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Weekly pro wrestling podcast devoted to smart marks and fans of the WWE RAW, SmackDown and NXT professional wrestling. A lively talk show format with your hosts: Roadie Rob, Steve Awesome, Adam Baum, Kiara, Brian and Medine.

Weekly pro wrestling podcast devoted to smart marks and fans of the WWE RAW, SmackDown and NXT professional wrestling. A lively talk show format with your hosts: Roadie Rob, Steve Awesome, Adam Baum, Kiara, Brian and Medine.
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Charlotte , NC


Weekly pro wrestling podcast devoted to smart marks and fans of the WWE RAW, SmackDown and NXT professional wrestling. A lively talk show format with your hosts: Roadie Rob, Steve Awesome, Adam Baum, Kiara, Brian and Medine.






E243: Clash of Champions Predictions

Adam, Medine and YEP YEP YEP the return of Roadie Rob react to WWE Smackdown and make predictions for WWE Clash of Champions.

Duration: 00:51:46


RJ, Adam and Brian review Monday Night RAW from 12/11/17. We discuss the Rich Swann arrest and the state of the #metoo movement at legnth. How Royal Rumble is starting to shape up and finally…. RJ Black addresses why the decision was made for Kiara and Roadie Rob to leave the show and why they are now making apperances back.

Duration: 01:29:29

E240: cruiserweights Shine

RJ, Adam and Steve react to Monday night RAW from 12/5/17. Matt is #WOKEN. Jason Bordom continue to NOT entertain us. Future Hall of Famer Grand Slam Champion Roman Reigns bookends the show and the Cruiserweights put on a clinic and steal the show.

Duration: 01:18:53

E239: Super Clash

Adam, Medine, Steve and a special guest react and review to November 28th’s edition of WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live.

Duration: 01:10:54

E238: WWE’s creative is BROKEN!

RJ Black, Steve and Brian react and discuss WWE Monday NIght RAW from 11/28/17. RJ lays into Fat Shaming a way you may not expect. Brian challenges RJ on the new women arrivals and Finn is trying to get OVER.

Duration: 01:26:14

E237: Ruby Reads the Riot Act

Adam Baum, Maybe Medine, Steve Awesome, and loyal listener/extended family member Bryan “Hitman” review and react to WWE SmackDown Live from 11/21/17.

Duration: 00:57:48

E236: Another Paige, Another Title

Adam Baum fills in during RJ Black’s absense for Monday Night RAWESOME with Brian and Steve Awesome. We react to the post-Survivor Series RAW on 11/20/17 and discuss the re-emergence of Paige and her new faction, a shocking title change, and converse with our chat board on Twitch.

Duration: 01:03:20

E235: WWE Survivor Series Reaction

Adam Baum, Steve Awesome, Brian and Maybe Medine react to WWE Survivor Series from 11/19/17. We give our match grades and respond to comments from our Twitch chat board.

Duration: 00:35:56

E234: NXT WarGames Predictions

Brian, RJ Black and Steve Awesome react to the WWE NXT TakeOver WarGames go home show on 11/16/17 and give our predictions.

Duration: 00:50:57

E233: #Smarkdown under siege

Steve and RJ Black React to the Survivor Series Going Home show for Smackdown Live.

Duration: 01:17:30

E232: Survivor Series Predictions

RJ Black, Steve Awesome, Adam Baum, Brian and Maybe Medine react and recap Monday Night RAW from 11/13/17. The “Original” Shield save Kurt Angle from getting fired and Roman gets the last word over Stephanie. A surprise entrant as the 5th member of the RAW team, Paul Heyman gets promo blocked by a wedding proposal, calls on our fan line, speed round, and Survivor Series predictions.

Duration: 01:03:18

E230: Jinder Bender

Adam Baum, Maybe Medine and special guest John Estrada join us to recap and review WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live from 11/8/17.

Duration: 00:56:11

E229: Survivor Series Shake-Up

RJ Black, Steve Awesome and Brian react and recap Monday Night RAW from 11/7/17. The Shield shockingly drop the tag title to the Bar due to a New Day swerve. Joe and Finn are named to the RAW Survivor Series team, but no before beating the hell out of each other in the match of the night. Sahasa name part of team RAW while Bayley is left out on the curb. We play Survivor Series debut trivia and discuss all the rumors from the web in our dirt sheet segment. Jericho at Wrestle Kingdom!!!!!...

Duration: 01:20:10

E227: A Macho Man Kind of Night

Adam, Steve Awesome welcome newcomer Frank to the panel to recap and react to Tuesday Night WWE Smackdown Live. Through the evening we are visited by the ghost of the NWO Macho Man, Scarface, Mike Cena and yet another ghost of macho. The train comes off the track a few times so we hope you enjoy.

Duration: 01:15:46

E226: I’m Not Finished With You

RJ Black debuts as the host of monday night RAWESOME and leads Brain and Steve through a recap of Monday Night RAW from 10/30/17

Duration: 01:29:39

E225: And Then There Was 4

Adam and Brian review and react to Wednesdays NXT from the WWE Network. Nikki Cross takes the final spot for the fatal 4 way championship match however Bianca Bel Air steals the spot light in the women’s battle royal. Aleister Black gets tongue tied as Velveteen Dream demands his name be said. Almas make a legit push for the NXT title and more.

Duration: 01:07:07

E224: Randy Orton Makes the Team

Adam, Medine and Steve are joined by Kevin to discuss the first Smackdown after the invasion of RAW. Randy Orton defeats Sami to be named the first on the Smackdown lLive Survivor Series team, and Daniel Bryan warns Shane about his actions coming back on him.

Duration: 00:54:19

E223: Survivor Series Shakedown

Adam is joined by Steve Awesome and Maybe Medine through a reaction of Monday Night RAW from 10/23/2017 and the TLC aftermath. We make react to the episode, upcoming Survivor Series PPV and how the RAW brand plans to retaliate after what Shane McMahon and his team did to the RAW roster. We wrap up with the RAWESOME Awards, Dirt Sheets and more.

Duration: 00:02:06

E222: And then there were three.

Brian and Adm react to the weekly NXT showing on the WWE Network from 10/19/17. Velveteen Dream continues his quest for a name with Aliester Black. Ember Moon locks in her spot for the women’s fatal four way at Takeover Houston. Drew McIntyre reveals his softer side until Zelina Vega shows up and makes everything hard. The AOP make a dramatic return inserting themselves into the eventual War Games announcement. Brian wonders what happened to all of his crew.

Duration: 01:04:59

E221: Jinder Challenges Brock

Adam, Medine and returning Bob react to Tuesday night Smackdown live from 10/18/17. We comb the dirts sheets and react to the current buzz sweeping through the wrestling industry.

Duration: 01:05:28

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