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Successful Entrepreneurs share their hustle to get where they are today. Listen how not taking no as an answer led these entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Learn about who inspired them and how marketing works for them. Get their best marketing strategies that are working for these entrepreneurs right now. Hear them share great resources. Be inspired by their words of wisdom and their vision of Success.




Episode 259: "How to Get Un-Stuck with your Content Creation" - Fabienne Raphaël

Did that ever happen to you? You are sitting in front of your computer and... Nothing. I mean, nothing happens. You are not inspired. You don't know what to write about. In other words, you are stuck. So you get frustrated. And it leads you nowhere. That is why, in this episode, I share with you a few ways to get un-stuck and go on with serving your audience with valuable and actionable content. To your success!

Duration: 00:11:12

Episode 258: "How to Communicate your Value to Grow your Business" - Al Emerick

Let me ask you 2 questions. My first one: What is your value? And my second one: What are your values? Were you able to answer these quite quickly because you had already done the reflection or you had no words? Well, here is some help for you. This episode. Because see, Al Emerick is a "value geneticist". Yep. He knows all there is to know about value. And he explains it pretty well. In simple words. And by giving you concrete examples. Jim Rohn used to say: "We get paid for...

Duration: 00:34:12

Episode 257: "Discover what's your Score as an Entrepreneur" - Fabienne Raphael

Do you wish that sometimes you had something very specific to evaluate how your day went? Because as an entrepreneur, there are no days that are exactly the same. Seriously. One day, you are on top of the world... The other, you feel so unproductive! Or maybe it's been a couple of weeks that you never accomplish what you want during your days and you are wondering why. Or, you are dying to grow your business and it's been stagnant for a while... Well, on this episode, I share with you...

Duration: 00:18:32

Episode 256 - "How to Fast Pace your Business Growth" - Lyndsay Phillips

Who does not want that. Go a bit quicker in everything. Time flies. So much. As entrepreneurs, we always want stuff to be done for yesterday! We're impatient to make things happen. We're always looking for more. In this episode, Lyndsay Phillips teaches a few strategies to fast pace your business growth. And you'll really appreciate it. So tune in now and if you want to know more about Lyndsay, go at: http://www.smoothbusinessgrowth.com/ http://www.lyndsayphillips.com/

Duration: 00:26:34

Episode 255: " SEO: To Care or Not to Care?" - Kris Reid

Some people say that this should not be your priority. Other marketers just live by it. Others just don't know that it exists... We are talking about SEO. Meet Kris Reid, the coolest guy in SEO. We talk SEO, online reputation engineering, content plan, back links, internal links, and many other things! If you want to know more about Kris, just Google: "the coolest guy in SEO!"

Duration: 00:30:48

Episode 254: How to Bring Extra Cash in your Business? - Fabienne Raphael

The title is self-explanatory. But let me add this really quickly. You might think that you need a website, a logo, business cards or some kind of uniform to start your business? You are wrong. See, starting to earn an extra revenue might be simpler than you thought. In this episode, I convince you that you are not far from your extra income. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:16:24

Episode 253: How to Build a Great Online Reputation - Brian Barquilla

Do you care about what people say about you, all over the web? When you started your online business, have you thought about that? What's your plan to make your reputation shine online? Well, you've got to know that taking care of this will have a direct impact on your credibility, authority, trust and capacity to make sales. Meet Brian Barquilla. Brian is a small business marketing expert and today, he shares with you the key elements to build a great reputation online. It's his...

Duration: 00:31:07

Episode 252: "Are you Following an Aligned Driven Path in your Business? - Leimomi Keliikuli

I know. The question that I am asking in the title of this episode might have made you think and reflect a little bit more than usual... Alignment. Soul alignment. Business. Link between soul alignment and business... From Leimomi's point of view, your business is an extension of you. So it means that your purpose and the way you serve your audience have to fit with who you truly are. Period. During this episode, Leimomi tells you how to find that soul alignment, but she also...

Duration: 00:34:53

Episode 251: Finally, A Way to Stand Out Above this Online Clutter - Fabienne Raphael

Today, I want to address a perfect way to stand out above the online clutter. Yep. Starting an online business and being able to shine and rise above your competitors might be a challenge... It is for the majority of people when they are starting out. Which is exactly why so many people give up along the way. They think that it is unfeasible. That they'll never get there. But why so many others succeed? Of course, there are plenty of strategies that you can implement to get...

Duration: 00:14:09

Episode 250: "5 Biggest Lessons Learned in Business" - Fabienne Raphael

This episode is my 250th. Wow. Can't realize that I've come so far. And it's all because of you! I've been in business for a while. I built businesses that didn't work out. And others that fulfilled me. A lot. So today, I am sharing with you the 5 Biggest Lessons Learned in Business. It comes from my heart. To you. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:22:36

Episode 249: Discover the Key Elements to Get More Sales - Marcus Sheridan

Every business owner wants to make more sales. If not, why would a business owner own a business? But understanding how to communicate in order to get to the sale is a challenge for some people. And for others, they own it, which leads to great success. Meet Marcus Sheridan. In this interview, he makes you discover the key elements to get more sales and it all starts with communication. You will learn: Tune in and you won't regret. And if you want to know more about Marcus, go...

Duration: 00:35:13

Episode 248: How to Work Less & Make More - Perry Marshall

Do you know what 80/20 stands for ? Let’s describe what it means in your yearly revenue as a business owner. 80% of your revenue is produced by 20% of your clients. So if you concentrate on these 20%, and you make them repeat business with you, then, you are already in a good position ! And the best thing is that if you dig deeper into the concept… Among these 20%, 20% of these people will be responsible of 80% of the revenue that they bring to your business… Hmmm. And I am...

Duration: 00:40:46

Episode 247: "How to Find & Embrace your Greatness" - Lolly Daskal

Are you a leader? From Lolly Daskal’s point of view, everybody is. As she says: “We are here to be our most valuable.” Do you agree? It seems that it is our own responsibility to dig in, discover and express our own leadership qualities. This week’s interview is very deep. It will make you feel good, comfortable at time and uncomfortable at others, because it might point out on something that you are struggling with inside of you. But it definitely gives...

Duration: 00:27:18

Episode 246: The Power of Direct Mail & Newsletters" - Shaun Buck

Tell me. When was the last time that you received a personal letter ? When was the last time that you received something via mail, other than your bills, bank statements, assurances or your neighbour’s realtor’s flyer ? … That’s what I thought. You don’t remember. Because it’s been too long. Just by reading these lines, you should know where I am going. Yes, you can use direct mail to market your business, but also to deepen your authority, credibility and trust towards your...

Duration: 00:27:26

Episode 245: "How to Develop an Effective Referral System" - Zvi Band

Do you know how to approach people? The first time that you see someone, do you usually know exactly what to say, how to make that person pay attention or remember you? Do you know clearly what feeling you are trying to evoke with that person? The better you are at that, the more people connect with you and stay in touch with you. This week, I interview Zvi Band. And we talk about relationships. About developing an effective referral system. About cold emailing. About...

Duration: 00:27:44

Episode 244: "How to shift your Thinking into The 12 Week Year" - Michael Lennington

Are you good at accomplishing your goals? Do you nail them all the time, or you still struggle with them? Happy dance! This week’s interview will definitely help you! My guest is Michael Lennington, co-author of The 12 Week Year. Listening to that interview will totally help you implement and execute. He and his co-author, Brian P. Moran figured out a way to help you overcome the yearly-analyzed thinking and invite you to make a thinking shift. Michael advises to...

Duration: 00:25:55

Episode 243: "Is Hustling Overrated?" - Lisa Cummings

As an entrepreneur, I am sure that you’ve done that mistake. I think that it’s part of the entrepreneur DNA. You wanted to do everything instead of outsourcing. You felt that you could change the world (by yourself)… You hustled. Maybe you still do. Then, you absolutely need to listen to this interview with Lisa Cummings. She shares that actually, in many situations, when you decide to just work harder… It gets you to a burnout. And one way to get to where you want to be...

Duration: 00:34:30

Episode 242: "How to Fully Embrace the Podcasting & Online Business Opportunities" - Yann Ilunga

This week, I interview Yann Ilunga. And we talk about music. And podcasting. And business opportunities, when speaking several languages. Then, we go back to the essentials. We talk about how crucial it is to care about the audience. The people that cherish you, like you, trust you and talk about you. A nice conversation, from Montreal to Finland. Enjoy! If you want to know more about Yann: www.yannilunga.com/community

Duration: 00:35:08

Episode 241: "The Power of YOUR Story" - Joel Capperella

You might struggle with this. I know I did, when I started my online business. Finding your story. Your differentiating point. Your unique way to attract your dream clients. Even when you are teaching what others are teaching. This week, I interview Joel Capperella. And we don’t discuss about the power of any story… We discuss about the power of YOUR story. The one that you have to bring on the marketplace to bond with your audience. In this episode, you’ll learn: Listen...

Duration: 00:27:18

Episode 240: "How to Embrace the Essentialist Lifestyle" - Greg McKeown

“A fewer things that spark joy are far better than a lot of things that produce stress.” Amazing. That’s the only word that comes to my mind after re-listening to this interview I had with the author of the book “Essentialism”, Greg McKeown. In a world where multitasking, being busy, and overworking are seen as heroic ways of living, Greg invites you to embrace the essentialist lifestyle. And it’s not easy. He says it himself; he still struggles with his own principles. Who...

Duration: 00:35:12

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