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S01E06 – Male Superpowers - Man Talk Around the Watering Hole

We here at Man Talk believe that being a male is a superpower, but did you know that men have other superpowers in tow, too? This is by no means a comprehensive list, but a man should never so much as leave the house without note of the many powers at his disposal. We're not just talking about jar opening and spider crushing, either. I'm talking our not-giving-a-shititudes, one of the most important super powers a man can ever have, and our utter pwnage in the confidence gap. Fellas,...

Duration: 00:33:00

S01E05 – Problems - Man Talk Around the Watering Hole

Pound ver Magnuson has a problem with literally everything, but that doesn't stop him from trying put a few down on the show so that people can properly curb their conversations when they're around him. Check your manginas at the door, fellas, because you can have a stab at what kinds of people have made a return (hint: they don't have any Y chromosomes). For those wondering about the discrepency in hosting skills from last episode to this one, the last episode was recorded right before we...

Duration: 00:34:55

S01E04 – The Thanksgiving Turkey Day Special - Man Talk Around the Watering Hole

Well, we've made it through Thanksgiving. Is everybody intact? This year, we've got something extra special. Pound ver Magnuson fucked cooked a turkey and you know, it being a bigger bird than chicken, this episode contains an additional 24 minutes of turkey FREE! That's right, free. The douchebags name some turkeys, talk a little about what they are thankful for and not thankful for, and even dish about the Thanksgiving food. Navigate over to our Facebook page to find additional goodies...

Duration: 00:53:42

S01E03 – The Trumpisode - Man Talk Around the Watering Hole

Having read The Art Of The Deal, the douchebags know that Donald Trump can't resist a good deal. That's why they've cooked up a very special deal that they know should have DT salivating like he's sitting in front of a Trump steak, or a nice taco salad for that matter. We love Hispanics, too, Donald! Also stay tuned at the end of the episode as we've undertaken advertising to help pay bills around the studio. We don't want to give too much away but let's just say a certain wizard has...

Duration: 00:30:01

S01E02 – The Trumpisode - Man Talk Around the Watering Hole

The douchebags have a business proposition that they think President Donald Drumpf will like very much. Anyone who has read The Art of the Deal knows the president can't resist a good deal, and the douchebags think they've cooked up the mother of all good deals. We love this guy on our show. Can't get enough of him. Any doubters can check out this tribute we made* for him. *We didn't make it.

Duration: 00:27:39

S01E01 – For Your Manformation - Man Talk Around the Watering Hole

The douchebags go through the realization of how much women as a people suck. Attempt to categorize a few ways in which women suck. Founding of the Gentleman's Club. Patreon page information for would-be Patriarchists. Pound ver Magnuson has a nervous breakdown on air.

Duration: 00:35:06