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Episode 8 - Riley

44-year-old Riley is in a relationship with 25-year-old Justin. The two have been friends for over 4 years and became romantic 6 months ago. Justin has been discussing marriage, but Riley has been married twice before and promised herself she would never do it again. Riley is also concerned about the age difference and wants to hear from Paula if engagement would be enough.


Episode 7 - Heather

Heather Havenwood is an entrepreneur and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Like a Boss. At 43 years old, following a devastating breakup with her fiancé and business partner, Heather had to start over. In the process, she discovered that her childhood programming may be keeping her from achieving for herself all that she easily did when partnered with a man. Heather talks openly about the struggles to be feminine in a relationship while maintaining her strength and power in...


Episode 6 - Stephanie

Stephanie is 40 and has been living with Mike, 57, for 7 years. Stephanie wants to know if, after so many years of living together, there is any possibility of marriage. Paula talks about how making excuses for a man you love - no matter the circumstances - doesn't serve to situate you as a "worthy opponent" that a man will want to achieve and lock-down for a lifetime.


Episode 5 - Jessica

Jessica is 40 and wants to be married. At 37, she rediscovered The Rules and has been using them religiously. Jessica states that for the last 3 years she has gone on a minimum of 3 to 5 dates a week with only two 6 month relationships that were "the healthiest" she's ever had, but were unsatisfying. Paula helps Jessica discover how strict use of The Rules has actually hindered her progress towards marriage and how she can more authentically align with her real self while still using the...


Episode 4 - Kaye

Kaye is 37 and divorced. She is disappointed by a divorced man who shows real interest in her, but an inability to commit. She has met a man who is recently out of a 10-year relationship and is concerned about moving forward despite him showing a lot of interest. Kaye asks Paula about the possibility of either man being able to commit now or in the future.


Episode 3 - Amanda

Amanda is a 26 year old divorced mother. She is involved with Brian, a 33-year-old divorced man with older children. Amanda called in wanting to know how to keep the fire alive in a longterm relationship, but she ends up having her mind changed about moving in with Brian before being engaged!


Episode 2 - Olivia

Olivia is a single mom in her thirties. Olivia is in a long-distance relationship where she has been struggling to gain secure commitment for nearly 2 and 1/2 years. While she's grown tired of waiting for her long-distance boyfriend to step up, attention from a man at work is making her question all that she thought she wanted.


Episode 1 - Norah

Norah is a divorced mom in her forties. She's been involved with Todd for a little over a year. Todd wanted Norah to relocate and move-in with him despite not asking her to marry. Norah didn't believe a proposal was ever going to happen due to Todd's words of having "hesitancies." Norah discusses the approach she learned from Paula that resulted in Todd coming forward and Norah getting the engagement she desired.