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Maastricht Law Talk, named after the beautiful city of Maastricht which is famous for its '92 Treaty on European Union, offers talks about comparative law in a European context, such as legal history and the foundations of the respective national legal systems.




#7 Access to Justice

It might seem so obvious: If someone misbehaves, e.g. by damaging your property, you may start proceedings or seek any other remedy available. All legal systems allow such recourse. But why? Listen to this 7th episode of Maastricht Law Talk to find out! This month's guest is Maurits Barendrecht. He is research director at HiiL and a Professor of Private Law at Tilburg University. After finishing his law degree at Leiden University he started working at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, one of...

Duration: 00:36:22

#6 Tort Law

There are 7.35 billion people on this planet. We all have to live together and arrange our lives in a way that others can live theirs. But what if something goes wrong? Your friend borrows your phone and it happens: It falls to the ground. Who must compensate your damage? In our sixth episode we dig deeper into the private law. Tort law jumps in where contract law can not help: When you suffer a wrong but the wrongdoer is someone you do not have any legal relationship with. Gijs van Dijck...

Duration: 01:17:21

#5 United States Law

European lawyers tend to have a hard time with United States Law at first. Too different are "both" systems, it seems. But is the Anglo-American legal order really that different? The fifth main episode of Maastricht Law Talk leaves the European continent for a while: It covers the United States legal system. From a federal judge being able to block the president's executive orders to the harmonisation process of law. Larry Catá Backer is Professor of Law and International Affairs at Penn...

Duration: 03:12:52

#4 Contract Law

Did you get a coffee this morning or maybe a sandwich for lunch? Whether or not you were aware of it: You have concluded a contract. Thus: Let's talk about contract law! This fourth main episode of Maastricht Law Talk covers the law of contract. Contracts are everywhere: We rent apartments, subscribe to Netflix, and pay the electricity supplier. We also buy coffees, sausage rolls, and drinks. My guest today is Jan Smits, Full Professor of European Private Law at Maastricht University (UM)....

Duration: 02:05:12

#BREXIT It is not easy

This week's episode is all about the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. With me for a second time is Aalt Willem Heringa - an expert in his field. If you haven't listened to our episode on constitutions yet, you might want to do that first. Aalt Willem is Full Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at Maastricht University and recently started a research blog platform called Law Blogs Maastricht. We talk about: the court rulings on Brexit, the concept of sovereignty, a...

Duration: 00:44:23

#FACT Scots despise English Law

Hi, it's Benedikt again and we are working hard to bring you a new full-feature episode soon. In the meantime however, Bram Akkermans has a fun fact for you: Why English and Scottish lawyers aren't the best colleagues.

Duration: 00:01:28

#XMS The Law to Gift

It's holiday season! Whatever you celebrate, very often this includes giving presents. For most, gifting is as normal as buying tomatoes in the grocery store. The law however has quite a hard time dealing with it. My guest for this special Christmas episode is William Bull, Lecturer at Maastricht University. William wrote his PhD on "Optional instruments of the European Union; A Definitional, Normative and Explanatory Study" and studied English and Italian law at the University College...

Duration: 00:42:42

#3 Constitutions

#3 Constitutions

Duration: 06:17:53