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Episode 4: Knowledge for Protection: safeguarding isolated indigenous tribes

Deep in the Amazon, there are groups that have made the decision to isolate themselves from the outside world. These isolated or uncontacted groups live under constant threat of incursion from mining, development, and illegal activity. On the final episode of this series, we'll explore the reason why these groups fled into the rainforest, how to protect isolated groups without contacting them, and the late Colombian historian who proved the existence of isolated groups in Colombia.

Duration: 00:17:09

Special Episode with Julian Lennon: Listen Younger Brother

Julian Lennon, musician, photographer, and founder of the White Feather Foundation hosts this special episode about the Kogi community in Colombia. Representatives from the Kogi community discuss the importance of water, sacred sites, and protecting their ancestral territory. Lennon remembers the impact of visiting the Kogi community in Colombia.

Duration: 00:12:37

People First

Over 20 years ago, the conservation world was changing. An unexpected event showed Liliana Madrigal a different way forward that puts people first. On this episode, we talk to Liliana Madrigal, Adrian Forsyth, and Raquel Gomez about the challenges and successes of this new approach

Duration: 00:16:07

What's Maps, Magic, and Medicine?

Maps, Magic, and Medicine explores the importance of indigenous cultural knowledge to protect the environment. But what do we mean by "Maps, Magic, and Medicine?"

Duration: 00:01:52