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Episode 15: You Don’t Need to Meme

Excusing the tricky recording for the first 7 minutes, we discuss last weeks Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, universal apps on iOS, what this means for Apple’s platforms and some further Andromeda renders. Rounding out the episode with a discussion on authority-Twitter-accounts trying to meme.

Duration: 01:25:56

Episode 14: The Reverse Hump

It’s Andrew’s turn to be ill! Will the next generation of MacBooks have Face ID? Scanning documents and going paperless with the Doxie. Shredding techniques included. Jordan has a new wallet. Julian has a new keyboard. Rounding out the first 2018 episode with our “Themes for the Year”.

Duration: 01:24:12

Episode 13: This Isn’t a Dog Replacement

The Tesla Roadster 2 boasts impressive numbers. Jules gets a new Kindle. Apple has a terrible couple of weeks with vulnerabilities, bugs, and some awkward design choices in the past. Andrew heavily dislikes like the Aibo Robot Dog.

Duration: 01:22:02

Episode 12: You've Got to Ship!

Julian continues to be in love with Minecraft. Meanwhile, Jordan and Andrew have lost their appetite. “Reviews” for all of the new Field Notes we’ve got, alongside some plans for 2018 notebooking setups. Finishing off with a listener question about Tips, Tools and “Hacks” for developers.

Duration: 01:50:51

Episode 11: Guys, Embrace the Notch

We’re back and kicking off the episode with follow up, batteries during travel and a discussion of US plugs and why Andrew doesn’t get along with them. Andrew gets an iPhone X and falls in love. Jules’ thoughts on the Surface Mobile. What is it? How will it fit in to the world? Closing with talks about the Apple tax, would you pay it? We would.

Duration: 01:56:34

Episode 10: That’s When I Stopped Doing Birthday Cards

Welcome to the 10th Episode of the Mavis podcast! After the celebrations, we turn to hating on Facebook and discussing our issues with their stupid notifications. We also discuss the social ethics of birthday messages. Jordan picked up a new iPad Pro 10.5”, In which we then hate on iOS 11, or at least Jordan does. Initial thoughts for the first 2 episodes of Star Trek Discovery and finishing up with a surprise Field Notes review!

Duration: 01:24:26

Episode 8: I’m Actually Daredevil

Follow up with RuneScape, did the hosts play it? Take a guess. What’s the difference between Redstone in Windows and Minecraft? Given the news of Microsoft and Amazons collaboration, how will Alexa and Cortana mingle? What are the pain points and how we’d prefer to interact with them. Jordan and Andrew are having sleeping problems, what’s good for sleep and what’s bad for sleep? How can we resolve our sleeping problems?

Duration: 01:25:20