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Interviews with makers about how they build great software

Interviews with makers about how they build great software
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Interviews with makers about how they build great software






Justin Searls - The Problems with Open Source (and How to Fix Them)

In this interview with Justin Searls, Co-Founder at development agency Test Double, we discuss issues in open source software and what we can do about them. Justin raises problems for both consumers and contributors - like managing hundreds of dependencies to security issues and burnt-out maintainers. We dive into the efforts being made to address these and what you can do too.

Duration: 00:21:19

Ed Finkler - Soft Skills for Hardcore Developers

In this interview with Ed Finkler, Lead Developer and Head of Developer Culture at Graph Story, we discuss soft skills that are important for developers. We dive into how things like humility and empathy impact your effectiveness as a developer, as well as ways to ensure you're always learning and how you can give back to the community.

Duration: 00:16:36

Yitzchok Willroth - From Talmudic Maxims to Software Engineering Excellence

In this interview with Yitzchok Willroth, aka CodeRabbi, we discuss how he has applied Talmudic Maxims to improve Software Engineering practices at Grovo. We cover how in teaching others we can develop ourselves, the benefits of pair programming, how you can get product and engineering teams to work closely together and important metrics to focus engineering teams.

Duration: 00:15:30

Coraline Ada Ehmke - Refactoring to a Happier Development Team

In this interview with Coraline Ada Ehmke, Lead Software Engineer at Instructure, we discuss data-driven refactoring and developer happiness teams. Coraline gives some great advice on the kinds of tests we should write for refactoring, tools to use and metrics to monitor, to make sure our refactoring is effective. We also learn about the role of refactoring in the Developer Happiness team at Instructure.

Duration: 00:15:33

Success and Failure at Fog Creek

In this podcast, coinciding with Fog Creek’s 15th Anniversary, we take a look back over the years at the various successes and failures we’ve had at Fog Creek. We discuss the early days of Fog Creek and how we recovered from a doomed first product. As well as dealing with technical debt, the missed opportunities we’ve had along the way, and what we’ve learned from them. We also get into how we develop new products and the impact of bootstrapping, before finishing with tips for those...

Duration: 00:43:43

Matt Wynne - Saving Agile with BDD and Cucumber

In this interview with Matt Wynne, Co-founder of Cucumber Ltd. and author of The Cucumber Book, we discuss Behavior-driven Development. We go into the typical problems Agile teams have, and how BDD can help. Including the importance of conversations, automated testing and concrete examples. We also discuss common mistakes made by those new to BDD and its drawbacks.

Duration: 00:17:39

Rachel Ober - A Guide to Developer Mentoring

In this interview with Rachel Ober, Senior Developer at Paperless Post, we discuss developer mentoring. Rachel teaches us the lessons learned from mentoring developers at Paperless Post, General Assembly, Turing School and beyond. These cover how to get started, tips on building successful mentor-mentee relationships, the benefits of mentoring as well as common mistakes.

Duration: 00:14:27

Laurent Bossavit - Myths of Software Engineering

In this interview, Laurent Bossavit debunks myths common in Software Engineering. He explains the findings of his research into the primary sources behind theories like the 10x Programmer and the Exponential Defect Cost Curve.

Duration: 00:17:06

Jay Fields - Effective Unit Testing

In this interview with Jay Fields, we discuss Unit Testing. How to write tests that are maintainable and can be used by all team members, when to use TDD, the limits of DRY within tests and how to approach adding tests to untested codebases.

Duration: 00:12:05

Pat Kua - Becoming a Tech Lead

Interview with Pat Kua, discussing becoming a Tech Lead - important aspects of the role, common mistakes made by those new to it, and recommended resources to learn more about how to be successful as a Tech Lead.

Duration: 00:16:42