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Hosted by Barstool editor Kevin “KFC” Clancy, Mailtime features KFC and occasional guests discussing TV, sports, and life along with everything else the average 9-to-5 guy working in an office cares about. Focused on the broader podcast listening audience, KFC brings the trademark irreverent Barstool attitude to each new episode released each Wednesday. Mailtime is an oasis for working stiffs to escape the monotony of their work weeks and absolutely the “laziest hour of your day."




Dave Chappelle: Sometimes Ya Gotta Race

Featuring clips and audio segments from his stand-ups, his TV show, and interviews, Sometimes Ya Gotta Race chronicles Dave Chappelle's life and career from his meteoric rise through his strange disappearance from Hollywood.

Duration: 00:35:03

The Garden Is Burning: Fire James Dolan

How James Dolan, the worst owner in all of sports, perhaps the worst human on earth, ruined the once-proud New York Knicks. From Isiah Thomas to Charles Oakley, this is how James Dolan has burned The Garden to the ground.

Duration: 00:27:58

Jeahrial: The Ryan Lochte Story

A corrupt police force. A braindead swimmer. A stupid catchphrase. A gas station with piss on the floor. Somehow all of these elements have conspired to create a legitimate international incident and one of the biggest news stories of the past month. But what truly happened in Rio, Brazil the past week with Olympian Ryan Lochte? We decided to investigate. From KFC Radio and Barstool Sports, this is Jeahrial.

Duration: 00:14:45

Kissing The Mirror: The Enigma of A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez. Fascinating. Controversial. Talented. Insecure. Best ever. You can use many adjectives to describe the man who served as the preeminent lightning rod for baseball, America's past time, the past 20 years. As his career comes to a close this Friday, we look back on and try to make sense of the man who changed baseball forever.

Duration: 01:02:29

KFCRadio: Sad John, Drunk John

Feitelberg tells a story so sad it literally makes Asa Akira cry in the studio. Then KFC reads emails that Feits sent himself while he got drunk alone. Also we cast the Hitler Movie, we debut #AsaThinks, how many people has Donald Trump had sex with? Who would kidnap Glenny Balls? Is the judicial system flawed? Hatchimals. And more! Follow us on twitter, instagram and snapchat: @KFCradio

Duration: 01:17:19

KFCRadio: Voicemails

Go subscribe to the KFC Radio feed! All episodes will be posted over there starting soon! Voicemails are back! But first, KFC, Feits and Asa Akira discuss going to see the tree, the "consent" version of Baby It's Cold Outside, chicks shoplifting, and the Pope and poop. VOICEMAILS start at 45 mins mark: Girls shaving their asshole The definition of "whipped" Boyfriend does babytalk How long to spend in a sperm bank Ass tattoos Nipple piercing girl follow-up Know all the...

Duration: 01:32:14

#MAILTIME: Socially Acceptable

Kevin and Sean Ryan (@radioseanryan) sit down to talk about all the things they wish were socially acceptable. They cover everything from taking baths for men to asking people how much money they make to totally rethinking relationships. Then, Mike Auriemma-legendary UConn Coach Geno Auriemma's son-joins the show (1:10:12) to talk sneakers, as well as MJ's latest comments if the UConn Women's team played men. Show finishes with some Daily Mail (1:29:10) to talk the weirdest stories of the...

Duration: 01:35:34

#MAILTIME: Wednesdays Are For The Girls

This week, Kevin sits down with sports anchor, former first lady of the Islanders and Barstool New York Smokeshow alumnus Syndey Esiason. They talk about Barstool's new CEO, the Bachelorette, hosting the Barstool Dog Show, Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama and much more.

Duration: 01:09:49

#MAILTIME: Age Gracefully, Hate Everything

Kevin and Brendan return to the studio to talk about the latest Internet phenomenon: Pokemon Go. It starts a discussion on how to age appropriately by hating everything (9:00), the future of video games (11:09), KFC's Hate-O-Meter (13:52), old-school video games (19:30) and things 90s kids liked (27:58). Later they get into Lena Dunham's latest controversy about cultural appropriation (32:23). Then wrap it up with some TV talk about Mr. Robot (46:12) and The Night Of (54:10).

Duration: 01:02:30

#MAILTIME: Tiko Texas Returns

In one of the weirder episodes in Mailtime history, KFC invites his arch-nemesis Tiko Texas on the podcast. They talk everything from their old rivalry, racism, aliens, Brexit, Kevin Durant, Foul Ball Guy vs. Marlins Man, and so much more.

Duration: 01:14:55


In this week's episode of Mailtime KFC is joined by Sean from Sirius XM for a full Barstool DVR takeover. The first hour of the episode is devoted to Game of Thrones, with the finale to the season everybody is talking about. After that, the guys discuss new show The Night Of (1:05:44), a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm (1:13:35), Atlanta (1:14:50), Always Sunny versus Veep (1:15:30), Silicon Valley (1:18:10), Peaky Blinders (1:20:56), The Bachelorette (1:22:24), and Westworld (1:28:50).

Duration: 01:33:03

#MAILTIME: Everything Is Trash

Kevin and Brendan sit down to talk about why Father's Day is the dumbest holiday ever, what they would actually want for Father's Day in a perfect world, going viral stacking crackers on your daughter's head, and recapping Couchella. Then Trill Withers (@TylerIAm) joins the show to talk about basketball, Black Twitter, the music he's most drawn to, and why almost everything is trash.

Duration: 01:18:45

#MAILTIME: Numbah One

KFC sits down with Brian Monzo and Chris McMonigle, producers for the biggest sports talk radio show in the world, Mike Francesa's "Mike's On" of WFAN. Hear what it's like working for sports talk radio's biggest legend, snowblowahs, how the guys handled Jay Glazer's story about Mike having a big dick going viral, and more.

Duration: 01:08:52

#MAILTIME: Boiling Point

After his three weeks in hell, today Kevin finally reached his boiling point and exploded on some random dude in Hoboken. Also, the weirdest story of all-time about Mama Clancy, why Chad from The Bachelorette is the greatest villain in television history, looking ahead to #Couchella on Thursday, and much more.

Duration: 00:57:09

#MAILTIME: Gorilla Pit Idiot

If you fall into a gorilla pit, it's best to have someone around who is level-headed, courageous, and knowledgeable about emergency situations. Apparently Kevin and Brendan fit none of this criteria. Listen to them explain what they would do if their kid fell into a gorilla pit, being #TeamHuman, and much more. Also, One Minute Man returns and a mailbag question.

Duration: 00:54:45

#MAILTIME: Jim Norton

On this episode of Mailtime Kevin is joined by famed stand-up comedian Jim Norton to talk everything from sex addiction, the appeal of Trump, why white privilege exists, Anthony Cumia's firing, his departed friend Patrice O'Neal, and much more. It's a wild, funny, and bracingly honest interview from a guy who always tells it like it is.

Duration: 01:03:55

#MAILTIME: Monogamy Is Bogus

On this episode of Mailtime Kevin leads off with an idea that's going to save marriages everywhere. He goes through the process of buying a house. Kelly Keegs makes a surprise appearance. Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank then comes on to talk Mark Cuban running for President, and dressing for the job you want. They discuss what it's like to be on Shark Tank and Kevin gives Robert his best ideas.

Duration: 01:20:51

Mini-Mailtime: I Got A Story To Tell

KFC and Clem refute the slanderous claims of Fat Joe that Anthony Mason was the Knick that Biggie robbed in I Got Story To Tell

Duration: 00:15:24

#MAILTIME: Bartolo Breaks The Internet

On this episode of Mailtime the Clancy brothers discuss how "Big Sexy" Bartolo Colon hit the home run heard around the world over the weekend. It was the moment KFC has been waiting for for the past 3 years. Which is why it really sucks he was at a wedding with no TV or cell service for it. In honor of missing what would've been the best moment of his life, KFC calls fellow bloggers Feitelberg, Big Cat, Kmarko, JJ, and Clem to ask about where they were for the most memorable moments.

Duration: 01:38:55

#MAILTIME: Behind The Scenes

On this episode of Mailtime the Clancy brothers discuss how Barstool is turning back into the cube life for Kevin, their plans for colonizing Mars, how the world sucks now, the return of One Minute Man, and much more.

Duration: 01:04:48

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