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Issue 186: Sweet Christmas 2017 - Black Friday & Holiday Shopping Guide!

Happy Thanksgiving, Marvelicious Toys listeners! And welcome to our 8th Annual Holiday Shopping Guide!In this issue Marjorie, Arnie, and Justin run down all the major Black Friday toy sales. Find out where to get Marvel Legends, movies, games, and other toys with the biggest savings! Then follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the best online Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!Then the hosts, aided by the entire Marvelicious Toys team, run down the best Marvel themed gifts for 2017. With...

Issue 185: Messin' With HASCON

HASCON -- it was Hasbro's first attempt at running their own convention. But now it's Hasbro's game...Hasbro's rules. What is a convention like without any vendor booths? What do you do at a Hasbro-con? And what does Flo Rida have to do with all this? On this issue of Marvelicious Toys Arnie reports first-hand from Hascon, held in Providence, RI. He got to meet James Gunn, he got the exclusive figures, and he is here to tell you if HASCON '18 should be a "must do" for you! Plus he also has...

Duration: 01:13:05

Issue 184: SDCC '17 Rear View Mirror

Hasbro Legends, Hot Toys, Sideshow Statues, Kotobukiya exclusives, and more are the topics for today's Marvelicious Toys Podcast! Arnie, Marjorie, and Justin reflect on all the new merchandise hitting shelves, and the massive amounts of upcoming Marvel toys shown at SDCC! All this and plus news on where to get toys and statues at 50% off in this new issue of Marvelicious Toys!

Duration: 01:09:41

Issue 182: All That and a Bag of Chips

Marvelicious Toys is back! Join Arnie, Justin, and Marjorie for the latest Marvel Legends news -- including the SDCC Exclusives! Plus a look at Sideshow's 12-inch Thor, the Spider-Man/Mary Jane Toys R Us Legends 2-Pack and more. Also on this episode, Guardians of the it the best movie of 2017? The hosts discuss the movie, and give a review of...the Doritos bag soundtrack? It's all on this return episode of Marvelicious Toys!

Duration: 00:58:38

Issue 180: Fing Fang Foolery

Marvelicious Toys is back! On this new issue join Arnie, Marjorie, and Justin as they catch you up on the past few weeks in Marvel collecting. This episode features a review of the movie Logan. The hosts reflect on the highlights of Toy Fair from Kotobukiya, Mezco, and Hasbro. They discuss the new Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America prop replicas from eFX Collectibles. And a discussion of the bootleg Marvel Legends spreading across the collecting market. All this and more in the...

Duration: 00:57:41

Issue 172: Pumpkin Spice Goblin

The Marvelicious Toys crew is back with space! On this new podcast they review the Space Venom wave of Marvel Legends including two Ultimate Spider-Men, Silk, Electro, Ashley Barton Spider-Girl, and Hobgoblin! Also, next week is New York Comic Con and Marjorie, Arnie, and Justin run down the exclusive toys you should hunt for at the con. And if you're going to NYCC be sure to say "hi" to our hosts! With a new thin crust Hot Toys figure and more, it's in this new issue of...

Duration: 01:06:45

Issue 157: I Aint 'Fraid of No Hulk!

Marvel Legends show no sign of slowing down! The new Absorbing Man wave of figures is on pegs across the country, and the Onslaught wave is close behind! But before the Marvelicious Toys hosts can get to these new ones, they have some old business to attend to--the Hulkbuster wave! Join them on this Marvelicious Toys as they look at the final wave of 2015 with Iron Man, War Machine, Thundra, Blizzard, and more! But that's not the only Mark featured this show. Just shipping now is the new...

Duration: 01:45:19

Issue 156: Toys of Future Past 2015 Part 2

Was 2015 the best year ever for Marvel Hot Toys? From the Age of Ultron line to throw-backs to all three Iron Man films, it was a good (if expensive) time to be a collector! On this issue of Marvelicious Toys, Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie are again joined by Scott from the Action Figure Blues podcast, and Dabid from Marvel Toy News, and other Marvelicious team members. They talk about the Hot Toys, Funko POPs, Sideshow Statues, and more that made up all the non-figure collecting of the...

Duration: 01:39:14

Issue 155: Toys of Future Past 2015 Part 1

2015 was a great year for collectors! Dozens of new Marvel Legends figures arrived on store pegs. Long-promised 3.75-inch scale Marvel Infinite Series figures finally joined your collection. Plus movie figures tying into Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. Now it's time for Marvelicious Toys' annual Toys of Future Past show! This year Arnie, Marjorie, and Justin are joined by Scott from the Action Figure Blues podcast, and Dabid from Marvel Toy News, and other Marvelicious team members. Join them...

Duration: 01:13:57

Issue 147: What a Box of A-Holes

Guardians of the Galaxy was a smash hit film, bringing these comic characters into the spotlight like never before. In addition to a number of comics and an upcoming animated series, the Guardians have new toys in the form of an Entertainment Earth exclusive box set. On this issue of Marvelicious Toys Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie review this set, tell you what's new and what's reused, and if you should buy this box of A-Holes! Also in this week's show, Pepper Potts gets her own Hot Toys...

Issue 146: A Tour of the SDCC Show Floor!

This year's San Diego Comic-Con was huge for Marvel toy collectors. New items were revealed from Hot Toys, Sideshow Collectibles, eFX Collectibles, Gentle Giant, and more. Plus Hasbro revealed upcoming waves of Marvel Legends and Marvel Infinite Series figures stretching into 2016! Join Marjorie, Arnie, and Justin now for a floor tour of the hottest booths for Marvel collectors. With a look at the upcoming figures, a close-up look at the Ant-Man prop replica helmet, and even exclusive...

Issue 145: We Want the Funko (2015 SDCC Exclusives)

One week from tonight it's Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con. There will be plenty of news, reveals, celebrities, and more -- but most of all there will be exclusives! On this issue of Marvelicious Toys Marjorie, Arnie, and guest host Geof run down the full list (so far) of exclusive items from this year's big show. If you're going to the convention, which items should you buy first? If you're not going, what items can you buy online (and which will command top dollar on eBay)? It's all...

Issue 144: Welcome Back, Mego!

Mego action figures were the start of collecting, and comic book love, for many collectors from Generation X. With the soft goods outfits, removable boots, varied accessories and more, these figures have become harder to find but that doesn't stop collectors from trying. But now Diamond Select Toys has the license to reproduce classic Mego action figures! The first three are out - Spider-Man, Captain America, and one never made in the classic Mego line: Wolverine! In addition to being...

Issue 143: Marvel's X-Tinction Agenda

Arnie, Marjorie, and Justin are back with a jam-packed new episode of Marvelicious Toys! On this show we tell you where you can find the latest Marvel Legends, including Daredevil, Spider-Woman, and Hulk! Plus we look forward to some new Hasbro figures on the horizon. Plus a look at several new online orders, including Hot Toys' Vision, Iron Legion, and Iron Man Mk 45, and Sideshow Collectibles' new Premium Format Spider-Man statue. With a look at the most exclusive Hulkbuster toy yet, and...

Issue 142: Leapin' Legends!

Tomorrow the Age of Ultron begins as the biggest Marvel movie of Phase II hits theaters! To celebrate, we bring you a special, bonus Marvelicious Toys show with plenty of Avengers assembled! Hasbro's newest Marvel Legends figures tie into Age of Ultron as the movie likenesses of Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man ship with comic-based Hellcat, Spider-Woman and Batroc. Get all six and you build the mad titan Thanos! Join Arnie, Justin, and Marjorie for reviews of all seven figures in this...

Issue 141: The Legends of Daredevil

In this issue there is a totally new Marvelicious Toys team-up! With Marjorie and Arnie crossing over to another series (Star Wars Action News) Justin joins forces with Geof to host this week's episode of Marvelicious Toys! In this episode the dynamic hosting duo look at the new Avengers: Age of Ultron figures coming from Ban Dai's S.H. Figuarts line! Geof's superpower is his focus on international toys and so he helps you figure out if these foreign figures are worth your dollar! But then...

Issue 140: Agents of CHiPs!

In the original Avengers films the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Phil Coulson, loomed large. Yet none of those characters received any attention in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line--until now! With the upcoming sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron Toys R Us is now selling the exclusive Legends 3-pack with those characters! Join the Agents of Marvelicious, Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie, to find out if this set should be on your Most Wanted list! But Age of Ultron is not confined to...

Issue 139: Gone Groot'n

In two months Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters--but the toys are here! New figures are hitting stores harder than a Hulkbuster hits a Hulk! Marvel Legends, Funko POP! vinyls and Dorbs, and more are at retail--and in collectors' hands! On this Marvelicious Toys hosts Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie run down their latest finds and tell you the best places to shop for the newest figures! It's not just the stores getting hit, online sales are burning up! Hot Toys has released their Hawkeye and...

Issue 138: Thunder, Thunder, Thunder God -- HO!

As Age of Ultron draws near the toys are hitting stores hard! Toys R Us and Targets are full of new Marvel Legends...but are they worth buying? On this issue of Marvelicious Toys the Allfather wave of Marvel Legends are reviewed. Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Machine Man, Iron Fist, and Sentry--and get them all to build Odin or King Thor! Watch for reviews of all nine characters! Also on this week's show we look at the new releases from Hot Toys, both the Hulk and the...

Issue 137: Toy Fair 2015 Part 2 - Funko, Diamond, and More!

Toy Fair International is where all the toymakers preview all the new figures, toys, and collectibles that will be released throughout the year. For Marvel collectors there was some great news in regards to announcements based on Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and, of course, the comics themselves! On this first part of their Toy Fair coverage, Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie look at all the new 2015 sets coming from LEGO. With a macro-scale Ant-Man set, an Avengers Tower, and a Helicarrier...
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