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Two software engineers casually chat about this week's news in technology. We assume you can code. Marty is a computer science lecturer at Stanford and Victoria is a software engineer at Google.




Episode 23: Quickies, Google v Oracle, Zuck hacked, Dungeon Masters

In this episode Marty and Victoria quickly discuss several tech stories (Verizon may buy Yahoo; Nest CEO leaves; Blackberry struggling; SnapChat acquires Seene; Facebook shutting down web chat; E-League premiere). Then we do a deep dive on the conclusion of Oracle v Google, Mark Zuckerberg getting hacked, a PowerPuff Girls coding exercise. Lastly we discuss a blog article about the danger of "Dungeon Masters" on coding projects. Verizon may buy Yahoo, AOL:...

Duration: 01:16:28

Episode 20: AlphaGo vs Lee Sudol, SxSW, WebAssembly, Giphy

In this episode, Marty and Victoria talk about the Go game matches between champion human player Lee Sudol and Google's AlphaGo computer algorithm; the South by Southwest (SxSW) tech/entertainment convention; the new WebAssembly feature coming to web browsers; and talk about the Giphy web site and the animated GIF image format in general. We also take a user question and update everyone on our lives this week. Enjoy! AlphaGo vs Lee Sudol: *...

Duration: 01:16:47

Episode 7: Grace Hopper Celebration 2015

Marty listens as Victoria and special guest Cynthia share their experiences at Grace Hopper Celebration 2015, a three day conference celebrating women in technology. Cynthia is a computer science lecturer at Stanford alongside Marty - we hope she'll be a regular guest on the show! Head to our blog to find the links mentioned on the podcast:

Episode 4: A News Roundup

Marty and Victoria talk about their respective weeks in tech, Marty gives an update on the newest edition of the Java book, and Marty and Victoria give quick round up of tech news.