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Manga Mavericks EP. 43: "Astra Lost in Space"

Our Kenta Shinohara Month ended up ballooning to a quarter-year! Sorry about the delay on this episode folks. Life stuff happened, which is pretty usual. Also, my (LumRanmaYasha)'s audio got messed up and had to be completely re-recorded, which was very unusual. But all these setbacks couldn't stop this podcast from coming out! We kept the mantra of Astra's world - Per Aspera Ad Aspera: "Through hardships through the stars" - in our minds and hearts. And like the Astra crew, we overcame...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #13: "Oscars 2018 Thoughts"

LumRanmaYasha and VLordGTZ convene to give their predictions on this year's Oscars!... ...Say what? You're telling me that the awards are already over? We already found out what won everything? Darn it! Yeah, we meant to get this podcast out before the Oscars, but some mishaps prevented us from getting it edited in time. Even so, we think it'll still be fun to hear what we wanted to win and thought would win, and see if any of our predictions actually happened. We also devoted a lot of...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #12: "Gintama: The Live-Action Movie"

Manga Mavericks @ Movies is starting the new year strong with our first ever crossover podcast! LumRanmaYasha teams up with Just a Gintama Podcast’s Doctor and Manga Mavericks co-host and Life Lessons: The Gintama Mangacast’s Colton to discuss the live-action Gintama movie! One discussion recorded for three different podcasts, each with their own unique beginnings and endings! It’s like playing a branching route in a fighting game! So, did these three die-hard Gintama fans enjoy this film?...


Manga Mavericks EP. 42: "Getting to Know Marlene First!"

My long-awaited review of Astra Lost in Space volume one was really well-received! I want to thank everyone who commented on it, and especially Viz Media for retweeting it and following both the podcast and myself on Twitter! It’s a huge honor and it made me really happy as a longtime fan of theirs. I really put in a lot of time and love writing the Astra review to make sure I highlighted everything that makes it one of my all-time favorite series. You can bet that I’m not done talking...


Manga Mavericks EP. 41: "SKET Dance"

It’s a new year for the podcast, and with a new year comes a new logo! This new logo makes me feel completely refreshed like we just put a fresh pair of underwear on the podcast for the first time in two years. But there’s something else about our inaugural episode of 2018 that makes me dance for joy! That’s right – it’s our long-awaited Sket Dance retrospective! We spend over two and a half hours reflecting on Kenta Shinohara’s magnum opus, discussing its characters, humor, and story arcs...


Manga Mavericks & Anime #01: "Black Clover"

We’re not done yet! We’ve got one last podcast for you guys before the year is over. Something that I’ve been meaning to get out for a while now. Welcome to the first episode of a recurring show I like to call Manga Mavericks & Anime, a show where we’ll talk about anime, naturally. In this first installment we discuss our thoughts on the Black Clover anime with Annaliese Christman, letter of Black Clover for Weekly Shonen Jump, and Maxy Barnard, host of Friendship! Effort! Victory! We...


Manga Mavericks EP. 40: "The Best of Manga 2017!"

We’re back baby! Manga Mavericks has been on a hiatus recently, but we’ve returned to end the year with a bang. That’s right, since 2017 is over, it’s time to look back at the last year of manga and highlight the best of the best. First we’ve got an hour and a half of news highlights from the past three months, giving our thoughts on some of the most important news stories we missed. Except for licensing news, because trying to recap everything Seven Seas has licensed this year would take...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #11: "Samurai Jack"

Let's travel back, back to a blast from the past - Samurai Jack! After over a decade the modern masterpiece returned to the airwaves to conclude the samurai's long journey, and we recorded about it...five months ago. Well, the wait time for this podcast is paltry in comparison to how long we waited for that final season, right? We start off the show discussing the recent theatrical screening of the first three episodes of Samurai Jack and how impressively the show holds up sixteen years...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #10: "Your Name & A Silent Voice"

We're digging back into the vaults of unreleased episodes! With A Silent Voice in theaters and Your Name coming out on blu-ray next month, now's as good a time as any to excavate our thoughts on the two biggest anime movies of 2016, if not the decade! Did these films live up to their reputation? Have their quality and criticisms been overstated? Which one is the better film? Finally, five months after recording our thoughts on these films, these questions will be answered! PODCAST...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #9: "The Ancient Magus's Bride"

It's finally time to dig up and release those dozen reviews we recorded over the summer I never got around to releasing! Since The Ancient Magus's Bride anime has finally premiered on Crunchyroll, it seemed high time to post our thoughts on the first three episodes of the series, which we watched back in July thanks to Crunchyroll's Anime Movie Night. Was The Ancient Magus's Bride as enchanting as its reputation suggests? It won't take you long to find out! That isn't the only review on...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #8: "Marvel's Inhumans"

Marvel's Inhumans is inhumane. The Mavericks are joined by their Jack Kirby-loving friend Jonathan to discuss the first two episodes of the latest Marvel misfire, which they made they grave mistake of seeing on the big screen. Topics include the history of the Inhumans, why Marvel is pushing them as a franchise, and their mistreatment of the X-Men. There's also a lot of tangents about a variety of topics ranging from Jimmy Neutron to the Aqua Bats. It's a fun conversation about a...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #7: "The Castle of Cagliostro"

Manga Mavericks might be on a temporary hiatus, but @ Movies is still in action! Last week the Mavericks went to see The Castle of Cagliostro on the big screen, and they had a great experience! We talk about Miyazaki's theatrical directorial debut and its strengths and weaknesses, cultural impact, how it differs from other Lupin the Third works, and how it fits into the grand scheme of his conspiracy to get children to mistrust authority figures and become addicted to drugs! You might be...


Manga Mavericks EP. 39: "Wheel of Manga"

Yeah the Sket Dance review is delayed again. Don't fret, we promise it'll come sooner than the final two books of A Song of Ice and Fire! So what are we reviewing this week? We don't know! I mean, we do because we recorded the episode already...but it was a total crapshoot before we recorded it. We literally just spun a wheel and picked whatever random manga it landed. So what did the Wheel of Manga choose for us to review? No spoilers - you'll have to listen to the episode to find out! As...


Manga Mavericks @ Movies #6: "Netflix's Death Note"

It’s been almost six months since we last released an episode of this podcast, but that doesn’t mean we stopped recording it! On the contrary, we’ve got a dozen episode backlog that I need to work through. It might be a while yet before some of those episodes come out, but we’re getting back on track by releasing the most recent episodes we recorded and working backwards. Which means starting with the episode we recorded last week. On this episode VLordGTZ and I are joined by Colton to...


Manga Mavericks EP. 38: "Death Note"

Even though the original manga ended over a decade ago, Death Note has never really died. It has remained ingrained in the zeitgeist, transcending the status of merely being a popular anime series to being a story even those outside the community would recognize. Hence why it’s getting a Netflix live-action film adaptation, the newest in a series of attempts to cash in on the franchise since it concluded. So Death Note is an evergreen series everyone still talks about, but does it actually...


Manga Mavericks EP. 37: "Kakegurui"

It feels good to have finally released the Pokemon Adventures retrospective after months of editing it on and off. Doubly so after refueling my passion for the series upon flipping through the Pokemon Adventures artbook that Viz just put out earlier this week. It’s chock full of beautiful color art and illustrations from Satoshi Yamamoto’s entire run on the series, from the early GSC stuff to the recent ORAS arc. In addition to gorgeous renditions of the cover artwork, there are a lot of...


Manga Mavericks EP. 36: "One Piece (FEAT. Sam Leach)"

Yo! Here’s how the story goes you find out. About a manga in Shonen Jump, there’s no doubt. The podcaster whose eye is on it he’ll say “I’ll be making a podcast, s’what I’m gonna be making!” So we set sights on One Piece, Eiichiro Oda’s monolithic manga that has been enthralling fans worldwide for over 20 years. To help us commemorate this hardy occasion, we brought aboard Sam Leach, a shipmate over at the One Piece Podcast, to help us make merry over our One Piece memories. During the...


The Story of Pokémon Adventures | PokéSpe Retrospective #02

I want to be the best there ever was. To beat all the rest, yeah, that’s my cause. Unfortunately, just like Ash, I keep getting stuck in set back after set back, taking far too long to make any real progress. Until now! After spending three months in editing hell, the long-awaited second half of the Pokémon Adventures retrospective is finally here! In this special podcast I’m joined by Annaliese Christman, the official letterer of Pokémon Adventures for Viz Media, as well as fellow Pokémon...


Manga Mavericks EP. 35: "Anime Expo & LGBT Manga"

Part of the problem with doing a bi-weekly podcast is that you’re always a week late to the discussion, even if you made plans before everyone else. First, ANNCast did a Rumiko Takahashi retrospective last month when I’d already planned to do one this October to celebrate her 60th birthday, something I’ve had in mind for the past year. Then, Wave Motion Cannon, Manga Machinations, and Manga In Your Ears all put out an episode on My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness within a week of each...


Manga Mavericks EP. 34: "Welcome to the Ballroom"

They say that dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the stuff which it is made. Unless it’s a dancing manga, in which case it’s made of paper and ink or pixels if it’s digital. Today the Manga Mavericks find their rhythm and explore the meaning of dance through Tomo Takeuchi’s Welcome to the Ballroom, a resoundingly popular dancesport manga whose anime adaptation promises to be one of the best shows of the upcoming summer season. Considering Colton was not a fan of similar...


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