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Episode 67: Trampionship Wrestling

Everyone's gearing up for No Mercy, and your buddies are no different! Marty and Sarah present their world-famous segment, "Who Do You WANT To Win?" and a whole handful of guest appearances make this episode one for the books! An established documentarian makes a return appearance, a REALLY big brother, and a return from one of our British favorites among many more. A high-flying buster of a Wrestling Confession and a go home rendition of FMK are all waiting for you right here in this...

Duration: 01:16:34

Episode 67: Itty Bitty Nipple Committee

What a world, what a week, what a time to be alive! Marty & Sarah are back to talk this week in WWE, what's coming up, and hear about Smackdown Live --- According to Chrisley. Some brassy blondes make return appearances, and a brand new buddy climbs into the ring. Your favorite buddies pop in for the assist with FMK and Wrestling Confessions and a little buddy is still likable, even when his BIG is actin' SAWFT. Let's Podcast!

Duration: 01:16:19

Episode 65: Longest Reigning Winter-Continental Champion

Marty and Sarah are back and PRETTY good friends who love wrestling! Raun Strowman lets us know how he feels about his baby brother, @Billy clears up rumors about the state of sports entertainment, and Emma makes a frightening promise. All that plus RAW and Smackdown talk, FMK, and a hairy wrestling confession. Stick around for a Christmas miracle and MIDI-night treat. Let's Podcast!

Duration: 01:09:51

Episode 64: Extreme Scruples

Don't worry, there are no Mae Young Classic spoliers here! Just two buddies who love wrestling and their buddies who wanna talk about it. Nathan (Nathan's Wrestling Review) makes himself welcome, Patty reads more *original* fanfiction, and an old wrestling pal makes a birthday appearance. A wrestling confession that'll leave a mark, a mean round of FMK contenders, and our favorite little guy round out this hang out. Let's podcast! Our Sponsors: Come see us in St. Louis this Saturday...

Duration: 01:18:24

Episode 63: O Strowman, Where Art Thou?

Your buddies are back from a slammin' week of Summer, Raw, Smackdown, and Global Force Wrestling! Our show opens with two buddies announcing our live show in St. Louis on 9/2/17 at Blueberry Hill. We chat with Nathan (Nathan's Wrestling Review), Bayley, and we welcome the debut of not one but TWO buddies to the show! That's all before we read a Wrestling Confession and a trailblazing FMK. Thanks for being here, buds! Sponsors & Shows: - for a limited time, get your first...

Duration: 01:14:43

Episode 62: Pull String Theory

Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling and presumably so do you, because you're here! Welcome. This week we wrap up talks about G1 with Roman and Nathan from NWR. Ryback overstays his welcome and a new lady buddy reads some of her writing. All this and a too sweet Wrestling Confession and a jolly round of FMK. Find out what Pull String Theory is and much more when you dive in--- Let's Podcast! Our Sponsors this week: Dollar Shave Club: Get Dr. Carver's Shave Butter and a whole razor kit for just...

Duration: 01:17:29

Episode 61: Nathan & Roman In The Morning

Sup Naiturds? Roman and Nathan from Nathan's Wrestling Review join us to discuss G1. Other buddies like Emmalina and Alexa come by to wish Marty well as he isn't feeling well this episode - but he truly soldiers through! An oil check of a Wrestling Confession plus an Entertainment Buffet FMK dessert round out this episode. After that, there's definitely not a brand new post show program! Our sponsors this week: Get some flowers at - Code MSLW at checkout Go see "How Does...

Duration: 01:07:02

Episode 60: ProtectThe.Biz

The big day is finally here! Hear all about our online home, ShopZone, and much more. We are also visited by a lot of *~*~musical~*~* buddies such as Aiden English, Kyle, Mrs. B. and a certain red-suited omniscient friend. All that, plus of a whopper of a Wrestling Confession and a tuck-in from an intergalactic buddy. You ready? Let's Podcast! Sponsors: Entertainment Buffet at Stage 773 this month! Check out promo code BUDDY Check out ProtectThe.Biz -...

Duration: 01:12:41

Episode 59: Knockin' on Buddies' Door

This podcast is ESPECIALLY rated 'E' for Explicit tonight! We're not sure if there was something in the water or what, but the buddies were behaving like we're still in the Attitude Era! Ryback digs himself into a deeper hole regarding his own podcast, TONS of singers pop in and do their thing, and Emmalina was...well, you'll just have to listen. All that plus FMK, some Wrestling Confessions of Wonder and a very special celebrity debut. Let's Podcast! Sponsors: MLW...

Duration: 01:12:56

Episode 58: Dad Boys Club

Get in the ring for your favorite thing! Marty & Sarah are back to discuss RAW, Smackdown, Table for 3, and what the heck Kurt's big news is gonna mean for us all. Shadeful Emma has a few more things to say about the WWE, and a good ol' boy makes his debut appearance just for Sarah. Two more live performances of the FMK and Wrestling Confession themes along with a very special treat at the end of the episode mean you're in for a full hour and some of wrestling fun. Let's Podcast!

Duration: 01:17:04

Episode 57: Ryback's Delight

It was a dark and stormy night...and your buddies podcasted anyway! Hear from a jealous Emmalina, a couple of buddies we haven't seen in a while (hint: Kevin the dog's dad), and even God himself drops in! Two special guests help us out with the segment songs this week and the wrestling confession is sure to follow you home. We can't even tell you what Brad the alien said! Give it a listen and then rate, review and subscribe! Our sponsors this week: Get some flowers at -...

Duration: 01:15:51

Episode 56: Press Passholes

Marty and Sarah are back from G1 and haven't settled down yet! Your buddies give you the inside scoop on having a backstage press pass, seeing how beautiful these Japanese wrestlers truly are, and how cool it is when buddies collide. Hear and feel appearances from Nathan (Nathan's Wrestling Review), @Billy, and Little Miss Bliss (with perhaps a firework or two in the background). All that, plus live a capella Wrestling Confessions and FMK make this an Independence Day for the ages. Let's...

Duration: 01:11:03

Episode 55: Takes One To G1!

Hey, Buddies! Marty and Sarah are heading to Long Beach for NJPW’s G1 but before that they are here to make you giggle. We binged on GLOW, saw Cody win the ROH belt (Blocked! Click!) and Sarah’s crush on Samoa Joe continues to grow each week. Your two favorite ding dongs are joined by tons of Buddies including Roman, @Billy and Brad “The Alien” just to name a few. Hope you like singing because this one has got some. Ready? Let’s podcast!

Duration: 01:15:59

Episode 54: Great American Birthday Bash

We're back with a very special episode celebrating the one and only Marty DeRosa's birthday! Usual customs are tossed aside as buddies come together to wish Marty a happy day and occasional get lost in conversation themselves. Lil Enzo processes Raw, @Billy challenges a female buddy to a sing-off, and a sweet little boy has his swan song. All this plus lots more as we celebrate life and wrestling here on MLW Radio!

Duration: 01:08:03

Episode 53: Make America Feel Like Christmas Again

Hey, Buddies. Marty & Sarah are back after a weekend full of Japanese wrestling goodness! We go one hour (and some change) in order to get you ready for MITB, new cast members on Total Divas & future NWA Title matches. All this plus some a Big Guy-sized Wrestling Confessions, a round of FMK & a visit from Santa's smallest helper. Let's podcast! Visit our sponsors... Take our survey!

Duration: 01:10:44

Episode 52: Introducing Brad!

Your Buddies are back with a special late night podcast. This one starts off with a bang. Sarah has a special friend with her that will blow your mind. Ryback is (Ry)back, Helen isn't Dunne with wrestlers & Lana dances her way back onto tv. All this plus a British Wrestling Confession & a round of FMK. Let's podcast! Support our sponsors... (Use promo code MSLW)

Duration: 01:10:54

Episode 51: Extreme Rules...Home Edition!

Hey, Buddies! Welcome back to the podcast that Rules in a very Extreme fashion. Alexa stops by to explain what went wrong on Raw, @Billy almost owns the NWA & Cesaro & Sarah play house. All this plus a red hot Wrestling Confession, a round of FMK & a very big guy is here to tuck everyone in. Let's podcast! Visit our sponosors... Hungry? Head to Get some comics at

Duration: 01:20:45

Episode 50: A guy, a girl & a wrestling ring...buhh!

Hey, Buddies! For the 50th time Marty & Sarah are here to talk about all things Wrestling! This jumbo sized episode is here to celebrate all the fun we've had since this silly little podcast started 50 weeks ago. We've got more Buddies than you can shake a kendo stick at stopping by to say hello. All this plus a Wrestling Confession, a round of FMK & Lil Enzo is here to tuck everyone in. Let's podcast! Visit our sponosors... Need pins? Head to (use the code "BUDDY" for 25%...

Duration: 01:35:29

Episode 49: Reporting For Rosebud Duty!

Hey, Shit Kings! Your Buddies Marty & Sarah are back to...dive into the week that was here in Pro Wrestling! Roman is talking all things Japan, Netflix is about to GLOW & Mrs. B talks Finn's WWE24. All this plus Sarah has her very own Wrestling Confession. Get ready for this one. Let's podcast! Visit our sponosors... Heels & Faces - Lapel Yeah - Hot Tag Zine -

Duration: 01:12:45

Episode 48: Roman's Colosseum

Hey, Buddies. Marty & Sarah are back after a weekend full of wrestling goodness! Strap in as Kyle "The Choir Boy" meets ZSJ, Marty gets tossed around by Eeeethan & Sarah enjoys some nipple jokes in Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. All this plus some sweetheart Wrestling Confessions, a round of FMK & a visit from the smallest potty mouth in the room. Let's podcast! Visit our sponsors... Buy some comic books! Get the Hot Tag zine from WM Weekend!...

Duration: 01:12:46

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