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The Masters Of None are former radio guys Art, Mike & Jay (in that order in the pic below), who debate and answer mankind’s most important questions each week on Masters Of None. Masters Of None is a weekly comedy podcast that doesn’t suck, or as we like to refer to it, Craft Radio. Like craft beer, this is radio, but in smaller batches, made with better ingredients. The guys are also individually all over the web. Basically, they're whores. From Mike co-hosting The Laughspin Podcast for, to Art co- hosting the Life of Dad Show for and Jay co-hosting the MoN spinoff along with his daughter, Riley - Masters of Fun. You can also find articles and reviews written by them at Yahoo, Guyspeed, Dune Sea Times, Life of Dad, Gunaxin, The Bachelor Guy, and probably more that we can't think of.



This show will be available on Sun, Nov 18 at 10PM.