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The Sexual Plight of Single Christian Men

In this podcast, Craig James bluntly answers a question from a single, Christian listener who's frustrated with God over his lack of sexual activity with Christian women. Many Christian men find themselves on what appears to be the losing end of the competition in the sexual marketplace. But is this really the case? Listen in to find out. Follow Craig James on Twitter: Get Craig's Free eBook:

Duration: 00:15:04

How to Become More Confident

Men want to know how to become more confident, because confidence is a hallmark in the life of the masculine man. It’s a steroid that anabolizes a man’s presence. In this episode of the Masculine by Design Mancast, Craig James explains what confidence is, why men are so deficient in confidence today, and what we must do to become more confident. Show notes available here: Follow Craig James on Twitter: Get...

Duration: 00:25:35

The Reclamation of Biblical Masculinity | Jarrett Samuels

What it means to be masculine has been bastardized to the point of becoming impossible for a consensus to be reached within the culture. Sadly, the situation within the Christian church today isn’t much better, as many of its men are relegated to navigating life without a firm grasp of what biblical masculinity entails. My guest on today’s podcast joins me to discuss why Christian men are missing the mark and what it will require of them to reclaim the masculinity they've been created with...

Duration: 01:06:53

How to Build a Success Mindset | Dylan Madden

My guest on today's podcast is Dylan Madden. He's the owner of, a website that’s specifically designed for the man of action who isn’t content with his current situation in life and is willing to put in the work necessary to improve it. Dylan’s website and his recently published book, Think and Go Hustle, are outgrowths of him completely reshaping his formerly lackluster life through the power of mindset. Think and Go Hustle chronicles Dylan’s struggles attempting to...

Duration: 00:57:24

How to Quit Porn and Why You Should Want To | Ezekiel

Porn use is rampant and it's destroying the masculine potential of millions of men around the globe. Today's podcast guest joins me to talk in a very personal way about the impact porn is having in the lives of men today. We also cover why all men should make it a point to abstain from pornographic media and what they need to do to successfully accomplish this desire. Show Highlights - What led to Ezekiel's decision to quit porn - How porn affects the way a man views and interacts with the...

Duration: 01:23:34

What You Need to Know Before Starting a TRT Program | Business and Bullets

A virtual pandemic of low testosterone exists among men today. It’s been estimated that the average amount of testosterone coursing through the body of today’s 25-year-old men may be only half of what it was just a century ago. Fortunately, modern medicine has begun to step in and provide treatment options for men suffering from the effects of low testosterone. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has grown to a position of prominence over the past decade. In fact, millions of men are...

Duration: 01:15:14

How to Get Your Wife's Sexual Best After Having Children

Has sex become less frequent or less intense with your wife after having kids? Kids are a common excuse for the erosion of physical intimacy in marriages, but are they really the root of the problem? In this podcast Craig James explains what causes the typical loss in sexual desire wives tend to display after having kids and the power husbands have to continue getting their wife's sexual best long after kids enter the home. Kids are no excuse for not having the best sex of your life. Show...

Duration: 00:19:57

How To Be a Good Father in Modern Times | Neil White

I must confess that it wasn’t until recently that I dedicated a focus on specifying the outcomes I desire my masculine leadership to produce in my family – and, specifically, in the lives of my kids. In fact, it wasn’t until after reading Neil White’s book, A Father’s Mission: Strong Fatherhood in Our Modern Times, that my desire to be a good father was transformed into a mission. Neil joins me on the podcast today to discuss the mission of fatherhood and how father’s today must execute...

Duration: 01:50:19

Living with One Foot in the Grave

Your days are numbered. It's a morbid sentiment, to be sure. It also happens to be true. And it’s a truth that is deserving of our full attention. In this episode of the Masculine by Design Mancast, Craig James explores the immense value to be derived from living with a focus on the imminent fate of death that awaits us all. When we’re vividly reminded of life’s approaching finale, much of what we thought to carry significance only moments before tends to fade into obscurity. The darkness...

Duration: 00:13:52

The Return of Positive Masculinity | Rollo Tomassi

My guest on today’s podcast has spent the last decade examining this cultural evolution and its effects on society. He joins me to discuss how this dynamic came to be and the detrimental impact its having on the lives of men today, specifically as it pertains to marriage and fatherhood. Rollo Tomassi is the owner of, a website dedicated to expounding upon what is known as the red pill of intergender sexual dynamics. He’s also the author of a series of three books...

Duration: 02:24:25

How to Defeat Fear and Build Confidence

In this episode Craig James explains how to defeat fear and build confidence. It takes courage to overcome fear. And the only way to develop our courage is by taking action. As we take action in spite of our fears, our confidence slowly builds over time. The most common reason today’s men are without the confidence they need to thrive and pursue excellence is that they’re unwilling to act in the face of fear. Their lives remain stagnant and dull as a result. Listen in as Craig explains how...

Duration: 00:16:49

How to Plan for Financial Success | Ryan Stephens

Personal financial planning is something that can have major long-term implications for our lives. This truth can be ignored to our detriment or used to our advantage. Unfortunately, this is an aspect of men’s lives that often goes neglected, leaving their families to live with crippling debt and a bleak financial future. As masculine leaders of the home, one of our many responsibilities is to lead the effective management of our family’s finances. Today’s podcast guest joins me to discuss...

Duration: 00:58:01

What It Means to Be a Father

In this podcast Craig James talks through what it means to be a father and why having kids alone doesn't make a man a father. Craig also breaks down the most critical elements every man must maintain an intentional focus on if he is to be a successful father. This podcast is a sobering reminder for us dads of the responsibilities and rewards that come with successful fatherhood. View this podcast on the site: Follow Craig James on Twitter:...

Duration: 00:22:57

Style Tips for Men with Tanner Guzy

Today we’re going to be talking style tips for men. Style is something most men write off as being unimportant or not worth spending the time and effort developing. I’ll admit that I don’t often put much thought into the combination of clothes I use to cover my body each day. But this is an area every man needs be thinking about and working to optimize. Today I welcome Tanner Guzy on the podcast to discuss the most critical things men need to understand regarding how to style themselves to...

Duration: 01:08:48

The Power of Action with Kyle Eschenroeder

In today’s podcast, Kyle Eschenroeder and I discuss a number of the ideas in Kyle’s book, The Pocket Guide to Action: 116 Meditations on the Art of Doing, though there are many more that we were unable to flesh out due to time constraints. I suggest being ready to take notes while you listen in to this episode of the Mancast. The ideas discussed are both pragmatic and powerful when put to use. They’ve had a dramatic impact on my life. I’m confident they’ll do the same for yours. Show...

Duration: 01:27:52

The Courageous Man

Courage is something every man has the same capacity to express. Yet, if we're being honest, most of us would admit to wishing we displayed a little more of it at times. Nevertheless, what we often fail to remember is that a display of courage is nothing more than a choice to act. You gain strength when you voluntarily expose yourself to that which you’re avoiding out of fear. Conversely, the consequences of failing to confront your fears are devastating. Doing so trains you to retreat...

Duration: 00:19:08

How to Create Money Making Websites with Kyle Trouble

My guest on today's podcast has distilled the process of building profitable websites into a system that anyone can follow to supplement their income. His name is Kyle trouble. Kyle discusses every step in the process from start to finish. He covers everything from choosing a niche that will be profitable all the way to building a fully developed site. Show Highlights - What a niche site is and how it differs from a blog - How to determine a profitable topic to build a site around - Why...

Duration: 01:04:26

Masculine Fitness for Men with Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

If we're going to seek out the advice of another, we need to make sure they're a person who can be trusted. This is especially true when trusting them with something as valuable to us as our health and fitness. Today's guest on the podcast is a man that fits this description. His name is Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes. Alexander is an experienced personal trainer and online fitness coach. He writes (and speaks) with honesty, conviction and authority. After interacting with him on Twitter...

Duration: 01:27:34

The Design of Masculine Love

This podcast from Craig James on masculine love is going to be an uncomfortable one for some men to hear…which is exactly why they need to listen to it. Most men today don’t understand how to love in a way that is masculine. This is just one of the many pitfalls men must contend with while living in a hyper-feminized culture. We falsely equate what it means to love as a man with the way women have been designed to love. It should come as no surprise that men aren’t equipped to give and...

Duration: 00:43:56

Musings on the Benefits of Sobriety

Today's guest on the podcast is a professional boxer, author, speaker, chess player, physics major, intellectual, and virtual mentor to a host of men connected with him on Twitter. Ed attributes much of his success in life to a fateful decision he made to give up alcohol for a season to focus on his life's ambitions. Ed and I discuss the expansive benefits of giving up alcohol and why most, if not all, men would also benefit by making this decision. The goal of this podcast is not to...

Duration: 01:28:43

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