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The Do's and Don'ts of Voluntouring

102 The Do's and Don'ts of Voluntouring It is the start of a new year. To me, that means new plans, new travels, and new experiences. A clean slate. One of my favorite things to think on when the new year hits is TRAVEL. If you are a follower, you probably could have guessed that. ;) WHERE TO? This is a question I hear, and get asked quite a bit. It is no secret that my favorite type of travel is solo. You can check out my 5 Reasons You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Life...


Going Deep with Aaron Watson- Ep 101 Marta On The Move

#101 Aaron Watson I mentioned that 2017 was all about collaborations, and I meant it. It totally was, and that is just the start. those connections branch off and become strong bonds with people that relate to whatever project, work, idea, or tiny creative spark you have going inside your head. Aaron Watson is one of those folk that I met in 2017 that had a wonderful attitude for bringing like minded folks in Pittsburgh together to help build each other up. I love that. He is putting on...


100th Episode Celebration for Marta On The Move LIVE audio recording of Marta Match- A Throwback of The Match Game

#100 Episode Celebration LIVE Game Show! Hello 2018! Well, 2017 was rough and can seriously stick it. We are here now in 2018, and I started it right with a live game show of The Match Game called "Marta Match" complete with magic by Lee Terbosic, a musical drag show by Deep Violet, free craft beer, retro gaming, a butt load of laughter, merriment, a good cause like Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Pittsburgh and welcome friends! The night was better than I could have expected. I had THE...


Big Brothers and Big Sisters Holiday Special- Tom Baker, Jhon Yonan #99 Marta On The Move

#99 Big Brothers and Sister of Pittsburgh Holiday Special Don't you wish when you were in high school you could talk to someone older, who wasn't your parents, or your teachers. Someone who was just there to give advice, without judgement. Maybe an outside perspective into a job you were eyeing up, but weren't sure was the right fit for you. That is only a small part of what Big Brothers Big Sisters of America does for kids. My best friend Jhon Yonan has been telling me about his little...


Khalmeela Adams - 11:5:17, 4.33 PM

#98 Kahmeela Adams Ever have a friend who is relentless about you meeting a person they know. You hear, "Oh! You don't know her/him? You have to! You two are so much alike!" You then dismiss said friend, because you have heard it before, and it really doesn't turn out to be true. Sometimes... it does, enter Kahmeela Adams. Kahmeela and I met for coffee after a friend's urging, and the time flew. We share a lot of the same loves including Comic Cons, and (I say proudly), are a bit quirky,...


Patrick Cannon- Creator of "Mulilgan"

#97 Patrick Cannon I met Patrick over 10 years ago when we both starred in a musical at Robert Morris College. The musical was 1776. Patrick starred as John Adams, and I played Charles Thomson( Yes I played a man, and slayed it. btw). This was a very magical show for everyone involved. In fact, both my brother and sister starred in the musical as well, and the entire cast grew very close. Years later, we still keep in touch, and remember it fondly. During the production, it became very...


True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh Part III- Episode 95 on Marta On The Move Podcast

#95 True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh Part III LIVE! We are back for True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh Part III! If you have tuned into Marta On The Move Podcast in the past, the lead up to Halloween always has this episode included. Usually, John Schalcosky from The Odd, Mysterious, and Fascinating History of Pittsburgh comes over, we hang out in Pj's, invite a few friends and chill out to record. We got so many requests from fans to be able to view a taping of the live podcast, that we...


ANGELMAKERS- Songs For Female Serial Killers Episode 94 On Marta On The Move Podcast

#94 Angelmakers- Songs For Female Serial Killers What is it about serial killers that makes us interested in them? My Netflix account is full with documentaries about them. Thousands of books have been written about them. Even I, at a young age was obsessed with all the information I could find. Why they did what they did, and more so, HOW could they do it. In my lead up to Halloween I found something happening in Pittsburgh that I felt was the perfect fit. Angelmakers- Songs For Female...


Castle Blood Owner Ricky Dick. Epi 93 on Marta On The Move Podcast

#93 Castle Blood Pittsburgh has it's fair share of horror attractions, ranging from hay rides, to scare houses, forrest trails, and much more. I have not, however, found an attraction that combines all of my favorites things into one... until now. Castle Blood was introduced to me recently by a fan on my Facebook page. He suggested that the experience was right up my alley, boy was he right! The attraction combines immersive theater, escape rooms, AND haunted houses all in one. Didn't...


Steve Rudzinski Ep 92 Marta On The Move

#92 Steve Rudzinski We are officially into the Halloween season my friends, and you know what that means. The lead up to Halloween on my podcast is one of my favorite times of the year. I love featuring everything spooky, scary, and downright fearful these two months, and I have some great episodes coming up, starting with this one. Steve Rudzinski is a director of horror films in Pittsburgh. Well, not just director. Steve also writes, acts, produces, and edits a good bit of his work as...


Darcy Lyle and Rachel Dobos- Steel City Slackers Ep 92 Marta On The Move

#92 Darcy Lyle and Rachel Dobos Facing your fears is never easy, and we as humans tend to run in the opposite direction rather than look them straight in the eye. I have always been a fan of running towards them. It started with my first solo plane ride overseas for my volunteer project, then to scuba diving, and recently indoor rock climbing. I have noticed as I get older, I am starting to have a fear of heights. I never really noticed it, until I was standing very high up on a ledge...


Kenny Gould- Co-founder of Hop Culture Magazine Ep 91 Marta On The Move

#91 Kenny Gould I recently met Kenny Gould on a shoot of a TV pilot. I was playing the part of the host of the show, and Kenny, was one of my judges. A very picky judge is what he had to portray, and I soon realized that the person he was playing on the show, was not his true character. Kenny is ridiculously funny, intelligent, and down to earth. Not only that, but he is self made successful entrepreneur. Kenny Gould is Co-founder, and Editor in Chief of Hop Culture Magazine created...


Kellee Maize and Jimmy McNichol Ep- 90 Marta On The Move

#90 Kellee Maize and Jimmy McNichol Kellee Maize is a sensation on the internet. This white female rapper, singer, and song writer has over 9 million downloads, and continues to grow that number daily. Maize is the number one person that pops up in your browser when you search for female rappers, and is about to release her 7th album since 2008. This one woman powerhouse is far more than just her title though. In 2006 Maize started her own events, and marketing company called Nakturnal ....


Rico Gagliano - Dinner Party Download Episode 88 Marta On The Move Podcast

#88 Rico Gagliano Rico Gagliano is creator, and co host of Dinner Party Download, and I was lucky enough to snag him as he was passing through Pittsburgh to chill with me for a podcast session. This meant a lot to me, guys. Dinner Party Download was one of two podcasts (Nerdist being the other), that inspired me to start my own show. I love DPD, and still listen to this day (If you don't you are a fool). It is a delightful, cultural blend, that has everything you want out of a podcast....


Mike Hitt- Episode 87 Marta On The Move Podcast

#87 Mike Hitt It has been 3 years to the date, people! Damn! I am so excited to have some really incredible guests on the show this month and next. Rico Gagliano from Dinner Party Download is joining me on July 2nd! His podcast was the inspiration for starting my own. Snap! Luis Von Ahn the creator of the Captcha, and CEO of Duolingo was my last one, and this one welcomes Mike Hitt from MCM Studios. Sometimes you meet those people you are just meant to run into at a certain time of your...


Luis Von Ahn - Episode 86- Marta On The Move

#86 Luis Von Ahn I wonder how many of you may know, that the widely popular company known as Duolingo, has it's base right here in Pittsburgh, PA? I sure didn't. After trying many language courses, Rosetta Stone, and even regular CD's you can listen to on your way to work (never happens), I found myself drawn to the free app that is Duolingo. I just happened to be browsing online one day, and noticed from their website, that they are Pittsburgh based! What, what? If you listen to my...


The Spice Of Morocco Marta On The Move Episode 85

I have recently returned from my Moroccan journey, and I am forever changed in my love of spices. The richness of the country, is in it's spices in my opinion. I have never seen, tasted, or smelled such pungent, and varied flavors. I wanted to record when I got home about all that I have seen, tasted, and hopefully share some cooking tips with my listeners from locals on the trip! I love to cook, and made finding some cooking classes while I was there a top priority. In fact, the first...


MOTM Ep 80 Tips For The Nervous Scuba Diver

Diving is one of my favorite activities, but even I get nervous when I am not prepared. I have put together some of the things that make, at least for me, a solid base for a successful dive. I am sure others have their routines they go through, and I would love to hear about them. Please post if you have something you always do, aside from the regular checks that help make your dive a great one. Follow me at @icantfindmarta, on Facebook or check out my podcasts on the Epicast TV. NO...


Rick Sebak Motm 83

#83 Rick Sebak FINALLY!!!! Not many of you know this, but I have been trying to get Rick Sebak on my show since day one. Our schedules have never synced up, until now, and I am so glad we waited, because it is pure gold. If you grew up in Pittsburgh, you knew his voice, and later spotted him around town. For those that don't know him, Rick is a highly skilled director, producer, and writer for WQED Pittsburgh. His signature "scrapbook documentaries" have been copied across the country,...


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