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Every few weeks the Maximum PC gang gets together to talk tech, answer your computer questions, and then let Gordon Mah Ung deliver his incomparable Rant of the Week. This is the official podcast of Maximum PC. Tune in!

Every few weeks the Maximum PC gang gets together to talk tech, answer your computer questions, and then let Gordon Mah Ung deliver his incomparable Rant of the Week. This is the official podcast of Maximum PC. Tune in!
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Every few weeks the Maximum PC gang gets together to talk tech, answer your computer questions, and then let Gordon Mah Ung deliver his incomparable Rant of the Week. This is the official podcast of Maximum PC. Tune in!






4000 Shoreline Court Suite 400 South San Francisco, CA 94080


No BS Podcast 244: VR Talk and Jimmy's Farewell

We Talk VR Porn and Jimmy Says Farewell300. That’s both roughly the number of articles I’ve written and videos I’ve published here during my tenure at Maximum PC. That’s a lot of content, and I also think it marks a pretty good number to end on.Working at Maximum PC has been the greatest job that I’ve ever had. As a PC geek and technophile, I’ve been fortunate enough to have my dream job over the past few years. I’ve been able to sit down and eat dinner with Microsoft’s Phil Spencer,play...


No BS Podcast 241: Diluted Surface Books And VR Porn

It’s time for the Maximum PC No BS podcast, episode 241 for the week of November 11, 2015. On this week’s episode we’re going to be talking about the Steam Controller (it's not all bad!), Fallout 4 performance, SSDs (and why going with a SATA SSD is A-OK), and Tim Cook’s latest negative comments about Microsoft's Surface Book. (Seriously Tim, you think iPads will replace PCs?)We'll also talk about VR as a new medium for everything from films to games candownload the podcast...


No BS Podcast 240: GTX 950, Windows 10 Privacy Issues, and More

The crew also talks IDF, Surface Pro 4, and answers reader questionsTwo Maximum PC No BS Podcasts within two consecutive weeks? Has hell frozen over? Not quite, but the crew did in fact gather around together this week to discuss Nvidia’s newly revealed GeForce GTX 950 inepisode 240. Jarred discusses his review of the budget graphics card, along with some of the things he learned at Intel’s IDF event. Alex then discusses some of the privacy issues regarding Windows 10. And speaking of...


No BS Podcast 239: Skylake, Windows 10, and Jarred's Intro

After a long hiatus, the crew comes back with a bunch of hot topicsYes, we know we’ve been gone for a while, but we’re back with a vengeance, baby. Onepisode 239 of the No BS Podcast, we introduce Maximum PC’s new Senior Editor Jarred Walton and tackle a number of hot topics that include Windows 10, Skylake/Broadwell, SSD issues, and more. Of course, we also make some time at the end to answer some of your reader questions as well! Subscribe to the magazine for only 99 cents an issue: IN...


No BS Podcast #238: GTA V on PC, Linux, and Apple Watch

We also say adios to technical editor Tom McNamara. In episode 238 of the No BS Podcast , we tackled a number of hot issues that include the PC release of GTA V and what it looked like in 4k using three Titan Xs . We then switched over to Linux's chicken-or-the-egg problem with proprietary software and paying customers. In addition, with Apple Watch coming out, we talk about that (we figure you might want to hear our thoughts on the subject). We also had to say farewell to Tom McNamara,...


No BS Podcast #236: Windows 10, HoloLens, GTX 970 Issues

We also formally introduce Maximum PC's new Editor-in-Chief Tuan Nguyen Yes, we know we’ve been away from the podcast room for quite some time, but hopefully episode 236 makes up for most of the delay. We talk about a bunch of interesting things in the show that include HoloLens, Windows 10, CES 2015, and the recent GeForce GTX 970 RAM issues. In addition, we also formally introduce Maximum PC’s new Editor-in-Chief Tuan Nguyen. Subscribe to the magazine for only 99 cents an issue: In print...


No BS Podcast #235: Alienware's New Hardware, Chromebooks, and Gordon's Far

All good things… Let’s not bury the lede, as they say in the newspaper business: This issue of Maximum PC will be my last. After more than 200 issues, 16 Dream Machines, and lots of bent hardware, my time here is done. It has been a glorious time, too. When I started at boot (the predecessor to Maximum PC) fat CRTs were in, a Pentium II was the hotness, and real nerds had separate cards for 2D and 3D display. Heck, you had to have a separate MPEG2 decoder card just to play DVD-resolution...


No BS Podcast #234: Windows 10, Oculus Rift, Haswell CPUs

We play around with Windows 10 technical preview on the show Brett Puttman andScott Moschella from our video production crew join uson episode 234 of the No BS Podcastto talk about Windows 10 (we play around with the technical preview in the podcast), the state of broadband in the US, Oculus Rift Crescent Bay, Intel's CPUs, and the appeal of Apple products. Brett and Scott are techie guys who, in the course of their work, deal with Apple devices a lot. They have some pretty interesting...


No BS Podcast #233: The Episode with SteelSeries

SteelSeries talks gaming headsets, mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, and more! SteelSeries wanted to drop by to show off its latest Sibera gaming headsets so we thought we would round them up in the podcast room to talk about that and more. In addition to headset talk, on episode 233 of the No BS Podcast, we discuss mechanical keyboards, wired/wireless gaming mice, the possibility of future Steam Machine peripherals, potential VR controllers, and much more. As we’ve stated before, the old...


No BS Podcast #231: AMD and Origin PC Settle Past Dispute on the Show

Plus: AMD's commitment to high-end CPUs, DDR4, 5-way GPU support, 20nm GPUs, and more! In a bit of a surprise to us, AMD and Origin PC wanted to come into the podcast room together for episode 231 of the No BS Podcast. As you may recall, this pairing is kind of surprising considering that last October, Origin PC’s co-founder and CEO Kevin Wasielewski announced that the company would be dropping AMD graphics cards from its systems, stating, “This decision was based on a combination of many...


No BS Podcast #230: Kingston Talks DDR4, SSD Controversy, and New Headset

We talk SSD bait-and-switch, pricing of DDR4, and more Kingston dropped by for a quick visit to show off some new HyperX toys and we figured we’d bring them into the podcast room so you could also get a front seat in on the conversation. On episode #230 of the No BS Podcast, Jimmy and Tom are joined by Kingston’s Senior Technology Manager Mark Tekunoff, Public Relations Manager David Leong, and Reverb Communications Public Relations Director Douglass Perry. In the short half-hour podcast,...


No BS Podcast #229: Nvidia Responds to AMD's Allegations (and Shows off Shi

Nvidia defends themselves against AMD's cheating allegations A few weeks back in the Maximum PC No BS Podcast #226, AMD's newly arrived Gaming Scientist Richard Huddy made some bold accusations about Nvidia's developer relations, such as accusing the company of handing out "black box" files designed to make Radeon cards look bad, and using sketchy contract clauses.Nvidia's Distinguished Engineer Tom Petersen and Senior Director of Engineering Rev Lebaradiancame on to the podcast to tell...


No BS Podcast #227: Haswell-E Rumors, Windows 9 Speculation, and More

Plus, a Raspberry Pi competitor, Alienware's $3600 Titan-Z system, reader questions, and more! This week on episode 227 of the No BS Podcast, the Maximum PC crew came together to chat about a supposed leak of Haswell-E specs and weigh the likelihood of a Windows 9 release this year. We also debate whether or not we'd buy Alienware's newest made-to-order system (is it a deal, or is the Titan-Z still not worth it?), and the potential of a souped-up competitor to the Raspberry Pi board,...


No BS Podcast #226: In-depth Interview with AMD Graphics Guru Richard Huddy

AMD exec doubles down on assertion that Nvidia Gameworks presents a threat to PC gamers This week on episode 226 of the No BS Podcast, AMD graphics guru Richard Huddy joins the Maximum PC crew. For those unfamiliar with the AMD exec, Huddy has spent time working at ATI, AMD, Nvidia, Intel, and is now back at AMD. He’s also widely considered one of the pioneers of DirectX. Suffice it to say, he knows his stuff. In this special edition of the podcast, we pick his brain on a variety of topics...


No BS Podcast #225: Steam Machine Delays, Cheap 4K Monitors, and More

Plus, Android laptops, reader questions, and more! This week, on episode 225 of the No BS podcast, the Maximum PC gang gathered to flap their lips to wonder if it’s time to ask if Steam Machines are losing steam and spill detail’s on Intel’s Pentium “K” and Devil’s Canyon parts. The crew also talks abou the possibility of cheap 4K monitors and ponders if any of them would actually want to run a 4K monitor at home over a standard 1080P panel. There’s also a lively discussion about why HP...


No BS Podcast #224: Surface Pro III, Alienware's Steam Machines, Xbox One &

Fresh hardware, recent legislation and a signature rant There has been a lot happening in the world of tech this week, so we assembled in the podcast room to bring you episode 224 of theNo BS Podcast!On this jam packed episode, we begin by sharing our thoughts on theSurface Pro IIIand argue about whether it can stand up to Ultrabooks and tablets. We then addressAlienware's prediction that its Steam Machineswill be its least profitable system yet, and speculate as to what may be Alienware's...


No BS Podcast #223: Wolfenstein's Insane System Requirements, Z97 Boards, S

Nonstop talk of the future of PC hardware and gaming The Maximum PC No BS Podcast is back for episode #223!We begin by introducing new Managing Editor Alaina Yee, and learn of her transition from OXM to Maximum PC. We then discussWolfenstein's crazy demanding system requirements,from an i7 CPU to eating up 50GB of storage, and what it may indicate for the future of PC gaming. Afterwards, we discuss new hardware features on the9 series motherboardsas manufacturers prepare for the...


No BS Podcast #222: Future of VR, Nvidia Shield 2, and AMD Never Settle Bun

Episode 222 introduces a new host and brings back video Episode #222 of the Maximum PC No BS Podcast brings new changes. We've got a new host in Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang as he joins Deputy Editor Gordon Mah Ung and Associate Editor Tom McNamara. In addition, this episode brings back the return of video (with a multi-camera setup!). Content-wise the crew talks about the Future of VR, Nvidia Shield 2 rumors, AMD's new Never Settle Bundle, and we even show off a next-generation Intel...


No BS Podcast #221: R9 295X2, Enhanced DX11 Drivers and Haswell-E

AMD unveils dual-GPU card, Nvidia drivers take on Mantle, and whispers of Haswell-E The No BS Podcast is back for episode #221!In this jam-packed episode,we begin by saluting long time podcast host and Senior Editor Josh Norem goodbye, as he will be leaving the magazine to focus on his career in pet photography. Josh will be greatly missed, but will continue to write as a freelancer for us. We then shift gears back to hardware to discuss AMD's blazing fastR9 295X2card. Afterwards, we...


No BS Podcast #220: Windows 8.1 with Bing, Nvidia 800M Series, Intel NUCs a

Cheaper Windows 8, smaller PCs, SSDs of the future, reader questions, and a rant We've assembled once again in the podcasting dungeon to argue about Windows 8 and the latest hardware; also known as the No BS Podcast episode #220. We begin by discussing Microsoft's strategy to give Bing a shot in the armby packaging the search engine with a more-affordable version of Windows 8.1, and then we chat a bit about Nvidia's 800M mobile GPU series and its ability to conserve battery life. Next Gordon...


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