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Weekly pro wrestling podcast devoted to smart marks and fans of the WWE RAW, SmackDown and NXT professional wrestling. A lively talk show format with your hosts: Roadie Rob, Steve Awesome, Adam Baum, Kiara, Brian and Medine.

Weekly pro wrestling podcast devoted to smart marks and fans of the WWE RAW, SmackDown and NXT professional wrestling. A lively talk show format with your hosts: Roadie Rob, Steve Awesome, Adam Baum, Kiara, Brian and Medine.
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Weekly pro wrestling podcast devoted to smart marks and fans of the WWE RAW, SmackDown and NXT professional wrestling. A lively talk show format with your hosts: Roadie Rob, Steve Awesome, Adam Baum, Kiara, Brian and Medine.






E220: TLC Predictions

Adam leads the RAWESOME crew through a reaction of Monday Night RAW and the TLC go Home show. We make our predictions for the PPV card and analyze the arrival of future mayor and WWE hall of Famer Kane. RAWESOME Awards, Dirts sheets and more.

Duration: 01:23:00

E218: Heel-o Sami and Goodbye Roadie

The fan faction lead by Adam react to WWE Smackdown Live from 10/10/17. In the second half of the show we roast and say our goodbyes to Roadie Rob as he moves on to bigger and better things.

Duration: 01:16:04

E217: Last Dance with Roadie Rob

The RAWESOME crew reacts to Monday night RAW from 10/10/17. We start the show with our dirt sheets and our major announcement of the departure of Roadie Rob. Emma gets the oppurtunity to get squashed by Emma, Bray goes all Anthony perkins on us, The house mouse Kalisto takes the purple belt from the leprechaun Enzo in a Lumber Wack match. The Shield is a thing again and Miz is always the best. Oh, Yeah… Roadie Rob’s last show hosting RAWESOME.

Duration: 01:41:02

E216: Hell In A Cell Reaction

Adam, Medine, Steve and Golda discuss what fallout may come from WWE Hell In a Cell. Where does Nakamura go now that Jinder has beaten him twice? Did WWE give us a watered down Bobby Roode? Which was the better HIAC match, Uso’s vs New Day or Shane vs KO? Why did Sami Zhayn get involved? So many questions generated from an oddly entertaining WWE PPV. THE SKY IS FALLING!!

Duration: 01:00:30

E214: Goodbye To Our Queen

The Smarkdown crew of MOWP reacts and reviews the WWE Smackdown Live go home show for Hell in A Cell. We make our predictions and devote most of the last half of the Show to our queen Kiara as her time on the show comes to a close.

Duration: 01:16:27

E213: Enzo’s Shelf Life

Roadie, Brian and Steve discuss Monday night RAW from 10-2-17. The Shield Reunites, Enzo again main events with the cruiserweight division and the women have matches as well.

Duration: 01:22:35

E212: Adam Cole’s In Ring Debut

Brian, Roadie and Golda react and review the weekly NXT show from the WWE Network on 9-27-17

Duration: 01:06:24

E211: The Faces of Nakamura

Adam, Roadie and Medine react to the 9/26/17 showing of WWE Tuesday Night #smackdown Live. Nakamura shows us his many faces, while the USO’s are challenged to a Hell In A Cell match. Corbin cuts a lack luster promo on AJ Styles while Tye Dillenger gets burried. KO and Sami put on another clinic in the match. We run through some extra big ass speed round topics and enjoy some general pro wrestling conversation.

Duration: 00:56:17

E210: Give Roman EVERYTHING!

The fan faction struggles to find their inner mark after a tragic PPV night. #RAW starts by inserting Roman Reigns directly into the IC title picture and we talk about other things.

Duration: 00:59:58

E209: Vince Hates You!

Reaction to WWE #NoMercy 2017. Roadie, Adam, Steve, Brian and Medine react to a story of two halfs. Stellar opening matches and absolute garbage closing matches. Roman claims the iron throne after a single superman punch to a live Dragon. Enzo borrows John Cena’s mythical golden shovel to bury an entire division of talented wrestlers. We learn the best way to chop down a Monster… a single F-5! The subtitle for this episode is “The Day the Wrestling Died”

Duration: 01:28:13

E208: Black Velvet!

On this edition of The TAKEDOWN… GOlda, Brian and The Roadie react to the 9/20/17 showing of NXT on the WWE Network. Bianca Belair and Lacy EVans shows the universe that the NXT women’s division is in good hands after the Asuka Era. NXT creative takes a chance and puts Velveteen Dream with Aleister Black in a program. The Roadie believes that The Unpisduted Era is a mild reboot of NWO.. do you agree?

Duration: 01:01:05

E207: Queen Charlotte Returns for her Crown

Adam, Medine and Golda react to Tuesday Night Smackdown Live from 9/19/17

Duration: 01:00:59

E206: Thank You Weasel! No Mercy Predictions

The faction of smart marks does a brief reaction to Monday Night RAW. We make our predictions for No Mercy the coming weekend and spend sometime remembering the GOAT of managers and commentators Bobby Heenan. A little Infighting will always make you smile…. funny episode!

Duration: 01:37:26

E205: Undisputed Era

Brian, Golda and Brian react and review NXT on the WWE Network from 9-13-2017.

Duration: 00:50:11

E204: KO is a made man.

The smarkdown crew reacts to a loaded Smackdown. Kevin Owens has a career defining moment as he takes down the Chairman Vince MCMahon. The New Day reclaims the tag titles in an anything but street fight match. Naomi fails to regain the women’s championship and more professional wrestling conversation.

Duration: 01:13:09

E203: The Miz is THE MAN

John Cena goes for shoot number 3 with Roman Reigns, The Miz opens up a can of Shoot on the roster hated, Liv Morgan cheating on Enzo. Cena takes a loss to Braun Strowman after Braun shuts down Suplex City and Asuka promo video debuts. More professional wrestling conversation. Fans perspective

Duration: 01:34:14

E202: Thank You Asuka!

Brian, Roadie Rob and Golda react and review NXT from the WWE Network. NXT says goodbye to Asuka.

Duration: 00:58:24

E201 - Shane McMahon… You’re FIRED!!!

On this rare one on one MOWP, Adam Baum and Roadie Rob go uninterrupted as they react to Tuesday Night Smackdown Live from 9/5/17. We talk about WWE making their talent work on Christmas Day and New Years Eve, extend our speed round to a debate forum, address the lack of elephents in the room and talk about all things pro wrestling.

Duration: 01:17:56

E200 - Cena - Roman Corporate Redue

The fan faction celebrates 200 episodes after a long day of drinking and cooking out on Labor Day. John Cena and Roman have round 2 of what was clearly a corporate reboot of the promo battle after Cena took Roman to the wood shed in a major shoot the week prior. Emma inserts herself in to the women’s title picture along side Nia Jax. The Miz wins clean against Jeff Hardy leaving many fans stunned. We reflect on our favorite moments from our 200 episode run, some funny, others emotional....

Duration: 01:45:56

E199: Circle of Honor

Brian, Golda and Roadie Rob discuss the August 30, 2017 episode of NXT on the WWE Network.

Duration: 01:07:32

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