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Episode 106 - Dana Gould in The Tragicall Historie Of Plan The IX, Part The One

Hearken back to Renaissance England, when Queen Elizabeth I ruled, and Sir Francis Drake circled the globe, and the great playwright and Immortal Bard Edward D. Wood Jr. dominated the stage. The Revival League is proud to present, in radio play form, a classic production of Ed Wood's, "The Tragicall Historie of Plan the IX," with Dana Gould; original theme song by Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo of Paul and Storm; Tim Blaney from, "Men In Black" and "Short Circuit," Frank Dietz from "Zombie...


Episode 105 - Mary Robinson

Greg and Ryan chat with MST3K writer Mary Robinson. Plus, Ron McAdams talks about getting the Mads to London with MST3K UK guru Emm Ledsam.


Episode 104 - Bridget Thuemmel

From her knitted Thanos Infinity Gauntlet glove to her Crow T. Robot poodle skirt, fabric artist Bridget Thuemmel has gained acclaim for her witty takes on geek franchises. Thuemmel was even recently featured alongside the stars of “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” in a article about the Women of MST3K. Thuemmel chats with Greg about her art and other creations. Meanwhile, podcast regulars Ron, James, Deana and Robb drop by the studio in person to discuss awards season and the...


Episode 103 - Frank Dietz

Frank Dietz is known in “Mystery Science Theater 3000” circles for his role as Detective Frank Sorrell in “Zombie Nightmare.” But chances are, if you saw and loved a Disney animated movie of the late ‘90s or early ‘00s, Dietz played a part as a talented animator: “Hercules,” “Mulan,” “Tarzan,” “Fantasia 2000,” “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.” Dietz also reminisces over working with Adam West (“Batman 66”, “Family Guy”). Ryan is out sick this week, so stand-up comic Robb Maynard joins Greg and...


Episode 102 - Mark Frazer

Mark Frazer of “Samurai Cop” drops by the podcast to talk about his new Kickstarter project, "Anti-Hero," and share anecdotes about his "Samurai Cop" co-stars Robert Z'Dar and Mathew Karedas, as well as writer/director Amir Shervan. Former stand-up comic Robb Maynard joins Ryan, Greg and Kate in the studio. In the Mini Soda Review, the podcast gang drinks a Mexican-made apple soda, Mundet Sidral. In “Music! Science! Cats!”, Kate explains how the noises of popping shrimp may help baleen...


Episode 101 - It's a Tell-Tale Valentine, Eddie Poe!

Good gravy! The Revival League Podcast proudly presents our newest original comedy radio play, “It's a Tell Tale Valentine, Eddie Poe!.” It's Middle America, 1973. And the Independence Broadcasting System is airing its Tenth Anniversary Special of the beloved classic, “It's a Tell Tale Valentine, Eddie Poe!" (With special behind-the-scenes commentary from Gothic horror cartoonist and Eddie Poe creator, Edgar Allen Poe). Everyone agrees that out of all the Eddie Poes out there, Eddie Poe is...


Episode One Hundred – Grant Baciocco & World Premiere of Jackey’s Hand of Horror!

It’s the Revival League’s 100th episode! If these episodes were Dalmatians, the podcast would be just one away from either starring in a Disney movie or running a puppy mill! Regardless, it’s the big One-Oh-Oh, so the podcast gang – Ryan, Greg, Ron, James, Erica, Erik, Robb, Natalie (and alas, no Kate) – gather to celebrate and reminisce. They start where they began, with a Mini Soda Review of Fentiman’s Dandelion and Burdock. Have their attitudes changed towards Fentiman’s, given all the...


Episode Ninety-nine - Conor Lastowka returns

On this episode of the Revival League Podcast, RiffTrax writer Conor Lastowka returns to talk about the RiffTrax Live U.K. event, the pain of recording the "Batman v. Superman" riff, and his brand new novel, "The Pole Vault Championship of the Entire Universe". Plus, Greg, Ryan and guest host Ron McAdams chat about the great B-movie revival stoked by critical darlings "The Shape of Water" and "The Disaster Artist". Meanwhile, Greg's down with the flu, and he's a little too comfortable in his...


Episode Ninety-eight - Justin Lieb

Among the production designers known for building sets and worlds for television comedies, Justin Lieb is a go-to professional. Her credits include “Funny or Die Presents”, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, “Garfunkle and Oates”, and Season 11 of “Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return.” Some of your favorite comedies may bear Justin’s unique stamp, and you didn’t even know it. The podcast gang sits down with Justin and discuss her career. In the final-two countdown to our 100th...


Episode Ninety-seven - Rob Cohen, Part II

In the final three countdown to our 100th episode, Greg and Kate shoot the breeze while Ryan steps away to hang out with family (Whatever: so selfish of him). Greg interviews veteran Hollywood director Rob Cohen, who co-directed Season 11 of “Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return” with show creator Joel Hodgson. The podcast gang discusses the final days of their podcasting intensive in Orlando, Florida, as well as the glorious “Ren and Stimpy”-esque anarchic subversion that are the new...


Episode Ninety-six - Rob Cohen, Part 1

Ryan, Ron and Greg chat things up in the first official Revival League Podcast of 2018! The guest interview is with veteran Hollywood director Rob Cohen, who co-directed Season 11 of “Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return” with show creator Joel Hodgson. The podcast gang discusses their podcasting intensive in frigid, thirty-degree “bomb cyclone” Orlando, Florida; the peculiarities of the Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents, Rifftrax’s upcoming London show, as well as a much delayed...


Episode Ninety-five - The Junkmouth:Revival League New Year's Eve Bubbly Drink Special

It's a New Year's Eve special as Junk Mouth host Erik Koski joins Kate, Greg and Ryan, along with special guests Robb Maynard, Natalie Ryan and Ron McAdams, to sample some choice New Year's Eve beverages. Will Erik hit a home run with his beverage selections? Will the gang ring in the new year with style? Will Ryan actually be cheerful? Well, no, not that last one. But still, it's a fun time! All this and no discussion of porgs, on this episode of the Revival League Podcast!


Episode Ninety-four - The second annual Red Yuletidening Kringlethon Holiday Spectacular

It’s our Boxing Day special, a day late because Ryan lost track of time! On this episode of the podcast, Greg, Kate and Ryan welcome guests Natalie Ryan, Ron McAdams and Pam Brisjar. The gang discusses Christmas plans and Erik hands out samples of Ikea’s proprietary soda. It’s just as good you’d expect a furniture manufacturer’s soda to be. Then the gang chats about the making of the Revival League’s Christmas special, “Soylent Scrooge; or, Christmas is Made of People.” All this and a dozen...


Episode Ninety-three - Soylent Scrooge; or, Christmas is Made of People

The Revival League Podcast proudly presents our original black comedy radio play, “Soylent Scrooge; Or, Christmas Is Made Of People.” England, 1893. The height of the Industrial Revolution. London is prosperous and well-fed. And yet, something sinister is afoot at the Soylent Scrooge Canning Manufactory, famous for feeding all of Great Britain its wildly popular brands of holiday slurry. So when Christmas Eve production grinds to a halt after captain of industry Jacob Marley falls into the...


Episode Ninety-two - Sean Thomason

On this episode of the Revival League Podcast, Kate once again ropes in special guests Ron McAdams and the ghost of James Rohling to fill in while Greg and Ryan are locked away completing the Christmas special. Kate, Ron and Ghost James chat about upcoming movies and whether Tommy Wiseau is an alien, and Kate decides that James just can't live up to Ryan's rage quotient. And in a previously recorded interview, Ryan and Kate chat with RiffTrax writer Sean Thomason about his love for MST3K,...


Episode Ninety-one - Tammy Golden

With Greg and Ryan locked in a basement completing the Christmas special, Kate has recruited Ron McAdams and the late James Rohling to sit in for this week's podcast. Kate, Ron and James's ghost chat about "Thor: Ragnarok", Turkey Day at the Dino Hotel, and the Revival League's forthcoming Christmas radio play, "Soylent Scrooge". And in a previously recorded interview, Greg and Kate talk to MST3K writer Tammy Golden about the show, meeting Joel, and how Patton Oswald helped her land her...


Episode Ninety - MST3K Trivia Play Along Quiz Show + Jay Wolf Schlossberg Cohen

Think you know your obscure Mystery Science Theater 3000 trivia? Then come on down! Quiz show emcees Kate Page and Ron McAdams usurp the podcast and turn Greg and Ryan into their Vanna Whites, all while four teams from the studio audience compete to win gold, silver and bronze Tom Servo trophies! And you can play along at home, too! Three rounds, with the questions answered at the end of each round. Plus, the podcast gang finally interviews Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen, all around Renaissance...


Episode Eighty-nine - Samurai Cop's Matthew Karedas, Eegah's Arch Hall Jr.

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s time for the annual Revival League Podcast Feast, this year featuring back-to-back interviews with “Samurai Cop's” Mathew J Karedas and “Eegah's” Arch Hall, Jr! The podcast gang breaks bread and eats an uneasy, dysfunctional family meal together. Erica won’t quit throwing food. James can’t stop crying. Greg gets drunk and verbally abuses everyone. Ryan unleashes a string of profanities and jealously guards the mashed potatoes and gravy, and threatens to hurt anyone...


Episode Eighty-eight - Frank Conniff, Trace Beaulieu and Carolina Hidalgo

Comedians Frank Conniff, Trace Beaulieu and Carolina Hidalgo drop by the studio and talk turkey with the podcast gang, and rage on Ryan for disliking pumpkin pie. Yes, it's Holiday Movies With The Mads! Along with the figgy pudding and pecan pie and that damned fruitcake, there are holiday movies out there are simply tradition. The Mads grab a fork and dig into Gremlins, Die Hard, A Christmas Story, Jingle All The Way, Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas, and Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas...


Episode Eighty-seven - The Making of "War of the Worlds"

Ever wanted to know what goes into making a radio play? No? Too bad! On this episode of the Revival League Podcast, Greg, Ryan and special guest Erik Koski chat about the making of the Revival League's Halloween special, "War of the Worlds." Greg, Ryan and Erik talk about the writing, direction and production of the podcast's most ambitious episode yet, with side trips to chat about the Orson Welles radio play, the George Pal movie version, and the enduring themes of the H.G. Wells novel....


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