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MYOB Show is here to help you live the dream! On the radio & online. We are the one stop shop for those who are self employed or freelance in the arts, media and creative industries. With useful tips, discussions and information to help folk adjust to life after the 9-5. I know 1st hand that it can be hard to keep up with the outside world when working round the clock on your own project. MYOB Show is designed to give you all you need to keep your life (and chat) interesting and fun.




MYOB Show - Six Reasons Your Business Needs a Web Video

The 6 Reasons You Need Web Videos on Your Website. Find out what a web video can do for you, call us on 07790281012.

Duration: 00:19:13

MYOB Show - Six Reasons Your Business Needs a Web Video

The 6 Reasons You Need Web Videos on Your Website

Duration: 00:19:13

MYOB Show - App Store Prices, Nextflix Changes & YouTube Success!

How will App store price rises Netflix changes effect you? Plus we find out how to make money out of YouTube! The MYOB Show offers you the weeks Tech Online news to give you what you need to succeed in the digita age.

Duration: 00:09:36

MYOB Show - Google News out of Spain Facebook Dislike Button and Online Fai

The MYOB Show offers you the weeks Tech Online news to give you what you need to succeed in the digita age

Duration: 00:07:34

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Duration: 00:00:02

MYOB Show - Vlogger rules, Flickr income & iPhone changes

On The MYOB Show this week we find out the weeks top tech, online and content creation news!

Duration: 00:05:57

MYOB Show - 21.11.14

The weeks tech, digital and content creation news - all you need to succeed in the digital age

Duration: 00:10:12

Want a Successful Creative Career? - The MYOB Show - Nov 04,2013

On The MYOB Show this week we discover our top 10 tips for successfully breaking into the TV, entertainment and media industries.A creative career is as hard to get into today as ever these days so today's show is a must listen for all media students, drama and film students plus all other new comers to the business.Who's on the show?Presenter: Dom O'Neill – MA and BA (Hon) Radio and media graduate with an 10 years experience working freelance in the UK broadcast industry is joined...

Duration: 00:14:17

Keeping Safe On Location - The MYOB Show - Oct 28,2013

On The MYOB Show today we discover how to keep safe when you are working on location. If you are freelance, self employed or your own boss, your health and safety are paramount to your success! No matter if you're on location, filming, taking photos, recce-ing locations, researching, auditioning or traveling around for business the most important consideration when planning any trip away is keeping safety. There are really simple things you can do to make sure you and the people you are...

Duration: 00:12:34

How to create an Online TV Show - The MYOB Show - Oct 21,2013

Love to perform? Want to break into TV? Not sure how to make it a reality? Why not create and online TV show? You never know who might be watching. Want producers, agents and commissioners to pick up your idea? Then you need to make your idea a reality! In the digital age, if you have a great idea, a love for what you do and access to decent kit, you too can create your own online series. Who's on the show? Guest: Kevin Devine Long time TV and radio presenter Kevin is launching an exciting...

Duration: 00:12:49

Could you do Auto Cue? - The MYOB Show - Oct 14,2013

On The MYOB Show today we find out what you need to succeed when you choose a career as a television and live event TelePrompTer.Want a change or career?Fancy working in the TV industry? But not sure what department you want to work in?A career in TeleProming (AutoCue) could well be the answer you are looking for.Who's On The Show?Guest: Nicki NightingaleNick has been prompting for 21years in corporate events, conferences and broadcast TV. Nicki worked exclusively on Live Events and Live...

Duration: 00:14:16

How to Self Publish an eBook - The MYOB Show - Oct 07,2013

On The MYOB Show today we discover how to succeed in the world of online self ePublishing. Have you have ever dreamt of becoming a writer? Penning your first novel has never been easier, cheaper and more accessible to do, thanks to the online digital revolution. With help from our expert guest we find out how to create your own eBook, how to market it and we discover what issues you should plan to avoid. Who's on the show? Guest: Lee Bullen Joining us via Skype is Lee Bullen an author and...

Duration: 00:14:22

Want a Career as an escape artist? - The MYOB Show - Sep 30,2013

On The MYOB Show today we look into a very interesting, dangerous and niche career path, that of the escape artist. If you think your job is stressful think again! Your not hanging upside down in a strait jacket while handcuffed with only 3 minutes to escape! (Or I assume that's not how you spend you day). That could be one of many extreme conditions that you'll find yourself in if you are an escape artist. Want to discover more about this exciting career choice in the extreme end of...

Duration: 00:13:31

What to In between Jobs - The MYOB Show - Sep 24,2013

On The MYOB Show today we discover what to do in between jobs. It may sound strange to some but if you work freelance, self employed or as your own boss you will no doubt have to deal with dreaded gaps in work. Who's on the show? Guest: Victoria Watson is an award winning author, who set up Elementary V Watson - a proofreading and copywriting business. Victoria helps writers, students and businesses in the UK, US and Australia with copywriting issues plus finds the time to conducts...

Duration: 00:14:55

Business Trip Staycation - The MYOB Show - Sep 16,2013

Today on The MYOB Show we discover how to have a weekend away using OPM... other people's money! What is a business trip staycation? If you're on the road traveling for business why not assign a couple of days at the end of the trip to stay over end explore the place you've been doing business in? Business trip staycations are a great fun, efficient and financially a sensible way to see the world. As you are already on the road - the business is paying for hotels, car hire and food - a...

Duration: 00:12:33

How to Succeed as a Freelancer - The MYOB Show - Sep 09,2013

On The MYOB Show today we discover the top mistakes made by newcomers to the arts, media and creative industries - plus we tell you how to avoid them! Everyone from the top pop star to the award winning photographer needed to start somewhere and no doubt they made a couple of errors along the way. Who's on the show? Presenter: Dom O'Neill – MA and BA (Hon) Radio and media graduate with an 10 years experience working freelance in the UK broadcast industry. Producer: Alistair Goodier - Radio...

Duration: 00:14:54

Can I Have a Career in magic? - The MYOB Show - Sep 02,2013

The magic industry is one of the oldest and most secretive creative industries in the world. On The MYOB Show we look through the smoke and mirrors to find out how to succeed with a career in magic. Who's on the show? Guest: Graham Colvin - A man who knows his tech and has a deep understanding of how to put on a live stage show. Graham is from a family with a long history in the magic industry. Presenter: Dom O'Neill – A freelancer with over 10 years experience working in the broadcast...

Duration: 00:13:59

Save Time and Money on Business Travel - The MYOB Show - Aug 30,2013

Today's MYOB Travel show is turning the travel show genre on it's head as we discover the best ways to reduce business travel. We love to travel here at The MYOB Show! However the financial and environmental cost of travel (especially unnecessary travel) is becoming more expensive with each hike it ticket and fule price! On today's show we discover how to save time and money by reducing unnecessary travel. Who's on the show? Guest Jennifer Atkinson Dip PR, MCIPR – Directing communication...

Duration: 00:14:47

How to Cancel a Freelance Job? - The MYOB Show - Aug 26,2013

On today's MYOB Show to delve into a very touchy subject. One that effects us all at some point but is rarely talked about. What's the subject? How to cancel on a job? What we'll find out? Experienced freelancer (10 years experience in the UK broadcast media industry) Dom O'Neill discuss how to legitimately get out of a contract without causing offence. How to limit stress on all involved. Plus how to not loose face in front of those you may want to do business with again in the future. Why...

Duration: 00:18:09

Should I be on Twitter? - The MYOB Show - Aug 23,2013

On The MYOB Show today we look into why you should be promoting your freelance services or creative projects on Twitter. With over 500 million users, over 9 thousand tweets a second and over 1 billion tweets a week! Twitter is an increasingly important and popular way to get you message out. Twitter is free, popular and easy to use so there is nothing to stop you giving it a go! Find out why you should take some time to learn how Twitter can help you, your creative projects and your...

Duration: 00:19:29

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