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Ep 24: Tinder Stories, Cutters, Fin-dom, Douche Fads, Cumming To The Wrong Clip

On This episode of MasturHaters we have a guest, Nick Wild in to tell us some tinder stories and hate on sjw antics, Ron hates on annoying fads, Alyssa delves into the world of financial domination, Chris hates people that cut them selves and Jon cums to the wrong clip,

Duration: 01:45:24

Ep 23: Damzels In Distress, Bad Music At Parties, Fighting With Parents, Hobbies=Virgin, Being Cold

On this episode of Masturhaters, Chris argues with his parents, Alyssa hates crying cunts, Jon hates your terrible music ruining parties, Ron doesn't have sex cuz he's really into star wars and fish, and Cara's cold i guess, whatever suck my dick. Sponsored by Natty Daddy, it'll get you drunk and Simply Nature Kale Chips, they are fucked.

Duration: 01:57:06

Ep 22: Overzealous Sales People, Sex Robots, Marriage Stigma, Beer Snobs, White Privlege Deniers

Sorry for the wait everyone Masturhaters returns this week with a juicy episode filled with lots of laughs and maybe some cis white male tears, as Ron takes down white privilege deniers, Alyssa shares her hate of the marriage stigma, Jon fears that sex robots will cause the down fall of humanity, Chris shits on beer snobs, and Cara spits on people just trying to get by in entry level retail jobs. This episode is sponsored by dawn dish soap, its the best fucking degreaser.

Duration: 01:44:49

Ep 21: Claiming Terror Attacks, Chat Apps, Train Passengers, Unexpected Drunk Adventures

This week on MasturHaters Chris hates that poor people can't afford cars, Alyssa gets hit on by squibs an a chat app that has been repurposed for exchanging nudes, Ron gets dragged to taco bell on a drunk adventure, and Jon claims responsibility for every terror attack,

Duration: 01:40:11

Ep 20: Public Bathrooms, Food Allergies, Opinion Nazis, Fist Fight Videos, "Kids These Days"

This week on Masturhaters, Ron shows his pacifist side and cry's when men hit each other, Cara sits in piss as she goes off on why public bathrooms need a reformation, Alyssa thinks Kelly Clarkson needs to take better care of her demonic offspring. Jon doesn't understand food allergies and thinks old people should fuck off, Chris is out with a case of the aids.

Duration: 01:39:04

The Jon & Chris Show Ep3: Bill Nye Bullshit, Global Warming, The Wall

This time on The Jon & Chris Show, Chris explains his argument against global warming for those who where upset about his rant on MasturHaters and then makes everything worse, Jon and Chris review Bill Nye Saves The World and reveal the agenda the would be science guy is peddling. Then lastly Jon explains why the border wall is stupid and Chris fails to grasp it.

Duration: 00:45:59

Ep 19: Non Tippers, Not Enough Murders, Climate Marchers, Celeb News, ClickBait

This week on Masturhaters, Cara hates clickbait articles on facebook, Ron wants to cull the populace, Alyssa thinks celebrity news is bullshit, Jon gets stuck on carnival rides and thinks people who don't tip are the pits, and Chris denies science.

Duration: 01:41:03

Ep 18: Glorified Rape Scenes, Cigarette Prices, Funerals For Heroes, Unicorn Frap, Horoscope Deniers

This week on MasturHaters, Jon gives his unique perspective on raising cigarette prices, Cara gets turned on by rape scenes, Alyssa hates how people hate stupid starbucks drinks, Chris thinks fire fighter funerals are a bit much, and Ron believes in reading stars in the sky and thinks your stupid for not.

Duration: 01:38:39

Ep 17: Relationship Ghosts, Sex As Currency, Girl Pranks, Weeaboos, Weird Pets

this week on MasturHaters, Jon thinks girls are shit at pulling pranks, Chris hates weird pets, Cara's friends all ditch her. Alyssa thinks using sex as currency is a shit thing to do and Ron hates white people obsessed with again culture

Duration: 01:47:51