's fear of sex and his doomed 'new regular features'. Plus: Minnie Driver! Spider hair! Noel Edmonds! Failed urine pouches! Tickets for our live show are on sale now: // Get in touch:, @thepartridgepod on Twitter,

Duration: 00:40:59

Episode 18 // Knowing Me Knowing You Ep.1

There's SO much to discuss as we dive into Knowing Me Knowing You: Horse poo logistics. Alan vs Keith. Chalet facts. Doon's dubbing. Glen's mezzanine. Female drummers. Roger Moore's traffic jam. We also (Glen) ponder how it ever got commissioned and have a Rebecca Front love-in along the way. Plus we tackle all of these large questions: How many people watch Alan's show? What links Alan, Buffy and the Olivier awards? What's the show's Finnish name? Who is Gene Michael Jar? // Get tickets...

Duration: 00:44:33

MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 17 - On The Hour/The Day Today

Where did Alan get his name? Who 'made' Alan? Why is he obsessed with cleanliness (and groin injuries)? We go back to the start, to look at Alan's early broadcasts, unravelling the mystery of his (un)dead wife, playing a very horsey quiz and announcing our new live show along the way. Contact us: // @thepartridgepod on Twitter, or

Duration: 00:54:30

MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 16 - Surprise Bonus Episode: Your Feedback

Ahead of the new series proper, we rifle through your emails and tweets to answer some pressing Alan queries from past series: Who is Michael's mystery houseguest? What would a Fernando spinoff look like? We also wade into the poloneck vs turtleneck debate, touch briefly (and carefully) on Saville, play a game of Partridge Amongst the Pixels and lose our minds over a pint glass - or is it a human leg? Get in touch:, and...

Duration: 00:27:54

MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 15 - Alpha Papa (Live): Part 2

In the second of our two part live special, as the siege takes to the streets, we investigate the disappearance of a much-loved Geordie, discuss the logistics of roadshow van toilets, and finally figure out which of us sounds like Will from the Inbetweeners. Plus, members of the audience play Cards Against Alanity for prizes. Get in touch: / Twitter: @thepartridgepod /

Duration: 00:49:42

MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 14 - Alpha Papa LIVE: Part 1

With help from Sue Cook and our live audience, we talk one star reviews, corporate jargon and pub theft as we review Alan’s new house, turn against Danny Sinclair and are shocked at how far Dave Clifton has fallen. Recorded in front of a live audience on Nov 24th at The Prince Charles Cinema, London. Get in touch: / Twitter: @thepartridgepod /

Duration: 00:55:34

MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 12 - 'I Know What Alan Did Last Summer'

In the penultimate episode of the series, we ponder where giant Beefeater bears come from, sing some Bill Withers and discuss British Isles breakfasts. PLUS, we consider how famous Alan is, how convincing 'fake Bono' is, and play a game of Alan's House or Adam's House. Get in touch:, @thepartridgepod on Twitter, or - and please do subscribe and leave us a review.

Duration: 00:56:14

MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 11 - 'Never Say Alan Again' (S2 E4)

Stop getting Alan wrong! This week we answer the big questions: Does VHS + juice = ruined? What are the secrets behind Sonja's Bono notebook? Who honked first - Tex & Michael or Jeremy & Mark? Plus, we discuss Lynn's speed-grieving, THAT pay-rise, Nick squares up to Gordon (figuratively) and we play Partridge or Morrissey. Glang! Glangalangalangalangalangalang. Contact us: the / @thepartridge pod on Twitter /

Duration: 00:51:01

MONKEY TENNIS // Episode 9 - ‘The Colour Of Alan’ (S2E2)

We've got a podcast full of anthrax and we want to let off like mad in your ears. This week we get a bit tetchy whilst discussing the C-bomb, The Police vs Sting, Michael's attitudes to lovemaking, and revealing what ties Alan to Ulrika Jonsson. PLUS: Tom Dark's 'ghost story,' Cards Against Alanity, and some tales of being mugged/not appreciated in London. Get in touch with us: @ThePartridgePod on Twitter, or email us on

Duration: 00:53:25

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