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The "Mad About You" recap podcast about New York in the 90s, weird tv, and occasionally, "Mad About You."

The "Mad About You" recap podcast about New York in the 90s, weird tv, and occasionally, "Mad About You."
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The "Mad About You" recap podcast about New York in the 90s, weird tv, and occasionally, "Mad About You."






MAMAY Episode 36 - "The Late Show"

More guests?? MORE GUESTS! Russ and Jon are joined by the wonderful Haley Hepworth and DC Pierson, talking all about Mad About You's fourteenth episode of Season Two ("The Late Show") and GOSH is it a good time! Someone on Mad About You may be pregnant! No one on Mad About Mad About You is! They also talk a whole lot about the failed tv shows of the Salinger family, the Great Menu Wars of 1994, and the finest songs about NAFTA this side of Ross Perot. You're gonna love it! We promise!

Duration: 01:52:02

MAMAY Minisode - The Mad About You Soundtrack

Welcome to our first mini-maxi-episode! Russ and Jon take a week away from the series to do a deep dive into the original Mad About You soundtrack album! Featuring songs by Lyle Lovett, Sarah McLachlin, and Hootie and the Blowfish, Russ and Jon have a good time trying on their music critic hats. Jon likes some things! Russ doesn't like other things! Will their friendship end? You've got to listen to find out!

Duration: 01:09:27

MAMAY Episode 35 - "Same Time Next Week"

PODCAST SWEEPS CONTINUE! Mad About Mad About You welcomes the hilarious Kelly Hudson and Dan Klein, just in time to discuss the twelfth episode of Mad About You's second season ("Same Time Next Week")! Can Paul and Jamie fit eight Sundays into a one-hundred minute podcast? Listen and find out! This week's foursome also talks about the naming of Mount Rushmore, sordid stories of horsey rides, and the delights and perils of long-distance dating. It just can't be beat! Give a listen!

Duration: 01:40:46

MAMAY Episode 34 - "Paul Is Dead"

Nancys and Tonyas alike: rejoice! This week's Mad About Mad About You is a real fun mish-mash of laughs! Russ and Jon are joined by fabulous guests, Viviana Olen and Matt Harkins of the Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan 1994 Museum! Together, they cover Episode 11 of Season Two of Mad About You ("Paul Is Dead"). They also talk a whole lot about the Tonya-Nancy incident, as well as touching on a very special wedding at the Plaza and an even more special evening with Bette Midler. Listen up and...

Duration: 01:40:19


Welcome, Dies-guys and Dies-ghouls! It's time for a SpOoOoOoKy episode of Mad About Mad About BOO! Jon doesn't appear! Is he dead?!?! No! Not at all. Unless you think it's scarier that way! This week, as a super-sized mini-sode, Russ talks with resident MAMAY dramaturg, Jennifer Leeson! Russ and Jen dig up the dirt on a 1993 episode of TALES FROM THE CRYPT, titled "Two For The Show". Is it more terrifying than horrifying or more horrifying than terrifying?! ONLY YOU CAN JUDGE! One thing's...

Duration: 01:02:01

MAMAY Episode 33 - "Edna Returns"

Come see what all the chuffa's about on this week's Mad About Mad About You! Jon and Russ bebop their way through Episode Eleven of Mad About You, Season Two, OFFICIALLY titled "Edna Returns". Can Jamie and Lisa's relationship survive a revealing book written by Lisa's therapist? You'll have to listen to find out! (Or read this sentence: yes, it can.) Also, they chat about the finer points of "The Mommies", the smoother points of scat, and the truly special story of a couple who traveled...

Duration: 01:42:14

MAMAY Episode 32 - "It's A Wrap!"

CUT! Beautiful! Print it! This week's Mad About Mad About You covers Episode Ten of Mad About You's second season titled "It's A Wrap!" Larry Miller's bitten off more than he can chew, and Paul wants to make him spit it out! Paul Buchman would hate all this chewing language! Jon and Russ also uncover the truth on Dorf, adrenaline junkies of yesteryear, and how to make the perfect shandy. So pull yourself up a pumpkin and enjoy! Aaaaaaand...CUE THE LAUGHTER MONTAGE!

Duration: 01:36:28

MAMAY Episode 31 - "A Pair of Hearts"

This week Russ and Jon get very silly as they discuss Season Two, Episode Nine of Mad About You, titled "A Pair of Hearts". Those crazy Buchmans go to Atlantic City! Do they order room service? You'll have to listen to find out! They also discuss movie horses vs. non-movie horses, the fire safety of subway cars, and the value of idioms. Roll the dice! Take a chance! Give a listen and tell a friend!

Duration: 01:26:10

MAMAY Episode 30 - "Surprise"

SHHHHH!! Keep your voices down! We've got a podcast and we don't want to spoil it! Jon and Russ look at the Mad About You's eighth episode of Season Two, titled "Surprise!" Not only do they cover Jamie's 30th birthday, but they also reveal the trick to buying counterfeit tickets, the differences between 14th Street and Union Square, and, most importantly, the true story of Japan's most musical distance-running team. Lots of stories and lots of laughs are packed into this one! Don't miss it!

Duration: 01:30:46

MAMAY Episode 29 - "Natural History"

Is it your fate to listen to this week's episode? Or is it just luck that you've stumbled upon it? Regardless, Reis-guys and Reis-gals, kindly enjoy this week's Mad About Mad About You! Russ and Jon get philosophical (kinda) when discussing Season Two, Episode Seven, "Natural History". They also ponder the existence of baseball bandwagons, mid-marathon weddings, and, of course, Calvinism. Whatever you do, don't miss it!

Duration: 01:42:57

MAMAY Episode 28 - "The Unplanned Child"

Reis-dies and Reis-ghouls, welcome! It's Halloween on Mad About You, which means it's also Halloween on Mad About Mad About You! Russ and Jon bring you the scoop on Season Two, Episode Six ("The Unplanned Child"). It's spooky, if you're terrified of children being left at your doorstep! Also, they dive deep on Homer's soul donut, the mayoral election comes to a close, and the differences between the skeletons of seahorses, monkeys, and humans are pondered. Listen up! If you daaaaaare....

Duration: 01:46:27

MAMAY Minisode - Jon is On the Road (feat. Brett Aresco)

Ohhhhhh, folks! No new episode this week, but you sure are in luck! Jon recently spent a week and a half on the road with friend, Reis-guy, and Popsicle Sweepstakes Winner Brett Aresco! Brett spent some time interviewing Jon about both Mad About You and Mad About Mad About You. It's wholly delightful; we're sure you'll agree. So enjoy this, and we'll be back with a regular episode next week!

Duration: 00:50:50

MAMAY Episode 27 - "So I Married A Hair Murderer"

Our bleakest, laughingest episode yet! Jon and Russ giggle their way through "So I Married A Hair Murderer", Season Two Episode Five of Mad About You! They also talk about terrible portmanteaus, John Barrymore's skinny house, Beavis and Butthead, and a new feud with Paul Reiser! You simply can't miss it! So don't!

Duration: 01:37:19

MAMAY Episode 26 - "Married to the Job"

Time to make the donuts! Russ and Jon are back once more, discussing Season Two Episode Four of Mad About You, "Married To The Job". What else do they talk about? So glad you asked! The grisly nature of Fire Marshall Bill's disposition, the American Black Cowboy Association, and the finer points of French pronunciation. Hornets and Pelicans alike: listen and enjoy!

Duration: 01:51:19

MAMAY Episode 25 - "Bedfellows"

Put on your passive aggressive hats, Reis-guys and Reis-gals! Russ and Jon finally made time in their busy schedules to watch "Bedfellows", the third episode of Mad About You's second season. Very nice of them. They finally meet Paul's mom! It really messes with their minds! They also talk too much about the finer points of Herman's Head, the hierarchy of Calvin Klein, and the classy practice of gerbiling. If you'd listen, that would be nice. But if you can't, that's okay, too. You're very...

Duration: 01:51:24

MAMAY Episode 24 - "Bing, Bang, Boom"

Time to get frisky, Reis-guys and Reis-gals! Russ and Jon are back once more, breaking down Season Two, Episode Two ("Bing, Bang, Boom") of MAD ABOUT YOU! They also discuss the surprising violence of DUNKIRK, Carmen Sandiego, and the Hardest Working Horse In Show Business. Will Russ and Jon get it on during this episode? You'll just have to listen to find out! Laugh with us!

Duration: 01:39:46

MAMAY Episode 23 - "Murray's Tale"

Season Two for me and you! We hope you had a terrific summer vacation, because Jon and Russ are here to tell you every single furry thing that happened in Season Two, Episode One ("Murray's Tale")! Also, they crack into the explosive tendencies of the 1993 New York Mets, the amateur film career of a co-star of "The Sinbad Show", and the birth of visional gags! Listen, subscribe, rate, and review, please? Thanks so much! But, mostly, enjoy!

Duration: 01:37:17

MAMAY Episode 22 - "Happy Anniversary"

So long, Season One! Jon and Russ kiss Mad About You's first season goodbye with a recap of Episode 22 ("Happy Anniversary")! What else do they talk about? GLAD YOU ASKED. They touch on suburban legends, Matthew Perry's early work, and the continuing saga of the Subway Hero! What a great time. Check it out right now! Then, subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes! What a great game plan!

Duration: 01:35:24

MAMAY Minisode - Paul Reiser post-show convo (feat. Gary Berard)

Oh, sweet, sweet Reis-guys and Reis-gals. The final frontier of Season One will have to wait a week. Instead, here's a treat: a post-show discussion between Russ and Reis-guy/Friend Of The Show Gary Berard, recorded in a car immediately following Paul Reiser's stand-up show! We've been excited about releasing this one for a while now. Hope you enjoy it- we'll be back with a regular episode next week!

Duration: 00:44:24

MAMAY Episode 21 - "The Painter"

Make sure you listen to this episode three hours earlier than you usually would, because this week's Mad About Mad About You is suuuuuuper-LA! Jon and Russ hang ten on Season One, Episode 21 of Mad About You ("The Painter"). Your totally tubular hosts also discuss Paul Lynde's anti-Semitism, the tyrannical reign of the 718 area code, and Slider from Top Gun! It's a fun episode covering a very special Mad About You. Don't you dare miss it! Cowabunga, dudes!

Duration: 01:38:12

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