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Matter Stream is a podcast hosted by Christopher Jones that focuses on the people and ideas connected to or inspired by Star Trek through interviews on topics such as science, philosophy, technology, creative arts, and entertainment.






Matter Stream 24: Leonard Nimoy Was the Guy!

Bonnie Moss Talks Fandom, Photography, and Encounters with Leonard. Leonard Nimoy is, of course, best known for his role as Spock. Not only was he there in the Original Series pilot episode “The Cage,” he was also there in the most recent film, Star Trek Into Darkness. No one epitomizes Star Trek more than Leonard Nimoy. But beyond the screen and stage—and he appeared in many productions beyond Star Trek—Leonard was also know for his photography. And from behind the camera, he moved people...

Matter Stream 23: Enterprise In Space

Shawn Case and Larry Nemecek on Enterprise In Space. There is perhaps no ship name in history better known than Enterprise. From the HMS Enterprise of 1705 to the 26th-century USS Enterprise-J seen in the episode "Azati Prime," it's a name that captures the spirit of exploration—always. The next ship to bear the name may just come from the project known as Enterprise In Space, an educational and scientific endeavor connected with the non-profit National Space Society. In this episode of...

Matter Stream 22: Recording History In an Analog Age

Media and Fandom in the 1970s. For a global cultural phenomenon, Star Trek got off to a rocky start. The Original Series survived cancellation after just two seasons thanks in part to the efforts of fans, but the reprise brought only one more year of exploration for Kirk and his crew. The real story of Star Trek's success can be found in what happened next—reruns, The Animated Series, NASA's first Space Shuttle, and a theatrical reunion of the original cast—all in the 1970s. In this...