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055 | The Instagram Live Formula That Makes Selling Easy

Welcome back to the show! If you are new here, hit that subscribe button and come hang out with us every Monday. If we have been hanging out through this podcast for awhile, I appreciate you so much and hope you have left a review on iTunes because that helps out this show tremendously! Now I just want to prepare you quickly for today's show because I brought on Tyler, who is one of my favorite people ever. We are covering the Instagram live formula that is going to set you up to dominate on...

Duration: 00:54:31

054 | Finding Your Emotional Driver that Impacts the Bottom Line of Your Business

Now today I am excited to share with you this episode because this was such a huge lightbulb moment for me and I know it will be for you as well because we ALL have emotional drivers in business that move us forward more than anything. Everyone’s drivers look so different but if we have enough self-awareness to look at this driver, see how this fits into our business, and make adjustments so that we feel fulfilled I think our productivity levels and just overall passion will unlock this...

Duration: 00:41:22

051 | Quizzes To Grow Your Email List

Welcome back to the show! Wow, we are wrapping up quarter four here at Market Beautifully headquarters and there are a lot of changes being made behind the scenes. We are going through a major transition from being more of an agency to membership site based. So my team of 4 is now at 1.5. I say .5 because one of the incredible women on the team is working a lot less hours and in 2018 will fade out. It has been a beautiful, messy, insane transition that I wouldn't trade for the world...

Duration: 00:22:39

044 | Instagram Story Secrets that Increase Engagement

Instagram story secrets that INCREASE engagement + how it helps you kick the Instagram algorithm in the freaking butt.

Duration: 00:45:55

043 | The Playbook for Planning Quarter Four of Your Business

It’s just me and you again this week and I’m excited about that because that means we get to plan our quarter four of our businesses together!! I went live last week and went through a step by step of how I planned out quarter four of my business and I also pulled some examples from a few viewers and broke it down for them. Let me know what YOUR goals and projects are for quarter four of 2017 or whenever it is that you are listening and we can chat about them.

Duration: 00:33:52

041 | Using the App Anchor as a Marketing Strategy

I Brought Jessica Stansberry on to chat audio, more specifically about anchor. There are SO many cool tactics that we dive into in this episode and I cannot wait for you to jot down some ideas of how you can use these strategies in your own business so you can dominate your area online.

Duration: 00:38:13

040 | Answering Your Biggest Email Marketing Questions

I went in my Facebook group and Instagram live to gather some of your BIGGEST email marketing questions and you pretty much blew me away, as always. You asked some great questions that I was so excited to answer.

Duration: 00:41:39

039 | The Strategy Behind Setting up a Promoted Pin that Converts

Today I am walking Raewyn through the strategy I use to set up a promoted pin that converts. I do not do a lot of coaching except for my $97 for 60 minute sessions, but I don’t do a lot of coaching especially here on the podcast, but when she reached out specifically about promoted pins I knew this was a topic that a LOT of my sweet audience struggles with so I asked if we could make this a podcast episode while we walked through this together. So I pulled out a piece of paper once...

Duration: 00:29:59

038 | Creating Loyal Clients through Contracts that Convert with Christina Scalera

You probably read the title of this podcast and though what the heck there is no way that a CONTRACT can actually be used as a marketing tool to convert more leads into clients or turn them into fans. Contracts get a bad wrap. I know that contracts can be intimidating on both sides, but Christina has a different outlook on contracts that is backed up by her many years of legal experience and working with clients. She believes that you can use contracts to create loyal clients and position...

Duration: 00:48:58

037 | Monetizing Your Blog through Affiliate Marketing with Brittany Maddux

If you have been following along on Instagram stories or watching my lives then you know I am in the middle of a rebrand which has been a little scary because to be honest, I am a major control freak. Market Beautifully has always been a brand that has been designed by me but I know that if I hired someone to take my brand to the next level visually I would see that return. So I went for it. And I have been keeping my insta babes updated throughout the process - so if you are not following...

Duration: 00:31:00

036 | How to Create a Loyal Following that Believes in What You Sell with Sam Bell

I’m so pumped that you are back and we get to talk marketing again. I enjoy chatting with you so much through this podcast! Ok so today Sam Bell and I are about to spill some secrets from this book we have been reading that has not only made us drool because of all the marketing wisdom but changed our mindset toward our business and how we approached everything. Because of this book, I have made 180 switches behind the scenes of market beautifully and WOW the results have just been...

Duration: 00:54:05

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