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Medical Cannabis Hour with Dr Allan Frankel

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Medical Cannabis Hour A Journey to Israel

Dr Frankel reviews his trip to Israel and welcomes Mimi Peleg to the show. Mimi,appearing on the show from her home in Israel, talks about the future of medical cannabis in both countries. Doc Frankel also wants to share One Plant One Child with his listeners...

Duration: 00:36:09

Rick Rosio talks to Dr. Sunil Aggarwal and Boone Cutler

Rick Rosio sits in for Dr Frankel who is on his way to Israel. Rick talks to Dr. Sunil Aggarwal about the new medical dynamic of cannabis therapy in modern medicine and to the WarfighterBoone Cutler.

Duration: 00:43:51

A Powerhouse Show Dr David Ostrow and Howard Wooldridge

Dr. David Ostrow MD PhDSince the late ‘90s, Dr. Ostrow has also been very active in the movement to replace the failed “War on Drug Use(rs)” (read more) Howard Wooldridge Co-Founder of LEAP Detective/Officer Howard 'cowboy' Wooldridge (retired) Drug Policy Specialist, COP Co-Founder of LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Modern Prohibition/The War on Drugs is the most destructive, dysfunctional & immoral domestic policy since slavery & Jim Crow.

Duration: 00:43:43

Medical Cannabis Hour NORML and LEAP

KEITH STROUPfoundedNORMLin 1970 and has spent much of his professional life working to legalize marijuana. Keith believes "We need to stop the destructive practice of arresting responsible marijuana smokers and establish a legally regulated market where consumers could buy their marijuana in a safe and secure environment".Keith is a public interest attorney and has, at different times, represented the interests of criminal defense attorneys, family farmers and artists, as well as marijuana...

Duration: 00:43:51

Should Grandma Smoke Pot? Back to Back Guests on the Show

Paul Armentanois the Deputy Director ofNORML(National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and the NORML Foundation. Mr. Armentano is recognized as an expert on the subject of marijuana policy. He has spoken at numerous national conferences and legal seminars, testified before state legislatures and federal agencies, and assisted dozens ofcriminal defense attorneysin cases pertaining to the use ofmedicinal cannabis,drug testing, and drugged driving. He also serves of the faculty...

Duration: 00:43:13

Boone Cutler on The Medical Cannabis Hour

Dr. Frankl interviews Boone Cutler, the "War Fighter" on the benefits of medical cannabis in the treatment of PTSD.

Duration: 00:43:52

Medical Cannabis Hour Is the Government Catching On? Seth Green joins the s

Callers ask for help in getting their State legisltors to listen to reason.

Duration: 00:43:59

Medical Cannabis Hour welcomes Attorney Robert Raich

Robert Raich isan experienced and seasoned attorney who took both of the landmark cases on medical cannabis law to the Supreme Court and is a renowned expert on medical cannabis law. His cases have been featured in a variety of media outlets including CNN, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, USA Today, and more. He has appeared before dozens of tribunals throughout the country, lobbying with respect to medical cannabis legislation and litigating medical cannabis cases.

Duration: 00:43:45