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There's a whole lot of stuff out there to buy. We're talking about all the things you eat, drink, wear and even smoke. Every other week we're going to take a look at one part of the universe of consumable stuff. We'll delve into why we spend our money on these things, the people behind the products -- and why it matters.






Beyond Barbecue: The Evolution of Potato Chips

Everyone knows it's almost impossible to eat just one potato chip. Why is America's favorite salty snack so addictive? Jenny and Lindsey dig into the science behind the mouthwatering taste, the evolution of the business from local to national and the diversification of flavors from plain to things like everything bagel with cream cheese, pico de gallo and crispy taco. Jenny travels to Frito-Lay's Plano, Texas headquarters to get the scoop on how chefs, cooking competitions and healthier...

Duration: 00:21:50

Trump Inc. (Ivanka Edition): What's in a Name?

For the rich and famous, a name is often much more than just a name, and the Trump family hasn't shied from capitalizing on that opportunity. This week on Material World, we explain how Ivanka Trump turned her name into a brand. Now that the First Daughter has taken a position in the White House, what happens to her namesake company? Jenny and Lindsey speak with branding expert Allen Adamson on the challenges of using a person's name as a brand; actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba on her...

Duration: 00:18:06

Be Right Back

Jenny and Lindsey are taking a vacation.

Duration: 00:02:20

To Win the Grocery Wars, Wal-Mart Is Making Designer Melons

In our last episode, Jenny and guest host Craig Giammona explored how technology could shape the grocery industry's future. This week, Jenny and Lindsey look at what the biggest grocers are doing to stay on top -- and discover it has a lot to do with produce. As part of its plan to fight off competition, Wal-Mart, the world's biggest grocer, joined forces with an agriculture giant to design a new, sweeter cantaloupe. If the new melon is a success, it could set the stage for a makeover of...

Duration: 00:16:32