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Dedicated interviews with sales, marketing, and business authors, speakers, technology leaders and sales and marketing executives. We discuss the technology enabling online marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, inbound marketing, mobile marketing, sales enablement, conversion optimization, analytics, email marketing and social media marketing strategies.

Dedicated interviews with sales, marketing, and business authors, speakers, technology leaders and sales and marketing executives. We discuss the technology enabling online marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, inbound marketing, mobile marketing, sales enablement, conversion optimization, analytics, email marketing and social media marketing strategies.
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Dedicated interviews with sales, marketing, and business authors, speakers, technology leaders and sales and marketing executives. We discuss the technology enabling online marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, inbound marketing, mobile marketing, sales enablement, conversion optimization, analytics, email marketing and social media marketing strategies.






Episode 109: Start 2018 with this Podcast on the Power of Focus with Erik Qualman

The foundation of Erik's efforts are to entertain, educate, and empower people to find the best life they want. We're overwhelmed. Not just marketers but virtually every business is inundated with a non-stop barrage of requests. How do we change our attitueds, take control, and find the focus necessary to be successful? As a keynote speaker, Erik has spoken in 49 countries and reached 25 million people. His top three topics are: Digital Leadership, Digital Reputation & Ratings, and...

Duration: 00:32:53

Episode 108: Michelle Huff on the Future of Marketing Automation with Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence and machine learning make their way into marketing automation, individualization will become the new personalization. The message, timing, and delivery channel will all be personalized tactics, which will create a demand for individualized marketing experiences. Marketers will be able to take personalization to the next level by using marketing automation to track the behaviors of their buyers and machine learning to identify optimal windows for engagement. We...

Duration: 00:29:58

Episode 107: Sara Rodell: How to Scale Personalization and Engagement in the Consumer Choice Revolution

We are in the midst of a cultural shift from mass-market, generic outreach and offerings, to targeted messaging and product choice. With the adoption of social media outlets as forums for communications, customer expectations have changed. We expect companies to monitor our reactions and respond to us as individuals. Companies who adapt their products to match this cultural shift see winning results. Tesla took market share by allowing consumers to customize a car and have it delivered....

Duration: 00:18:40

Episode 106: Killing Marketing: Why You Need to Think Differently about Your Marketing

This was such a fun interview, you won't want to miss it. Douglas interviews Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi on their newest book, which documents how businesses can turn marketing from an expense into a profit center. Killing Marketing is a book every business should pick up and give some attention as their working on next year's strategies. Marketers are overloaded with platforms and technologies, are shy on resources, and are often underbudgeted. Taking an innovative approach to your...

Duration: 00:54:29

Episode 105: Why Businesses Should Consider a Best-of-Breed Marketing Stack

A marketing stack is the group of platforms that marketers implement to execute, analyze and improve their marketing efforts. This includes all technologies, from publishing tools, to marketing automation tools, to the marketing performance and reporting tools that are implemented. Companies have to make the decision of whether or not they should invest in an all-in-one provider that has end to end solutions. A leader in this area is Salesforce. However, that's not always the right...

Duration: 00:16:04

Episode 103: Podcasting: Everything You Wanted to Know About Microphones

In preparation for a presentation at Dell's headquarters on Podcasting, I wanted to dive deep on microphone technologies and there's no one better than Shure in the industry. From broadcast, to music, to podcasting, Shure were pioneers in the industry and continue to lead the pack. In our own podcast studio, you'll find a variety of Shure microphones - from the MV88 for the iPhone, to wireless lavalier microphones, to the portable SM58, to the granddaddy of them all - our prized SM7B...

Duration: 00:31:36

Episode 96: Quantifi: How Chatbots and AI Will Help Marketers with Experimentation

It's always great to have guests stop by the studio to do a podcast with us, and this week was no different as we were joined by R.J. Talyor and Liz Prugh. The New New Thing In this episode, we discuss marketing experimentation and its challenges. Quantifi is a marketing R&D platform for social media ads, unleashing the power of artificial intelligence to discover the audiences, channels and creative needed to drive growth for brands. The platform currently supports Facebook, Instagram,...

Duration: 00:35:02

Episode 95: The Evolution of Ecommerce: Interview with Randy Stocklin, One Ventures

Randy and Angie Stocklin started One Click from their home office with the idea of offering people a convenient and affordable way to buy eyewear online. Since that time, they've built a team that's passionate about their customers and created a culture founded on strong core values, which has resulted in One Click being named one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for four consecutive years. In the process, they've also been recognized as one of the fastest-growing ecommerce businesses...

Duration: 00:32:20

Episode 94: Email Signature Marketing: Interview with Bryan Wade, CEO of Sigstr

Over the last 12 years, Bryan has lived in the world of email. Bryan helped grow ExactTarget, the email marketing giant that would later be acquired by Salesforce, serving as the VP of Email Products. He then joined the leadership team as the SVP & Chief Product Officer at Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Bryan is now the CEO of Sigstr, an Indianapolis-based email signature marketing platform. Sigstr provides an amazing platform for companies to manage their employees' email signatures and...

Duration: 00:37:32

Episode 90: Corporate Social Networks: Gina Bianchini, CEO and Founder of Mighty Networks

Douglas Karr interviews Gina Bianchini, the Founder & CEO of Mighty Networks. Mighty Networks takes direct aim at ordinary groups with a new social network totally re-imagined for deep interests on mobile. Anyone can create a Mighty Network for free. It’s easy to get started and when you invite members in, you’ll instantly see people near you, by the topics you choose, and the categories you define. Everything for your interest is in one place, with content and conversations that never...

Duration: 00:41:42

Episode 88: Email Deliverability: Interview with Greg Kraios of 250ok

250ok has skyrocketed onto the email marketing scene as a must-have for serious email marketers to monitor their inbox placement, design their emails, and protect their email reputation. Unfortunately, many marketers don't even realize that they have an email problem. Email service providers tout deliverability as the delivery of an email message to the receiving internet service provider. That message may not have ever made the inbox, though. It often gets delivered directly to the SPAM...

Duration: 00:40:13

Episode 87: SaaS Startups and Social Media: Emeric Ernoult, Agorapulse,

Emeric is the co-founder of AgoraPulse, a Social Media Marketing Software company launched in 2011 and based in Paris and San Francisco. AgoraPulse is currently being used by more than 5,000 businesses across 180 countries. Since 2000, Emeric has been one of the European pioneers in the field of Social Media Marketing. He has advised French and international brands such as Virgin, FIA and Microsoft. He is a regular speaker at International conferences such as the AllFAcebook Marketing...

Duration: 00:46:26

Episode 85: Executive Presence: Interview with Alexandra Rufatto-Perry, Accent on Business

In this week's Martech interview series, we spoke with Alexandra Rufatto-Perry of Accent On Business, an executive presence and communications advisory firm that works with competitive professionals who want to project a confident and competent image. She works with a variety of executives on how to say what it is that they need or want to say, while looking and feeling their confident and influential best. In other words, Accent On Business teaches executive presence. Why Does Executive...

Duration: 00:30:02

Episode 82: Future Marketing: Interview with Jon Wuebben, Author

The future: It is ours to create. We can build it in whatever way we want to. As you peer into the coming years and see the opportunities, the truth is clear: there has never been a better time to be a marketer. The next fifteen years will unleash unprecedented improvements in social connection, efficiency and quality of life, for everyone, the world over. We interview marketing industry leader, Jon Wuebben, draws on the latest research, data and predictions across multiple disciplines to...

Duration: 00:42:16

Episode 81: Email Cleansing and List Hygiene: Interview with Brad Owen, CEO of Neverbounce

As with many of the best tools in MarTech, Neverbounce was created by an agency to correct a real-world issue. In this in-depth interview with CEO and founder Brad Owen, Brad walks us through the problem that necessitated the solution and shares how it continues to evolve and make an impact in the market. Whether or not your company is involved in list procurement or list sharing, the turnover on email addresses is significant. Brad and his team have found that no other factor impacts the...

Duration: 00:44:58

Episode 79: Interview: Giles House of CallidusCloud

Gartner recently named CallidusCloud a leader in its Magic Quadrant for Sales Performance Management based on completeness of vision and ability to execute. No doubt why, as their suite of products are helping their clients drive revenue. We discuss CallidusCloud's second annual Sales and Marketing Sentiment Survey with Chief Marketing Officer Giles House. Giles is an experienced marketing executive with a proven track record of successfully marketing and selling business software and...

Duration: 00:32:11

Episode 78: Brett Evans on Creating Desire with Prospects

Brett leads a group of sales professionals and is responsible for the implementation and execution of sales strategies. A long-time coach, Brett works closely with marketing and operations management to improve lead management and distribution. Sales is not simply a process, it's also a mindset. Once a lead is identified as a prospect that your company can help, effective sales professionals are able to create an environment where the prospect actually desires the product or service. The...

Duration: 00:27:15