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The Masonic Radio Theatre is a both a tribute to Freemasonry and a throwback to the radio dramas of the past. Recorded in the highest quality, yet made to sound as if they were broadcast in the 1930s, the Masonic Radio theatre is sure to captivate your attention while solidifying your love of Freemasonry.




Masonic Radio Theatre - 007 - The Lodge of Gold Pt 1

This time on Masonic Radio Theatre, we go back to the Old West for a tale of adventure and mystery in The Lodge of Gold Pt 1. What if Doc Holiday, Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp were all Freemasons? What if they attended lodge together and what if they were hot on the trail of an ancient Mexican Masonic Lodge made of gold? Join us this week for the first part in this exciting series in the search for El Dorado Lodge #79!

Duration: 00:11:31

Masonic Radio Theatre - 006 - All Points Bulletin

This time on Masonic Radio Theatre, there is a missing person from a construction site, and Bill Gordon is on the case. Tune in for the mystery!

Duration: 00:18:28

The Masonic Radio Theatre - 005

Join us this week as Herbert and Ethel get into it again. This time Herbert won't leave the bathroom! "After Lodge" Jason guest stars as Herbert Shoemaker!

Duration: 00:13:13

Masonic Radio Theatre - 004 - The Christmas Special

Join The Masonic Radio Theatre for a Christmas Special! The show is packed with great Masonic content all while conveying great messages for the season!

Duration: 00:21:03

The Masonic Radio Theatre - 003 - The Mason's Master

Get ready to laugh! This week is the story of a Brother who might not abide by his 24" gauge all too well. His wife lets him know about it! Hilarity ensues!

Duration: 00:12:47

The Masonic Radio Theatre - 002 - A Lodge Is Born

This time around we adapt something many of us are familiar with, The Old Tyler Talks. Episode 2 ofThe Masonic Radio Theatrebrings to life the story of a new lodge being chartered. The players are WB. Jon Ruark, SD Jason Richards and WB. Nick Johnson. Our announcer is WB. Bill Hosler. Get ready to go back in time, sit in your favorite chair and listen to the magic of old time radio...

Duration: 00:13:10

The Masonic Radio Theatre - 001 - The Craftsman

In the style of the radio dramas of the 1930s, join us in our noir detective story about Solomon King PI, who is hired to solve a Masonic mystery!

Duration: 00:26:10