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Friday Roundtable: Was Ta-Nahesi Coates right to call Donald Trump 'The First White President'?

Author and journalist, Ta-Nahesi Coates, wrote a piece in the Atlantic titled, "The First White President," where he argued President Trump's candidacy could endanger progress for Americans, especially Black Americans. Founder of BlackTableArts Keno Evol and professors Brian Lozenski and Charisse Burden-Stelly joined MPR News host Kerri Miller for the Friday Roundtable on Ta-Nahesi Coates and Black leadership.

Duration: 00:46:54

Does political experience matter?

After Oprah's moving Golden Globes speech social media was flooded with calls for her to run for president. She, like the current president, has no experience in public office, but is that necessary? Political science professors Samara Klar and Michael Fauntroy discussed the importance of experience in running for, and being successful in, public office.

Duration: 00:49:03

Are bioethicists keeping pace with rapid changes in gene editing?

Jeff Kahn, director of the Berman Institute of Bioethics, joined host Kerri Miller to discuss innovations in gene editing and the consequences that must be considered. This show was broadcasted out of WYPR in Balitmore.

Duration: 00:48:47

Political Junkie talks DACA and government shutdown

Ken Rudin of the podcast, Political Junkie, joined guest host Chris Farrell to talk politics.

Duration: 00:15:21

Does recognizing white privilege influence your politics?

How does someone's recognition of racial privilege influence their politics? MPR News host Kerri Miller talked to Ijeoma Oluo, the author of "So You Want to Talk About Race."

Duration: 00:34:29

After 200 years, why does "Frankenstein" still resonate?

If you think of "Frankenstein" as B-movie horror kitsch, you're missing so much. It's been 200 years since Mary Shelley (at age 20!) penned the novel that raised enduring questions about science, mortality and what really makes us "human." For this week's Friday Roundtable, MPR News host Kerri Miller and her guests dive into the time period that inspired Shelly's work and why it continues to feel relevant today Guests: - Jennifer Alexander is Director of Graduate Studies in the History of...

Duration: 00:51:16

Untangling Trump's immigration negotiations

Alexis Simendinger, White House correspondent for The Hill, joined the program.

Duration: 00:09:26

The science of good timing

They say "timing is everything." So how do you make sure your timing is setting you up for success? This is a conversation with Daniel Pink, author of, "When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing."

Duration: 00:39:19

Why politics are more divisive than race or class

Americans feel that the Democratic and Republican parites have more conflicts than people of different races and classes. That's according to a Pew Research poll. Suzanne Chod, a political science professor, spoke about why Americans might feel this way.

Duration: 00:26:41

What makes some people 'supernormal?'

Clinical psychologist and author of "The Defining Decade," Meg Jay, joined MPR News Host Kerri Miller for a discussion on her latest book, "Supernormal," which tells the story of ordinary Americans that have overcome adversities.

Duration: 00:47:52

How much will that hospital procedure cost you? It depends.

Julie Sonier, president of MN Community Measurement, and Dr. Renee Hsia, director of Health Policy Studies at UCSF, discussed a new report that found a big range in the lowest and highest prices charged for common surgery producers in Minnesota.

Duration: 00:48:04

Political junkie on a divided country

Ken Rudin joined Kerri Miller for their weekly chat. This time they discussed a Pew Research poll. Americans believe the divide between Republicans and Democrats is strong--stronger than the divide between Americans of different races and classes.

Duration: 00:22:18

Friday Roundtable: What makes good actors?

When you're watching your favorite show or film on Netflix, do you ever think to yourself, "Wow, this guy or this girl is an amazing actor?" What is it about our favorite on-screen performers that make them great actors? Director Lauren Keating and actors Ansa Akea and Sha Cage joined host Kerri Miller to discuss.

Duration: 00:48:56

In #MeToo movement, low-wage and blue collar workers say 'Don't forget about us'

When celebrities started speaking out against workplace sexual harassment, a group of Latina farmworkers wanted to make sure their voices were heard, too. We talked about why low-wage workers are vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation with journalist Susan Chira and lawyer Karla Altmayer.

Duration: 00:49:24

Hitting 'refresh' on your budget

Ruth Hayden, personal finance educator joined MPR News joined MPR News with Kerri Miller for consultation on money and finances.

Duration: 00:48:10

Political Junkie: Reading the tea leaves for 2018

Kerri Miller and Ken Rudin, the Political Junkie, look ahead to the mid-term election year of 2018 on the day that Sen. Al Franken leaves office.

Duration: 00:13:45

Minority-owned businesses are growing, but they're still struggling

Despite unique hurdles, minority-owned businesses are sprouting at record levels, nationwide. MPR News Contributor Chris Farrell hosted a roundtable on what's driving that growth.

Duration: 00:45:49

Does nixing the individual mandate kill the 'ACA?'

MPR News Contributor Chris Farrell, in for Kerri Miller, spoke with the Brookings Institution's Kavita Patel about the impact this repeal will have on health care coverage going forward.

Duration: 00:12:34

Political Junkie on the hints of bipartisanship in 2018

MPR's Chris Farrell talks with the Political Junkie, Ken Rudin, about the signing of the tax bill, the federal budget, and what to make of hints from Congress and the White House of bipartisanship in 2018.

Duration: 00:16:39

Space rocks

Dairy farmers might not compare themselves to asteroid hunters, but Carrie Nugent, a staff scientist at IPAC/Caltech writes about their similarities in her new book "Asteroid Hunters." She joins MPR News Producer Marcheta Fornoff about why it's important to have a team of scientists tracking asteroids and what we learn from their presence.

Duration: 00:33:01

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