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64. Politics to Marketing: Working with Robert Reich, Howard Dean, Timeless Business Success with Dorie Clark

Time stamped show notes: [1:19] Grew up in a small town in North Carolina [1:35] He entered college early (at 14). He went to grad school. [1:51] His first job was as a newspaper reporter. He got laid off 1 year into the job on Sept. 10th, 2001. [2:22] He went into politics. The campaigns he worked on lost. [2:29] He ran a non-profit and realized that he could run a business. [2:43] Started his business 11 years ago. Had to re-conceptualize his business a few times. [3:37 ] He had...

Duration: 00:37:17

63. Damion Lupo on the Law of Awareness: Balance, Tension, Flow, and Making Millions (Without Losing It All)

Time stamped show notes: [1:05] He is from Alaska. Normal middle class. He got thrown out of college. [1:24] He started listening to his heart/soul, and he started dabbing in real estate. [3:03] He had a $20M portfolio and a $5M net worth, and he blew it in a year. [3:28] His mantra was: “How much is enough? More.” [4:52] Have an end date to your goals. [6:39] He used to focus on the accoutrements. He even bought the Will Smith Ferrari from Bad Boyz. [10:21] Practice losing...

Duration: 00:39:10

62. Lessons from Building Ruby on Rails, Basecamp, and Why Bitcoin Is a Ponzi Scheme with David Heinemeier Hansson

Time stamped show notes: [00:20] David is the creator and founder of Basecamp and the creator of Ruby on Rails. [1:42] When he started Basecamp, he was the sole developer. [6:35] Leadership failures and things learned along the way [10:45] They built the software (Basecamp) for themselves and realized that it would solve the problem for other people in the industry, and they sold it to them. [12:40] When they launched, they didn’t have a billing system. They got it out and built the...

Duration: 00:53:56

61. Super Connector Kelli Richards on Working with Steve Jobs and the Importance of Trust and Timing

Time stamped show notes: [00:43] She knew she wanted to be a record producer at the age of 8. [1:28] She launched the Music and Entertainment Division at Apple and ran it for 12 years. It later became iTunes. Steve Jobs was her mentor. [4:26] She’s been a talent producer. [5:29] She’s had a podcast for 5 years. She’s published books and articles in different publications. [5:43] Things won’t change for her in the next 5 years. She wants to keep focusing on thought leadership. [6:39]...

Duration: 00:51:23

60. Goal Planning and Living Your Best Life with Dreampreneur Traci Bogan

Time stamped show notes: [1:26] Introduction to Traci Bogan [2:37] “Never take advice from someone who hasn’t climbed the mountain before you.” [2:48] Anybody can be a coach, but some people shouldn’t be/don’t deserve to be. [3:54] One of the biggest things is mindset. Some people don’t have the confidence or perseverance. [4:12] We deserve to have some hand-holding and the inspiration to keep going. [4:28] When you increase your confidence, you increase your self-esteem. When you...

Duration: 00:39:43

59. James Swanwick Talks Success, Authenticity, and How He Built Several Multiple 7 Figure Businesses

Time stamped show notes: [0:58] He owns Swanick Sleep with his brother Tristan and Tai Lopez. [1:43] He started his company with blue light blocking glasses. [2:16] Launched the company Black Friday 2016, selling 18 pairs on the first day. [3:11] People figured out how to stack discount codes, and they lost thousands of dollars of inventory. [3:51] Tai Lopez became a partner and investor in the business. [4:09] They now sell on Amazon, their own e-commerce stores, home shopping...

Duration: 00:49:22

58. Guy Ferdman on the Future of Personal Development and How We Can Change Our Life in a Moment

Time stamped show notes: [1:26] He used to be depressed and suicidal when he was younger (around 19 years old). [5:23] He put himself through a lot of leadership development programs. [7:00] He quit his job 3 weeks after starting. Only had $400 in his account and paid $397 to learn how to get online and do marketing. [7:52] He used to be considered one of the best Facebook marketers in the world. [12:52] There’s no one size fits all in personal development. Everyone "dances" in an...

Duration: 00:50:56

57. Lessons from 30 Years of Bootstrapped Success: Nancy Duarte Talks Silicon Valley, Leadership, and the Future

Time stamped show notes: [0:27] She has a firm that will help you write and produce a great talk. [0:43] Started this niche in 2000 when Jim Collins' book came out but have 30 years in business. [1:14] Wrote first book in 2008. [3:19] She had someone come in and write job descriptions, and she separated from that role and hired someone to do it. [3:48] She brought in a president. [6:29] She realized that there are people who can do some things better than her, which helped her...

Duration: 00:44:38

56. One Simple Idea, One Profound Impact on the World: Stephen Key Tells All His Simple Strategies for Success

Time stamped show notes: [3:16] He’s made a lot of mistakes along the way. [3:54] What he would do differently if he were to start over [4:21] Used to do door-to-door sales. Hated it, but he considers it the best job he’s had. [7:19] He’s in the game of rejection. [7:49] He keeps all the rejection letters. [12:24] Listen to what their needs are and give them that content. [14:59] People first pay with their attention, then their time, and then their money. [17:51] He doesn’t see...

Duration: 00:49:04

55. Tim Harris' Rules for Success: Contrarian Advice That Just Might Change Your Life and Increase Your Profit

Time stamped show notes: [3:11] Married his high school sweetheart. They’re from Ohio. [3:31] They [him & wife] pooled money together to buy their first investment property. [3:57] Sold 100 houses in their first year of business. [5:17] People started asking them to be speakers. They built momentum and got into coaching [7:41] They’ve always made decisions based on profit. [8:03] Rich: When your money works for you / when you don’t have to work for your money [8:35] They don’t take...

Duration: 00:49:47

54. Wired Magazine Founder Kevin Kelly on the Future, Unpopular Opinions, and the Inevitability of Tech

Time stamped show notes: [00:43] Failures that made him who he is today | Dropped out of college [1:52] A couple of the businesses he started were started with $200 each. One he had to shut down, and one he had to sell. He got a better business education than he would have in college. [2:52] You want to have small, steady failures that course correct instead of one catastrophic failure that wipes you out . [4:12] Time your IPO perfectly. [4:31] Domesticate our failures so that they...

Duration: 00:44:56

53. The Future of Artificial Intelligence Is Being Created Today: Skymind CEO Chris Nicholson Talks What's Next in AI

Time stamped show notes: [0:49] About Skymind - Artificial Intelligence company, bringing AI out of the lab and into the real world [2:00] People should know: AI is just math and code, not magic. [4:05] The thing AI and capitalism have in common: they are accelerants. [6:34] AI will introduce us to more environments to try and serve our needs better. [9:16] Consistency can move mountains and carve rivers and mountains. [10:49] As chips get more powerful, AI can get powerful. [12:43]...

Duration: 00:47:21

52. The Master Connector and Why the Biggest Heart Wins: Jayson Gaignard Talks World Class Networking

Time stamped show notes: [0:25] About Jayson: his book (Mastermind Dinners) and his events (Mastermind Talks) [1:57] He grew his business to $7M a year for over 4 years without outside investment. [2:06] He was pursuing the 4-hour work week, started to question to his life, and decided to sell his business. [4:29] He started having mastermind dinners. [5:06] He didn’t begin charging for the dinners. He was paying for them out of pocket. [5:29] Had an opportunity to do a dinner with...

Duration: 00:50:51

51. Chris Reynolds Talks About What He's Learned from Interviewing 40+ Location Independent Millionaires

Time stamped show notes: [1:26] His journey | Started when his mother bought him two books [4:15] Change in the algorithms wiped out his SEO rankings and that eliminated his income. [5:26] He created the Entrepreneur House to get entrepreneurs together to grow their businesses and travel. [7:00] What business means to him and how he sees it change it in the future [7:12] Business is an opportunity to control your personal growth and create your lifestyle without having to be...

Duration: 00:37:19

50. Rocking Women's Businesses Worldwide: How Katie Krimitsos Helps Women Give, Thrive, and Shine

Time stamped show notes: [1:55] She started her podcast because she knew so many genius businesswomen and she just wanted a space where they could be found and highlighted. [3:24] She was the operator/co-owner of a company someone else founded. [4:19] She didn’t grow up in an entrepreneurial family. Her family was blue-collar. [6:25] Entrepreneurship is like an upward spiraling staircase. [7:17] It’s good to goal set, but what do you have to do to evolve into the woman that deserves...

Duration: 00:40:57

49. How to Travel the World and Live a Life of Complete Freedom (On Your Own Terms) with Natalie Sisson

Time stamped show notes: [0:55] She’s loving her life and new found freedom. [1:47] San Diego is too easy to love. [2:41] Top places she’d like to live. [3:40] What key pieces have allowed her to travel and set up a freedom lifestyle [5:47] Things people shouldn’t miss if they go to New Zealand [7:49] Is traveling to New Zealand/Australia thing? [9:17] A lot of Americans are buying land in New Zealand -- “planning their escape routes.” [10:02] Business climate in New...

Duration: 00:36:16

48. The Power of a Life Lesson: Learn to Fuel Your Genius Using the Network Effect with Deepak Ramola

Time stamped show notes: [0:14] Deepak is from Dehra Dun, India. [1:43] Live with abandon instead of dying with regret. [1:52] What Project Fuel does - share stories and fuel people to reach their potential [2:11] Project Fuel - collects life lessons from around the world (human wisdom) [2:55] Deepak’s life journey [3:02] His journey started with his mother, who was pulled out of school because girls in India at the time were not allowed to study. [4:05] When he asked his mother...

Duration: 00:36:03

47. How to Get Endorsed by the Dalai Lama: How Akshay Nanavati Turned Fear into a Life-Changing Journey

Time stamped show notes: [0:29] Introduction to Akshay [3:37] How he got to where he is now [7:22] Lessons that he’s learned over the years | What drives people to pursue this physical activity [8:55] There’s no right or wrong. Just work on being better than yesterday. Find your worthy struggle. [12:45] People that he looks up to around his mission [15:22] Immerse yourself in who you want to be, and when you surround yourself with those references, it becomes something that just...

Duration: 00:44:08

46. How to Completely Transform Your Life: Zero to Hero in 3 Years with Myke Metzger

Time stamped show notes: [1:32] Myke is 28 years old and lives in Richmond, VA. He founded and runs a digital marketing company. [2:03] He used to live with a scarcity mindset. He was never happy and was very negative. [4:12] He used to be a bartender. Led an unhealthy life - getting drunk, going to bed late, sleeping until late, partying, etc. [6:33] His biggest struggle was getting over the fact that moving forward in life or becoming a more successful, healthy, wealthy person was...

Duration: 01:06:45

44. Scalable Solutions for Ending Poverty and Women's Health Issues in Kenya and Beyond with Ash Rogers

Time stamped show notes: [0:22] Prefers Ash to Ashley. Ashley was the most common name in 1987 (year she was born). [1:28] Introduction to Ash Rogers / How she got to where she is [6:49] How she will reach Lwala’s goals in the coming years [8:44] Biggest bottleneck and needs [10:15] Lwala is successful because it is community based. [13:21] The piece to get right is how you get the service delivered and the people processes and how you get those to transform into the...

Duration: 00:38:03

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