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Do you want to get caught up with Game of Thrones but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck! Jaime the Tattoo Guy explains all seven seasons of GoT in 5 minutes with ZERO spoilers. Then later, Michael shows how little his mic skills have improved by playing a tape of him announcing a baseball game at 10 years old. Also, the show welcomes this weeks’ guest co-host, SuzAnne DeCarma. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:50:10


Sara is back from the UK and spills the details about her internship with the BBC. Also, Michael recaps Mike’s Tikes 2017 with this years’ Mike’s Tike. Then later, the show attempts to guess what unique purchase Eric made on Ebay. The game is appropriately called, “What Did Eric Buy on Ebay?” Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:45:33

mzReplay: 4.12.16 ft. Marina Sirtis

Original air date: April 12, 2016 It’s Michael’s birthday! He’s celebrating the start of a new decade with fellow Aries, Marina Sirtis! Star Trek’s Counselor Troi talks life after Trek, conventions, and even The Walking Dead! So set your phasers to stu–never mind…just listen to it. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:47:32


Jaime the Tattoo Guy entrusts Michael to create a commercial for him. Check out the “finished” project. Plus, the show prepares for this years’ Mike’s Tikes 2017. Then later, the show finds out how many classic movies Michael has NOT seen. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:55:28


The show breaks down the news from this years’ San Diego Comic Con. Then later, Eric has an announcement for the ladies in a brand new “Gay Rant with Eric Star!” Plus, Michael is still obsessed with the Kermit the Frog and Steve Whitmire drama. Did the recent Muppet events inspire a new character for the show? Find out! Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:57:20


The show plays a round of “Who Said It: Donald Trump or Mr. Burns?” Also, Michael give his thoughts on War for the Planet of the Apes and Steve Whitmire being fired from the Muppets. Then later, the show plays a sample of Krazy’s upcoming single, “Ham.” Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 01:01:04

7.11.17 ft. Krazy from the 504 Boyz

Krazy from the 504 Boyz is in studio. The ‘Wobble Wobble‘ rapper is talking about his new single, Tupac, and even Rob and Chyna! Then later, the show congratulates Eric Star on some surprising news. Also, Michael takes the first steps to turning his house into the star ship Enterprise. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:55:28

7.4.17 ft. Gerrard Lobo

Orange is the New Black star, Gerrard Lobo calls the show. Gerrard, who plays Adarsh on the newest season of the hit Netflix show, also helps out Eric Star with a little acting advice. Also, Drew reviews the summer’s newest flicks, The House and Baby Driver. Then later, Michael reveals something he finally came to terms with. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:54:38

mzReplay: 9.27.16 ft. Lavell Crawford

Original air date: September 27, 2016 Comedian, Lavell Crawford calls the show. He’s talking about his 120 pound weight loss, Legends of Chamberlain Heights, and even Kevin Hart. Also, Bobby tests his “superior” tasting ability by playing Bean Boozled. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:55:58

MZNOW Rewind – 6.20.17

Bobby Hickey hosts MZNOW Rewind. We’re celebrating Father’s Day by playing one of our favorite Father’s Day moments! Chris Sapphire is out on the streets asking strangers to reveal the secrets they’ve kept from their dads. You’ll never believe what secrets he uncovers. Then later, Michael becomes a man by changing his first flat tire. Plus, Lady G shares some summer party savings tips and the show plays a game called, “Have You Heard It?” Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:27:54


It’s Eric Star and Bobby Hickey’s birthday! Del Pullen and Gene from New York join in on the celebration. Plus, Sara is live from London to talk about her first week as an intern at the BBC. Then later, Bobby talks about an interesting item he discovered while out on the road. Also, Michael talks about the passing of one of his childhood favorites, Adam West. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:55:31


Jaime the Tattoo Guy clears up all the recent chaos in the news with a brand new edition of the Situation Room. Plus, Sara has temporally relocated to London to intern for the BBC. She calls in to talk about her dogs recent medical dilemma. Then later, Michael and Eric review Wonder Woman. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:53:44


How well do you know your 90’s movies? Find out with Eric Star’s newest Clip Game! Also, it’s that time of year again. Michael reveals which shows on his DVR are “graduating” to next season. Plus, what has happened to Linkin Park? The show talks about how their newest album, One More Light, is a complete 180 from the music they are known for. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:52:00


It’s the return of Lady G! Alexis is back talking about her disastrous mother’s day, Firestick thievery, and Shameless! Plus, Eric and Sara run into attendees from a “bear” convention and Michael joins the fidget spinner club. Then, find out what the show thought about Alien: Covenant and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:54:29

MZNOW Rewind – 5.16.17

Bobby Hickey and Eric Star host MZNOW Rewind. They’re playing some of their favorite moments from the past few months. What would the State Fair of Texas look like with a transgendered Big Tex? Find out when the show reveals, Miss Tex! Also, Alexis creates her very own virtual assistant and Michael gets life advice from his great grandmother. Then, revisit one of Bobby’s least favorite moment from mzLive. That’s right, it’s “Bobby’s Mother’s Day!” Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:29:44


Da Truth rappers, Young Slim and GBreeze, are on the show promoting their new single, “How Do It Taste.” Plus, Gene calls the show and is very upset about last weeks’ imposter. Then later, Bobby tries to help Michael be more manly by giving him some tips. Or as some call it, Man Tips. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:47:26

5.2.17 ft. Christie Abbott

Christie Abbott, who played Sam on Wishbone, is on the show! Also, Eric has a bone to pick with Bobby. As it turns out, he’s not the only one. Then later, the show plays a round of “Family Shade!” Based off the Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why, how would you handle these Hannah moments? Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:50:23


Michael relives his highly successful birthday brunch. Then later, we sum up all of the craziness in recent news with a new feature we’re calling, The Situation Room with Jaime the Tattoo Guy! Also, find out which show member had to be driven home after only 3 drinks at the bar. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:51:55


Drew Bell comes out of retirement to review a very important cinematic film. That’s right! Drew reviews the new Zach Braff movie, Going in Style. Also, Eric Star accuses the Power Rangers movie of ripping off the Stranger Things theme song in a brand new Gay Rant. Then later, there is trouble in paradise! Bobby Hickey’s weekend get-a-away is ruined by a few unwelcome neighbors. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:51:08

4.11.17 ft. Khary Payton

Khary Payton, who plays King Ezekiel on The Walking Dead, is on the show! Also, Sara pulls the “World’s Greatest” April Fool’s Day prank on her mom. Plus, Eric and Chris have a road trip meltdown. Then later, Michael licks a Nintendo Switch game cartridge to prove it’s covered in a bittering agent. Get more show at MZNOW

Duration: 00:47:55

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