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Hip-Hop & Culture Podcast based out of Tokyo, Japan; three diverse hosts with as diverse opinions. Episodes drop twice a month with special guests and a report of upcoming shows in Tokyo! You won't want to miss it!!




MLS013: Water The Plants ft. Eloh Kush & Budamunk and John Robinson

We got something real special! We're happy to bring you some legends!! For this ep we had Eloh Kush & Budamunk who were promoting their collaborative album, Fly Emperor, in the studio and along with them was John Robinson a.k.a. Lil' Sci of Scienz of Life!! We are really thankful they took time out of their schedule to come and politick with us. The convo gets pretty deep and we touch on a lot of topics: the state of hip-hop now, it's beginnings, the future,...

Duration: 01:52:07

MLS012: Trappin' In The Broadband ft. ShioriyBradshaw

Yo, welcome back to the show! MLS were blessed to be able to get one of our favorite DJ's in the studio with us, ShioriyBradshaw! She's one of the best in Tokyo, and it was great to chop it up with her and learn a bit about the person behind the grooves. In Nihongo! We had the homey Marvell to hold us down with the translations. He brought a couple homey's with him who get in on the action; and he gives a special story to explain the birth of his catchphrase. Also,...

Duration: 01:37:23

MLS011: ↓ ↘ → + Punch ft. Cal Combs

Back with another one, it's MLS and we've got a great guest for ya'll: burgeoning rapper Cal Combs! Cal is a dope American emcee currently based in Tokyo doing big things. He recently did some work with [censored] and is working on his next album. We talk about his last album, Insignificant Positivity, his beginnings as an emcee, his biggest fan base, and we even get him to spit some rhymes! Also, maybe the strangest few minutes in MLS history!? True Tanaka's, check it for yourselves!!...

Duration: 01:27:05

MLS会話: Ain't No Tanaka ft. Brooklyn Terry

Yo, sup to all the Tanaka's. We've got a good episode for ya'll here. We slid over to Nahoko Dance Studio to chop it up with the Brooklyn Bomber himself, living legend Brooklyn Terry!! Terry helps up break down what is hip-hop, what's dope & wack about dance, and all sorts of other goodies. Also, it's the audio debut of our 5th member, Marvell a.k.a. The Facial Expressions b.k.a. The Translator!! We had a couple technical difficulties, but the episode is still full of gems. Hope ya'll...

Duration: 01:09:43

MLS009: "You Should See My Mom...You Should" ft. Jayda B.

We were blessed to have Jayda B in the studio with us for this ep! She is the founder of (the all-female) crew, Bae Tokyo, and she tells us about how she ended up in Japan, Atlanta, and her mission. Can't wait to have Kawaii Bae back and all the other bae's! Shout-out to 'Nita B!!

Duration: 01:19:33

MLS008.5: Kemet ft. Nayokenza Robyn Oliver of (the) ocean and i and DJ AJAY

Some bonus content with our guests Nayo and AJAY where we discuss ancient Kemet, perceptions of black people, and just how many picks does Late get to have for the Weather Report?? @theoceanandi…&

Duration: 00:08:21

MLS008: Double Platinum No Features ft. Nayokenza Robyn Oliver of (the) ocean and i and DJ AJAY

Got a little extra for ya'll this episode! Double guests: Nayokenza Robyn Oliver and DJ AJAY. They tell us about the various projects they've got going on respectively, and the topic of our conversation is "Art" and how hip-hop fits into the definition of it. Shoutout to D.Dahlinger, Kayo, and all ya'll Tanaka's out there!

Duration: 01:18:59

MLS会話: My Tanaka ft. Adelaide of Born N Bread

Back with some new new content! Introducing our 会話 (conversation) segment! We'll be using these to present some things that maybe didn't fit into the main eps, or interviews we caught by chance, or just some random ish we may want to talk about. We'll be peppering these in the feed every now and then. This 会話 is our conversation with Adelaide of Born N Bread, a dope collective out in London doing their thing and representing for the culture. We were blessed to catch her while she was out...

Duration: 01:00:53

MLS007: Welcome To Chad Valley ft. Sunday Replay #whereisAkira??

This episode is a!!! Sunday Replay are a three (two? four?? Wu-Tang level???) group that records themselves playing retro video games usually with a Tokyo based DJ. We had a blast with Sunday Replay've just got to listen for yourself!! Shoutouts to Katohmy and MC Josh (R.I.P. Akira)!! It was great to rock with you guys and we're looking forward to linking up and collaborating again!...

Duration: 01:17:00

MLS006: Ergonomics ft. DJ Ken-Ske

MLS is back! 3 in physical form, 2 in spiritual essence. We're happy to announce our first Japanese guest, DJ Ken-Ske! Ken-Ske tells us all the dope shit he's got going on around the city, and we have a convo about the feeling of different rooms from bars like Bridge Bar to large clubs like Womb. We're very happy to have Ken-Ske be our first Japanese representative, *salute*

Duration: 01:08:52

MLS005: No More Hanamis In LA ft. Z. Konketsuji

Back with another ep! MLS was happy to have rapper Z. Konketsuji along with us in the studio. Besides getting into his past, present, and future endeavors, we also talk about "beef" inside the current state of hip-hop. Shout-out to D.Dahlinger once again for the engineering! Sidebar: Does anyone else remember Arnold the Anteater????

Duration: 01:06:53

MLS004.5: Michelle Tanner With The "You Got It Dude" ft. Asia

Yo, bonus content for dat a-!! With our guest Asia we get into esoteric territory: who are her choices for dinner guests?; which Wu-Tang members are your family members?; what are the three perfect pets?; andTop 5!? Answers include but are not limited to "A pig!?", "ODB is your dad!?", and "f@#&%n a dolphin!?!?!?" Thanks again to Asia!! #81SAUCE

Duration: 00:22:11

MLS003: Fact Checking Your Moms ft. Maseo of De La Soul

MLS is back with our biggest (2nd) guest yet!!...Maseo of De La Soul!!! We were blessed enough to be able to get a chance to chop it up with Mase about hip-hop today, his thoughts on Japan, and some musings on miscellaneous items (digging, Wu-Tang, ramen juice, etc.). Also, we politik on which ONE De La Soul album gets into Hip-Hop Heaven??...? Subscribe, share, like, follow, & pass it forward! Big shouts to Maseo and Sean, Jazz-Mode Topic: Which De La Soul album gets into Hip-Hop Heaven?...

Duration: 01:40:28