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Ep 05: What If Someone Steals My Stuff?

How will we handle it when someone breaks the rules of our new societies in space? Who decides whether they’re guilty? Do we need to build space prisons? Or are there alternative forms of justice we should consider that would better suit our new civilization? Space lawyer Christopher Newman talks to us about the potential … Continue reading "Ep 05: What If Someone Steals My Stuff?"

Duration: 00:29:12

Ep 04: Where’s My Money?

Once we’ve reached out space settlements, what do we do next? What kind of jobs will be available, and what kind of economy will we have? What kinds of rights do we have as workers in space, and what will we do if our employer tries to exploit us while we’re stuck far from home? … Continue reading "Ep 04: Where’s My Money?"

Duration: 00:20:19

Ep 03: Who Owns Mars?

Once we’ve taken that giant leap for mankind and have set foot on a new world, we have to ask: Who actually owns the land we’re standing on? If you’re planning on making your fortune in space by mining or farming or building new habitats, how do you get the rights to work that territory? … Continue reading "Ep 03: Who Owns Mars?"

Duration: 00:20:49

Ep 02: Who Gets to Go?

Before we can head out into space, we have to ask: Who gets to go? What will the population of space settlers look like? Who will be allowed to go, and who will be left behind? Historian Donna Gabaccia rejoins us to talk about what kind of people have migrated to new places on Earth … Continue reading "Ep 02: Who Gets to Go?"

Duration: 00:22:08

Ep 01: Why Are We Going?

Welcome to the first episode of Making New Worlds: Why Are We Going? Examining our motivations for settling space. We talk to historian Donna Gabaccia about the historical reasons for human migration on the Earth. Sociologist Zuleyka Zevallos weighs in on the harmful effects of colonialism when planning a space settlement. Sci-fi author and scientist … Continue reading "Ep 01: Why Are We Going?"

Duration: 01:19:13


Welcome to Making New Worlds, a podcast about the ethical issues of human settlements in space. Here’s a quick trailer to give you a taste of the kinds of questions the podcast will explore. Please share far and wide, and stay tuned! Episodes will be released on iTunes every Wednesday morning starting next week, November … Continue reading "Trailer"

Duration: 00:03:55