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71: Drew Neisser: Marketing’s renegade talks strategy, story, and courage

This week’s episode of “Marketing Today” is a change of pace — a podcaster talking to a podcaster. Alan engages in a lively discussion with Drew Neisser, whose Renegade Thinkers Unite podcast has recently reached the 50-episode milestone. Neisser is also the founder and CEO of Renegade, an agency that focuses on helping CMOs develop their innovative and strategic thinking, and the author of “The CMO’s Periodic Table: A Renegade’s Guide to Marketing.” At the heart of Neisser’s marketing...

Duration: 00:40:01

70: Bob Hoffman: The Ad Contrarian strikes again

This week’s episode of “Marketing Today” is déjà vu all over again. Alan talks with Bob Hoffman, the first-ever return guest on the “Marketing Today” podcast. Hoffman, famously known as the Ad Contrarian, is an advertising veteran, best-selling author, and sought-after speaker and advisor. His latest book, “BadMen: How Advertising Went from a Minor Annoyance to a Major Menace,” provides Hoffman’s view on the state of online advertising. Hoffman casts an unflinching eye on today’s marketers,...

Duration: 00:32:25

69: Davis Smith believes doing good and building a great business can go hand in hand

In this week’s episode of “Marketing Today,” Alan talks with Davis Smith, the founder and CEO of Cotopaxi, and outdoor gear company with a humanitarian mission at its core. It was his experience growing up and later serving missions in countries like the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Bolivia — where he witnessed extreme poverty firsthand — that planted the seeds for his career path, and the eventual founding of Cotopaxi. In describing Cotopaxi, Smith says, “We’re a brand. We’re a brand...

Duration: 00:33:52

68: For Pearle Vision’s Douglas Zarkin, marketing is very much an art and a science

In this week’s episode of “Marketing Today,” Alan talks with Douglas Zarkin, who’s been vice president and CMO at Pearle Vision since 2012. Under Zarkin’s leadership, Pearle won Effies in the Health Care Services category in 2015 and 2016. And in 2017, Zarkin and his team took home a Silver Clio for Pearle’s “Small Moments” equity campaign. During his conversation with Alan, Zarkin touches on his drive to make an impact on the trajectory of the companies he works for, the difference...

Duration: 00:26:29

67: From the Smurfs to the Olympics to neuroscience, Horst Stipp has seen (and researched) it all

In this week’s episode of “Marketing Today,” Alan talks with Horst Stipp. Presently, Stipp is the Executive Vice President of Research and Innovation: Global and Ad Effectiveness at the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF). Prior to his time at ARF, Stipp enjoyed a 40-year career in consumer research for NBC, where his insatiable curiosity found him doing everything from finding ways to optimize the Smurfs to helping the network understand the broad appeal of the Olympics. His years of...

Duration: 00:32:37

66: Jonathan Cude and the value of fearlessness and resiliency

For his “Marketing Today” podcast, Alan has interviewed people from across the country and around the world. In this episode, though, he talks with someone who works in the same building — McKinney Chief Creative Officer Jonathan Cude. Cude got his start in advertising as a secretary at an Atlanta ad agency. Then, after a stop at portfolio school, he made his way to Portland and Wieden+Kennedy before arriving at McKinney. He’s been awarded just about every industry accolade while working...

Duration: 00:28:41

65: For Lincoln Bjorkman, it’s always about what’s next

Lincoln Bjorkman is the global chief creative officer for Wunderman — a network that has more than 170 offices in over 60 countries. During the course of his conversation with Alan Hart, he discusses the challenges, opportunities and constant change inherent in leading over 2,000 creatives worldwide. And he talks at length about the impact of the digital transformation on the creative role: “It’s now the air we breathe,” says Bjorkman. “If you want to be a successful creative…you have to...

Duration: 00:33:02

64: For Paul Smith, it’s all about people, culture and authenticity

Paul Smith is the CMO for Tangram, a Los Angeles-based company that designs and creates well-considered, efficient and effective workplaces with the core belief that collaboration and a people-focused approach are the fuel for innovation. During this podcast, Smith talks about what he believes are the keys for success: authenticity and being true to a company’s culture. Both of which, for him, go hand in hand. “More and more brands are culture based,” says Smith. “They’re a direct...

Duration: 00:22:12

63: Byron Sharp tells us what branding is all about

This is the third and final installment of Alan’s back-to-school podcast master class in marketing. This week, his conversation is with Byron Sharp, professor of marketing science at the University of South Australia. There, he is also director of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, the world’s largest research institute studying marketing. Sharp’s book, “How Brands Grow: What Marketers Don’t Know,” first published in 2011, continues to grow in popularity with marketers and academicians alike....

Duration: 00:46:43

62: Kevin Lane Keller always wants to be rigorous and relevant

This is the second installment of Alan’s back-to-school podcast master class in marketing. He’s been providing great insight through his conversations with some of the greatest academic minds in the discipline. Today, his conversation is with Kevin Lane Keller. Keller is the E.B. Osborn professor of marketing at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Considered to be one of the best business school professors today, he’s the author of “Strategic Brand Management,” which is...

Duration: 00:39:54

61: Philip Kotler: Marketing’s old guard keeps a constant eye on the future

Over the next three weeks, Alan takes us back to school with a podcast master class in marketing. To do this, he’ll be talking to some of the greatest academic minds in the discipline. And today his conversation is with Philip Kotler. Considered by many as both “The Marketing Guru” and “The Most Influential Marketer of All Time,” Kotler discusses just a few of the many books he’s written on marketing, from “Marketing Management” (now in its 15th edition) to his most recent effort,...

Duration: 00:35:45

60: Bill Blubaugh and the brand you suck — that doesn’t suck

As part of an ongoing series of conversations with 2017 Effie-winning marketers, Alan Hart talks with Bill Blubaugh, senior brand director of sweets and refreshments at The Hershey Company. In this podcast, they discuss the Jolly Rancher brand and its “A New Media Model to Transform a Brand that Sucks” campaign. In his conversation with Hart, Blubaugh talked about how effective marketing is more than hitting your marks and checking off boxes, it has to connect viscerally. “You have to...

Duration: 00:15:54

59: Bill Beck loves working for an iconic brand that cares

As part of an ongoing series of conversations with 2017 Effie-winning marketers, Alan Hart talks with Bill Beck, vice president of brand marketing at Whirlpool. In this podcast, they discuss the “Care Counts” campaign. In his conversation with Hart, Beck touches on the factors that combined to create Whirlpool’s successful “Care Counts” campaign, but he also talked about the thrill of working on the well-known brands of the Whirlpool family: “These are iconic brands, and you get to work...

Duration: 00:16:41

58: Angela Gusse finds the right flavor for Pop-Tarts

As part of an ongoing series of conversations with 2017 Effie-winning marketers, I spoke with Angela Gusse, marketing director for Pop-Tarts at The Kellogg Company. In this podcast, we discuss the “Pop-Tarts Soda-Mazing” campaign. During the conversation, Gusse talks about her definition of marketing success, which she breaks down quite simply: “For me, marketing is effective when it helps you sell more product, that’s fundamentally what we’re trying to do.” But, as with most things,...

Duration: 00:21:42

57: Welcome back, Colonel: George Felix and the revival of the KFC brand

As part of an ongoing series of conversations with 2017 Effie-winning marketers, Alan Hart talks with George Felix, director of brand communications at KFC. In this podcast, they discuss KFC’s “The Return of Colonel Sanders” campaign. Felix describes the North Star of the campaign as a return to what the brand stood for when it was great: Finger lickin’ good chicken, red-and-white buckets and the Colonel himself — whether it’s the Extra Crispy Colonel or the Colonel intent on launching...

Duration: 00:16:53

56: Jeff Wurtzel unwraps Extra Gum’s winning campaign

As part of an ongoing series of conversations with 2017 Effie-winning marketers, Alan Hart talks with Jeff Wurtzel, senior brand manager at Mars/Wrigley, who oversees the Extra Gum brand. They discuss Extra Gum’s “Unwrapping A Love Story” campaign — everything from the key insight, music choice, and the steps and surprises Wurtzel’s team faced along the way. In the course of the interview, Wurtzel identifies two elements that are critical to the success of a brand: The ability to...

Duration: 00:16:12

55: Kristina Duncan and the reinvention of a cultural icon

As part of an ongoing series of conversations with 2017 Effie-winning marketers, Alan Hart talks with Kristina Duncan who, as vice president for global marketing communications at Mattel, oversees all global branding, advertising, retail merchandising and digital creative for the Barbie brand. Duncan and Hart discuss the “Imagine the Possibilities” campaign, an effort that aimed to accomplish two objectives for the Barbie brand: Drive business and change perception. In doing this they had...

Duration: 00:21:35

54: Julie Hoffmann: the quintessential data-driven marketer

As Adobe’s head of travel and hospitality strategy, Julie Hoffmann leaves no stone — and certainly no piece of data — unturned. After spending 18 years in the Las Vegas trenches working for the likes of MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment, Hoffmann now spends her time at Adobe elevating brands like Marriott, Southwest and Hyatt. Hoffmann possesses an unswerving belief in the power of data. It’s that belief, combined with a journey she took to Texas as an 8-year-old and a...

Duration: 00:25:00

53: Ryan Davis goes big with Overwatch

As part of an ongoing series of conversations with 2017 Effie-winning marketers, Alan Hart talks with Ryan Davis, global marketing communications director for Overwatch, a first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In this podcast, Davis discusses the thinking behind the launch of Overwatch, the critically acclaimed and commercially successful game that debuted in May of last year. For the main focus of their marketing, Davis and Blizzard went over the top, creating...

Duration: 00:19:11

52: Pete Carter believes in the power of an idea

As part of an ongoing series of conversations with 2017 Effie-winning marketers, Alan Hart talks with Pete Carter who, as marketing director at Procter & Gamble, heads up the Pantene business. Carter talks in detail about Pantene’s “#DadDo” campaign. The 2016 campaign was unveiled, somewhat unconventionally, leading up to and during Super Bowl 50 (the league eschewed the use of a Roman numerals that year to highlight the game’s golden anniversary). The campaign utilized a series of how-to...

Duration: 00:30:11

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